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Love and Alzheimer’s blog 3

12 Jun

May 1, 2017: Vera slept well without having taken any walks a couple of days ago. Yesterday we took two medium length walks and Vera did not sleep well. There is no relationship between her walking and sleeping. Vera kept on waking me up with silly questions. I would answer them as best I could […]

Love and Alzheimers Journal (2)

29 May

April 21: It is the next morning. We had a very peaceful rest. Vera did not wake up once, not even to go to the bathroom. I took 2 walks yesterday. After breakfast Vera wanted to lie down back in bed and I hustled to Trader Joes and back. It was energizing and I did […]

Love and Alzheimer’s Journal

7 May

I am about to publish my book. This is the last entry in the book plus the next week’ journaling back in 2017. The journal part of the book got too long to include all of it in the printed and electronic version, so I decided to put the rest in here as a blog. […]

Love and Alzheimers. New book coming soon

10 May

I recently completed a book that I have been writing for over a year. It is being edited now. It is the story of my reflections of living together with Vera over the past several years. Vera has been losing her memory for perhaps 9 or 10 years and it is now at the point […]

Review of Succulent Wild Love

13 Mar

I have a friend who speaks highly of an author and spiritual teacher who calls herself SARK. I went to her website and saw an offer to exchange writing a blog about her book and getting the book. In order to get a free copy of this book that I wanted to read I offered […]

Orgasm Matters

16 Dec

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new non-fiction book titled Orgasm Matters. The book expands upon the ideas in Extended Massive Orgasm and our other sexual research books. Included are innovative descriptions of seduction techniques and teasing the clitoris with advanced communication skills. There is an entire chapter devoted to a thrilling […]

Half Magic: Making Our First and Probably Last Movie

8 Jun

Heather Graham, the pretty actress from the Austin Powers and the Hangover movies has written her first screenplay. She has asked us to play ourselves as sex educators as she is also directing the movie called “Half Magic”. We are scheduled to go to NYC to do the small scene she cast us for, playing […]

Switch Pitcher: Evolution of Darwin

22 Nov

Switch Pitcher NOW available! Click the image to buy it on Amazon. It’s available on Kindle and in print form. Free for Amazon Prime members. Book Description: Switch Pitcher is a book within a book. The narrator of the book Hugo is a first time novelist. He is falling in love with his girl friend […]

My First Novel

20 Oct

The story of EMO the Novel is told through the voice of Joseph Smith, not to be confused with the Mormon prophet of the same name. It is the sexually coming of age story of this young man as he grows from adolescence into a young adult. Joseph grows up in Manhattan in the 1990’s […]