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Love and Alzheimer’s: End of August, early September 2017

28 Aug

Friday, August 25: We just had a nice walk to Whole Foods. Vera walked well, quickly and assuredly. She walks up and down the curbs much better now. I have not given her very many Benadryl as of late and none before we walk, which I think is beneficial to her walking. Vera told me […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: August 2017

20 Aug

Tuesday, August 1: It is around 7:30 in the morning. Vera is still asleep but I did give her the Prilosec pill a few minutes ago. We have been being and doing well the past few days. There was little new to write about or I just did not feel like writing here. We did […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of July 2017

6 Aug

Friday, July 21: Well we did not do it again the next day or this whole week but we did have two lovely sensuality clients. One of them was the woman who was supposed to come by on Monday with her partner but he could not make it. They both knew about Vera’ condition and […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle of July 2017

29 Jul

Thursday, July 6: I did not have a good time to write since Tuesday but I did want to get in that last sensual date. We actually had another date later on Tuesday. Vera agreed to going to bed to make out before dinner quite avidly. She was holding and touching my cock while I […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: end of June to July 4th

26 Jul

Monday, June 26: The heat wave was finally over by Saturday. It was like over 100 degrees for 6 days in a row. I still have gone swimming the past couple of days even though it has been cooler. It is easier to walk outside now. Vera and I walked to Whole Foods this morning […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle of June 2017

21 Jul

Saturday, June 10: I got up pretty early this morning and finished my exercises and Qigong. Vera is still asleep and I plan to drive to Trader Joes while she is still asleep. She woke up around 3:30 and started to cough. I gave her a Benadryl and that helped but will make her want […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: First week, June 2017

12 Jul

Thursday, June 1: The weather was near perfect yesterday and today. We walked to Trader Joes yesterday morning. We shared a banana on the walk home. Vera is walking well and fairly quickly. I have not walked by myself for a while. I did go swimming in the afternoon. Vera stayed upstairs, as she said […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of May 2017

9 Jul

May 22 7:30. It has been hot the past few days. We have been taking a walk in the mornings before the temperature gets too hot. I went swimming on Saturday late in the afternoon, as there were a lot of kids and folks in the pool and I was waiting for them to leave. […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: Early to middle May 2017

1 Jul

May 9. I have not written in a few days again. I just went in to give Vera a kiss good morning like I often do, as she just got up to pee and she said not now. She usually responds to my kisses more friendly and I will try again a little later. She […]