SteveVeraforAboutPageThe Drs. Bodansky are researchers of pleasure, and authors of multiple books on Extended Massive Orgasm.* You’re here because you’re wondering what an Extended Massive Orgasm is, or you’d like to know how to have one, or you’re seeking some other helpful information. You’re definitely in the right place.

We are currently giving private sessions in Walnut Creek, California in the art of receiving and giving an EMO. We guarantee that we’ll show you how you can improve and expand your sexual identity in whatever is your desire. (For singles and couples.) We have spent a lifetime researching techniques in method, communication, and sensuality, so that we can convey this information, and give our knowledge of pleasure to you!

Right now we are able to accept credit cards . You can purchase a DVD of our demo-class in USA (NTSC) or European (Pal) format, by emailing us for our address. Please contact us for further information for any of your desires or questions or call us at 925-943-5374. Thanks.

We’ve written 4 books to date. We think that they are a great place to start your sensual education or to take a great sex life to the next level. The first book Extended Massive Orgasm explains the philosophy of pleasure and introduce you to the art of giving a woman an “EMO.” The second book, The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm will elaborate even more on how to pleasure a woman and will further look into how to do the same for a man, using fantastic drawings. Our third book is To Bed or not To Bed and is more relationship-oriented with many tips on how to improve your ability to play the man/woman game in and out of bed. Our latest book, Instant Orgasm will get you to feel more from the get go. It is the power of now plus pleasure.

There is additional information about extending the orgasm also. We are very proud of our books and hope that you enjoy them.

*An Extended Massive Orgasm is an orgasm of great intensity that lasts for an indefinite amount of time. The ability to experience this is not determined by genetics, or by luck – the ability to experience this can be learned, in time, by any of us.

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest book called  Extended Massive Orgasm: the Novel and previously  Extended Massive Life and Instant orgasm, all on amazon kindle. Contact us.