DEMO – Demonstration of Extended Massive Orgasm

The DEMO is an acronymn for a Demonstration of an Extended Massive Orgasm. It is a one day course. The morning is filled with information about pleasure and orgasm to bring the students to a place where thery can better view and understand what they will be shown. Students can ask all kinds of questions hopefully on pleaure or how to make one’s relationship better. There is a lunch break and then the actual live demonstration of a manually stimulated woman who is in intense orgasmic pleasure from the first stroke onwards (Instant Orgasm) while the intensity builds for one hour (Extended and Massive). Students can ask questions while the actual demonstration is occurring. There is a final closing session to discuss what they had just witnessed and any additional questions they might have. This course is the single best way for women to learn how to experience and expand on their sexual and sensual abilities. You will have more pleasure after seeing and being there! Best way for men to learn how to please their partners.


Private Instruction

We offer one session at at time up to a Personal Intensive (PI) course that involves many sessions to bring a person all the way to their sexual potential, that is their ability to receive or produce an EMO and to be instantly orgasmic. A person can also start with a mini PI course of 3 or 5 sessions. All our private instructions are either for women who want to have great, bigger better orgasms or for men who wish to be able to produce that for women. We give sessions to either one person at a time or to couples. We have been doing these type sessions for a long time and have been very succesful in facilitating people to reaching their pleasure goals. We guarantee that you will get more than your money’s worth.

Phone Session Instruction ($200)

We are now available for phone sessions where we will talk about any desires or challenges you may face, singles or couples. $200 an hour. Email or call us to make an appointment. We will definitely take you to a higher sensual place.