While the pandemic was happening we stopped doing personal sessions. Now that we have been vaccinated we are seeing a limited number of new and past students who also have been vaccinated.  We are still offering phone consultations during this period. We also recommend that it is an excellent time to catch up on your reading. Our books will answer many of your questions about pleasure or about your relationship. If you have additional ones feel free to email me. Our video is still a great way to expedite your sexual potential.

You want more pleasure — We’ll show you the beauty and power of the Extended Massive Orgasm! It’s true. I’m Dr. Steve Bodansky, and along with my wife Dr. Vera Bodansky, we’ve dedicated our lives to the study of sensuality and the power of orgasm, and we live to share it with as many people as possible. Contact us. or call us at 925-943-5374 to set up an appointment. We are in Walnut Creek, Ca about 40 minutes east of SF. If you would like to schedule a session to increase your pleasure IQ, please Contact us.

Extended Massive Orgasm

EMO is a beautiful, powerful sexual experience that is accessible to anyone, if they truly desire it, and we can teach you how. Learning EMO is not inexpensive; it will at least cost you time and practice. by reading our books and or watching our DVD you can start to become a great lover. Our spectacular DVD is now available as a download also. To be really good at anything usually requires some coaching and we believe that we are the best coaches available in this field. We have over 35 years experience each and have taught a number of folks who are now teachers themselves. the cost in money besides your time is not inexpensive but the value is as they say “priceless”

What You Get

We offer many valuable resources to suit all different types of people. Whatever you’re preferred method of learning, we trust you’ll find it listed:

Instructional Video

We have created a wonderful video of a one hour EMO in front of a class that you can purchase on this website. It is now available as a download or you can still obtain a DVD version in the USA or the PAL format.

Private Sessions

You can arrange a private sensual session with us to take you to that next level of intensity. We offer training to singles and to couples. You can learn quite a bit in one session, however by taking 3 or 5 or more sessions you will be able to really take your sensual life to a better place.Please Contact us. or call us for scheduling and pricing.

Phone Session Instruction

We are now available for phone sessions where we will talk about any desires or challenges you may face, singles or couples. Email or call us to make an appointment. We will definitely take you to a higher sensual place. We are now available on Skype or FaceTime. We just started giving half hour sessions for only $100; a full hour for $200. You will be amazed how much we can accomplish in a half hour.


We have 15 books that have been published by Hunter House Publishers or otherwise that are available in book stores and on Amazon: My latest 2 books are titled Self Pleasure: Delving into Happiness and Our Selves, and a sensual novel titled Call of the Wilderness. Our first book that came out in 2000 Extended Massive Orgasm or EMO has been updated in a new version in 2013 with more information about pleasure and more drawings too. The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm has been the most popular here in the United States. If you enjoyed reading those first two sensual and sexual books, our latest partner pleasuring book, published in 2021 is called Orgasm Matters. Included in the book is more information and techniques for pleasuring your partner and for self pleasuring. Orgasm Matters also has a detailed section on how to seduce your partner or intended partner to want more pleasure.

For relationship issues we recommend To Bed or Not to Bed. Instant Orgasm is available as a book or as an ebook. Visit our Books page on this website for a complete listing. Click on any of the book images to go to their Amazon page.

Love and Alzheimers Switch Pitcher: Evolution of Darwin
Extended Massive Orgasm: The Novel Extended Massive Life: A True Love Story and More

We are proud to announce the publication on Amazon Kindle and in print all of our books. Another of our books is titled Love and Alzheimer’s. It is written as a self help book and also partly as a journal. It is most helpful to learning how to relate enjoyably to your loved one who has dementia without losing your self completely. The book continues as a blog here on this website. Our second novel titled Switch Pitcher was also republished recently. Our first novel is called Extended Massive Orgasm: the Novel, what else could we call it? It is filled with lots of juicy sexual descriptions and was the most fun book to write. Although it is entertaining it is another way you could pick up some wonderful sexual information.

Another of our books is Extended Massive Life: a True Love Story and More. It is the story of our lives, how we got to become the sex experts that we are and many of the people that we met along the way. It includes many ideas on how to live better and have more pleasure without requiring any money; actually how to live communally and share with your friends.

Now, You’re Ready

Hopefully you’ve browsed through the site, and gotten a feel for things, you have a strong and clear desire to elevate your sex life, and now you’re ready.

You’re ready to access your own pleasure-potential.

You’re ready to feel the sensations you’ve always wanted.

You’re ready to do it easily and in fun ways.

So go ahead, buy a book or if you are brave set up a session with us or purchase our video, which you can download or get a DVD copy.