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You can either purchase the download version anywhere in the world of the EMO video or our DVD for $60 ($75 for a PAL DVD, out of USA version) with a credit card etc. via papal (free shipping anywhere). Let us know which version you desire of the video and the email address to send the link to or your mailing address to send the DVD to. contact us to receive an email with a link to view the video. To purchase the download version just click on the $60 NTSC DVD button below.

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This Video is the best way that we have found to quickly grasp our powerful techniques to becoming a master at giving or receiving intense pleasure besides doing a private session with us. Together with one of our books you can really learn how to keep your lover in an extended orgasm. The EMO that you are buying was done in front of a classroom of students who are asking questions that we answer. It is highly informative and educational. The  term Extended Massive Orgasm was originally coined from this DVD as an acronymn for DEMO or Demonstration of an Extended Massive Orgasm.

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