Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle to late September 2017

1 Sep

Saturday, September 16: We just ate a tasty salad for lunch. I’ve been getting up a bit later than usual this past week or so but still around 7AM. I woke Vera up after my morning exercise to swallow her Prilosec pill as usual. We had delicious blueberry protein and gluten free pancakes for breakfast and even though Vera said that she was tired we walked to Whole Foods and back and she did not complain once on the way home.

Last night or early this morning Vera woke me up and said something like she has nothing, no money or anything. I told her that was not true and if she went back to sleep she would feel just fine. She did go back to sleep and when I did wake her this morning she had a big smile on her face and was happy again. She must have had a bad dream and of course had forgotten it.

Yesterday we had another really fun sensual date. I had asked Vera a few times over the past couple of days if she wanted to make out. I did not have much extra energy to seduce her after she said no each time but before dinner she said that she did and I quickly set up the space. It was one of those easy orgasms that as soon as I put my hand on her pubic hair and gently teased her she started getting off like turning on a faucet. She kept coming for a number of minutes, as I played first with her without lubricant and then with. Just touching her gently along her introitus felt like a magnetic pull with responding contractions and moans. It felt like getting on her spot after my playful teasing approach was unnecessary but I wanted to try it just the same. Vera kept on getting off after I went to her clitoris but the orgasm did not get any more intense. She engorged some more and I gave her a couple of peaks. I wanted to leave her high and not have her tell me to stop so I stopped abruptly. She liked that. I waited a bit and then wiped her off slowly with a soft towel. She had some more strong contractions.

I was engorged and put some lubricant on me after putting the excess leftover lubricant on my lips that I like to do first. Vera said something about wanting to but not being sure about how she can play with my cock. I told her that she squirted me wonderfully the past couple of times and if she wanted to she could start rubbing. She brought me up for a number of great intense peaks and then I had her stop. She wanted to continue so I said OK. She took me over. I was willing and grateful and enjoyed the climax. Afterward I told her how well she had done and she said something about if I thought she wouldn’t do so well. I told her that I had no doubts.

Monday, September 18: Last night I wanted to turn off the television around 10:00. We had watched a lot of TV all day, with football and baseball games, a new documentary by Ken Burns about Viet Nam plus the end of a movie. Vera wanted to watch some more so I agreed to let her watch till 10:30. I fell asleep and woke up and it was almost 11. I told Vera who was still objecting that I was going to turn it off. I did and then took off her glasses for her. She got upset and told me that I was so mean to her, that I was the meanest I had ever been. I felt my pain body start to rev up its nasty self but I was conscious enough to notice it and did not fight back or defend myself. Vera tried a couple more times calling me mean but I was feeling better by then so I just said, “Is that so?” or something to that effect. We both fell asleep. I woke Vera up this morning for breakfast and she had a big smile on her face and told me that she was so glad it was me.

Friday, September 22: It is the middle of the morning. I just took a lovely walk around town with Vera, who is walking quite swiftly again. She is sitting next to me while I write here. We had our friend Frank from out of town spend the past couple of nights with us. He was gone most of the day yesterday and will be leaving again today. I made a little extra oatmeal and we had breakfast together the past couple of mornings. Vera was in a grumpy mood yesterday morning but was smiling this morning even though she woke up real early. Our friend noticed her mood change too. I was unable to do my usual morning exercise the past couple of days but was able to do it all in the afternoon.

A couple of days ago when we set out for a walk Vera complained that her knee hurt. She quickly felt better and she had no more pain on our return home. Then later in the morning she complained that her toe was having spasms and hurt. That too went away quickly. Then she complained that her rib hurt on her left side. I gave her some trigger point massage and that too went away.

Vera had not talked about her mother for quite some time but a couple of days ago she brought it up over and over again. I told her each time how she had died 38 years ago before I had met her. She also wanted to know what happened to her other husband and I had to repeat myself a number of times how he had accidently shot himself 36 years ago and yes I had met him but did not know him well.

Yesterday even though Vera was grumpy in the morning she became more joyful after taking a walk and having lunch. She agreed to have a sensual date later in the afternoon. Vera had not wanted to participate in a session with our client on Tuesday afternoon and took a nap while I had fun with our client. I prefer when Vera joins us but it is better to get into agreement then argue with her or try to persuade her at those times.

I gave Vera and myself a little clean up before we started because we both were a little rank. Vera got onto the bed easily but then said that her leg hurt. Then it felt better right away and I started to touch her pubic hair and her thighs. She started to feel almost immediately and began to have contractions. It was easy and I had fun playing her along with the music. I had fun applying the lubricant especially to her upper labia, which are so smooth and responsive to my touch. By the time I finished teasing her and approaching her clitoris without getting on it Vera had almost had enough orgasm.

I got her to go for a couple of strong peaks on her spot and stopped right before I knew she would start to say that she had had enough. Vera was very appreciative and watched as I applied lubricant to myself. The past few times she has taken over but I felt that she really did not want to do me this time but she did want to watch and I could hear her moaning with pleasure right next to me, as I peaked myself a few times. Maybe that is why she had a big smile on her face when she woke up today.

Sunday, September 24: It is close to lunchtime. I just helped Vera shower, wash her hair and put lotion all over her body. She looks and smells great. Her hair looks much fuller and better after washing it. Vera was very appreciative and called me amazing. Thank you. It’s true.

A funny episode happened last night. Actually it happened twice within an hour. Vera can be very repetitive with her questions and twice is nothing. At 2:30 in the morning I was lying in bed on my back with a heavy pillow over my abdomen and chest. Vera started talking to me in a sweet gentle voice like I was a child. She told me how I should lie on my back and touched my hands to make sure they were at my sides. She said that the pillow on top was too heavy but if I really wanted it that it was OK. She made sure my head was on a pillow. I thanked her and said, “Let’s go back to sleep.” We did. An hour later she repeated the same sequence. I might have gotten irritated but her voice was so soothing and friendly that I did not object and when finished asked her if we could go back to sleep. We did. She said at breakfast that she recalls doing it but not why. I think her grandmother used to do that to her when she was a girl and was just passing on that information.

Tuesday September 26: I just heard back from the last publisher I sent a proposal to and they declined. I thought they were going to say yes. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Vera woke up again in the middle of the night. She opened the front door and then closed it. I think she may have been looking for the bathroom. I let her keep her glasses on while she slept so that did not help. I took them off later when I woke up in the morning. She has been fairly joyous today. She had been a bit less joyous than usual for a few days but we had a sensual date yesterday and even though she did not have the best of orgasms it changed her attitude and Vera was happy again. I went swimming afterwards and between my orgasm and the swim I felt great.

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