Love and Alzheimer’s: October, 2017

10 Sep

Sunday, October 1: Yesterday was Vera Day. It is every September 30. Vera told me about it years ago and said that it was at least as if not more important than ones’ birthday in her old country. She does not really remember that any more but she liked that I kept mentioning that yesterday.

We had a fun date to celebrate. A friend came over for lunch and brought over an old photograph of Vera from 1985. Vera had very dark hair back then and looked sexy and beautiful.

Vera took her pants off and knew what I was up to. She got on the bed and started feeling as soon as I touched her. The intensity did not go up too high but it was more than the last time and Vera enjoyed herself. I gave her a real light and short stroke on her spot for the last peak and she took off for a final flourish, as I told her that it would be the last peak. Vera also got off while I toweled her off in a deep gratifying way. Vera wanted to do me too so she took me for a fun ride culminating in my squirting all over her hand and thigh. I was fantasizing about the photo because Vera was wearing shorts and her legs looked so sexy.

I put the photo on Facebook along with a little poem.

Here you are, here you be
Together the better I can see
Elixir of life, elixir of glee
Enchantress wife enchanting me

Breathing your air and your Qi
Moment to moment joyfully
When we are joined I feel free
Your essence and form by beauty.

Wednesday, October 4: We just came back from a nice walk downtown. The past couple of days have been gorgeous. The temperature is in the 70’s and the sky a deep blue color. It is around 11 AM now and Vera is sitting in the armchair next to me. We had a friend stay over last night and probably tonight as well. He thinks that Vera is doing better. I think so too though she does of course have her moments of not knowing. She seems happy and more playful.

Yesterday our regular client showed up for a session in the morning. We were able to take a walk before she showed up. Vera was awake when she arrived but got a bit drowsy because we talked for quite a length of time. I played with Vera and she agreed to get off and do a little DEMO for our client. Vera started feeling as soon as I put my hand on her body and I had our student put her hand on Vera’s lower abdomen and feel the sensation spread into her hand and arm. I did not rub on Vera for too long but she responded well and enjoyed herself and our student was primed to go when it was her turn. Vera had done her job. The student had the best orgasm of her training by far. I was very pleased with her progress. It had been fun before but her headway and sensual growth was taking time. I feel now that if we stopped seeing her after these 8 sessions that she passed the development that I had hoped for. If she wants to continue, which I would also like she will become more orgasmic and to a higher level but she has passed her audition. She wants to teach sensuality so I think she will continue.

A couple of days ago our son and his wife and two kids and dog showed up unexpectedly. They stayed for a couple of hours and Vera talked some with them, more than usual and seemed attentive the whole time. It was a nice visit. This was the same son Tim who had gotten Vera to start walking after her broken pelvis and reminded me of that time because he did a little walk with her again where he was holding both her hands and walking backwards. It was very sweet.

Saturday, October 7: it is around 2PM. We had a delicious salad for lunch and Vera is sitting in the armchair right next to me. I gave her a shower this morning so she has a sweet scent on her from the Honeygirl face lotion that I put on her after her shower. A couple of friends of ours started the company a few years ago in Hawaii and their products are all natural with bees wax etc. They started it from the few bee hives that they took care of for a number of years previous. The company now sells in Whole Foods and other stores all over the country. I had once helped them with the bees just for one day a long time ago. For me to dress up in hot Hawaii with the garments that beekeepers have to wear plus the smoke that one has to use to quiet the bees made the experience less than fun, so it was only that one time.

While Vera was in the shower I put some conditioner in her hair. She then wanted to wash her face but as she did that she got soap on her hair again after I had told her to be careful and not to do that. I got upset for a few seconds and roughly took a towel and cleaned the soap out of her hair. I felt bad for responding like that. I got my shit together quickly and the rest of the shower went smoothly. Vera was cool about the whole thing.

Our friend stayed with us an extra night and we all got along just fine. He left yesterday afternoon. Another friend dropped by and after she left. We were finally alone and Vera said yes to having a sensual date. Vera felt her pussy as soon as I touched her pubic hair and pulled her labia apart. She enjoyed herself but I could tell that she did not want too much stimulation. She kept saying “OK”, which is her means of saying that is enough. I coaxed a couple really nice peaks out of her and she was a happy camper. Vera told me that I should do myself and I did and it had been a number of days so it felt great doing it and I felt better afterwards as well.

We slept well last night. Vera let me take her glasses off without complaining and was OK with me turning off the television. Vera got up early this morning before me to go to the bathroom. I got up and took a tablespoon of coconut oil to swish around. Meanwhile Vera made the bed but then she got on top of the covers and went back to sleep. I made breakfast and she joined me when it was ready though I did have to wake her up.

Thursday, October 12: We just had breakfast and Vera wants to lie down on the bed. We slept in this morning too. There is a huge fire or bunch of fires burning and devastating Napa and Santa Rosa this whole week and the air here is polluted with smoke that has blown from up there. Until today the air pollution index was not too bad so we were able to take our normal walks. It smelled smoky a bit but not too bad. Since yesterday afternoon the index has gone way up so I decided that we will just stay home and not go out at all unless we have to.

We have two kids who live up in Santa Rosa. Tim and his family came to visit us on Tuesday to escape the smoke and fire. They had to go back up there to rescue things from their home, which was put on evacuation notice. We have not heard from them in almost two days but assume that they are all right but not sure about their home. The fire demolished our daughter’s boy friend’s home but he is insured and she has a home that is OK so far. She drove out to the ocean to get away from the smoke and is staying at a posh inn there.

I have a number of decisions that have been weighing on me these past few days. One is whether to go to Florida and when? I’m thinking the end of January. Another is whether Vera should take any medication for her osteoporosis or osteopenia. The doctor wants her to but I am kind of not in favor of more drugs. There are side effects to each drug possibility and Vera seems better than she has been with her walking and movement and has not complained about pain. The third decision is whether to renew my dental insurance and get another implant or just enjoy my mouth the way it is. It feels fine to me but will talk to my dentist soon about it. I was supposed to go see him today but cancelled because I did not want to take Vera outside at all.

We were home all of the afternoon yesterday and I asked Vera after lunch if she wanted a sensual date now or later. She smiled at me and I told her we would do it a little later after we digested our big lunch salad. I asked her again around 3 and she smiled again so I set up the bed and she got on willingly after removing her pants and panties. I took off my pants and kissed her and started touching her slowly and delightfully. Her skin felt smooth and cool to my touch, which I enjoy. I played with her pubic hair and Mons area and Vera started having contractions. She was enjoying my touch as I was just enjoying stroking her thighs and getting close to her pussy. It was really fun teasing her and getting close to her clitoris and backing off. We were in the present moment and enjoying one another like two teenagers who actually know something about touching for pleasure. Putting on the lube was fun as well touching and applying the lubricant wherever I chose. I moved around more than usual on and off her clitoris to keep Vera’s attention and she kept having stronger contractions. I did some light short strokes on her spot and she really went for that. I stopped right before she had enough.

Vera wanted to rub my already engorged penis that had gotten larger with the final peaks that I had given her. It was up against her thigh and we stayed in that position without shifting. Vera was touching me with her left hand. It felt great but then I felt her ring rub against my penis. Vera put the ring on her right hand and continued to stroke me with her left one. It felt much better and she was getting off along with me, as we both were moaning. It felt stupendous. I was up for squirting and I did all over her hand and thigh. It took our attention away from the fire and the decisions and the good feelings lasted through the night.

Monday, October 16: It is 2PM in the afternoon. Vera is napping and we are listening to the blues on Pandora on the Jimi Hendrix station. We got up a bit late this morning especially Vera. She had a good excuse. She had her first coughing fit in a while last night before going to sleep. I gave her a Benadryl and then she woke up around 4AM and started coughing again so I gave her another pill. Once she got up reluctantly I gave her a bowl of tasty oatmeal with fruit etc. While Vera was snoozing I was able to make flight reservations to Florida for the end of January. That is one less thing to think about.

I then gave Vera a choice of a walk or a shower and she chose the shower. We washed her hair and I blow dried her hair after a long soapy shower. That reminds me that I saw a show the other day and they explained why they call those daytime shows Soap Operas. The reason is that the soap companies used to sponsor them at first. Anyway Vera looked gorgeous and fragrant after. I then helped her pick out her outfit and we took a nice walk to Whole Foods and returned home and it was almost time for lunch.

We have not had a sensual date for a few days now and I think it may be later today or soon. I have touched Vera through her pants so she still has had little orgasms at least. I finished reading a couple of books. One of the books that I really liked was called The Golden House by Salman Rushdie. I often read to Vera but she did not seem to enjoy it as much as I did and often fell asleep on the chair when I read out loud. The other book was a pretty good fairy tale story called Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marlier. I am without a book to read presently while I wait to go to the library I wrote a poem for Vera.

Grateful for your grit and your guile
Your movement moves magic mojo style
You brighten the world whenever you smile
Joyful to be with you wherever you while
Our hands know when to hold on tight
When to lighten and when it’s night
You can hear songs when no one is singing
The bells ring though nobody’s ringing
The sky winks and heaven is showing
All through us the love is flowing
All around us and everywhere
Twinkling stars they too want to share
With you my friend with you I can dare
To fight your fights of being fair
To be under your spell and loving flair
Dreams come true to bask in your air
The sunlight may flicker on parking lot car
You see heaven again and twinkling stars
Your spirit youthful your wisdom old
You translate love without being told
Memory missing yet you don’t miss it
You are here only for a blissful visit
I treasure your being being beside your side
The pleasure given feels like a stardust ride
Oh let me tell you at least one more time
I love you more than words or rhyme.
Thank you again for that bell peal chime
For a life of love and a world sublime

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