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Something Different

12 Sep

I have not been writing in my Love and Alzheimer’s journal as frequent as I used to. There are still a number of months that I have written but have not added here that I will get to in time. I have been writing a book with the working title of Orbit for the past […]

Love and Alzheimer’s, August 2019

12 Apr

Monday, August 12:  I am even thinking up lines of this poem while I am dreaming. They are not any better than when I am awake but still excellent. We went to the skin surgeon place this morning to get my stitches out. The surgery went pretty well last week. They got the whole tumor on […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: July 2019

24 Mar

Monday, July 1, 2019:   Vera is napping next to me. I just gave her a shower after we took a nice walk. The weather has been almost perfect, not too hot but warm enough to swim in the afternoon.  I have not felt like writing much but I have been feeling really good. The swimming usually invigorates […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: June 2019

17 Feb

Wednesday, June 5:  It is the afternoon and hot outside. I just Facetimed with my brother. He is visiting his two children and their children in Hamburg. He looks a lot better, rested when not working. I went swimming yesterday for the first time since last year and plan to go again in s short while. […]

Love and Alzheimer’: May, 2019

25 Dec

Thursday, May 9:  It’s been one month since my operation. Vera is napping on the couch just before lunch. She is doing OK. She is still as sweet as ever. She was not interested in having a sensual rub last week though I did get her pants off. She said that it hurt. She had some […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: April 2019

22 Nov

Wednesday, April 3:  I had a colonoscopy a little over a week ago. The doctor found a tumor, probably cancer. I just had a CT scan and it came out that it has not spread. Dr. Mullin thinks that it is stage 1 and I see a surgeon tomorrow about getting it removed. I feel pretty […]

love and Alzheimer’s: March, 2019

24 Oct

Friday, March 1:  It is around 8AM. Vera is still asleep. She slept well, only getting up once to pee but I did have to get up because she had previously closed the bathroom door and had gotten into the kitchen area. I showed her the toilet and she came back to bed and fell asleep […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: February, 2019

8 Oct

Tuesday, February 5, 2019:  It is mid morning. We just took a walk in the sunshine but the temperature was a chilly 40 degrees. There were still some folks walking around in their shorts and tee shirts. We were bundled up. Vera is napping on the one chair in our bedroom while I am in the […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: January 2019

2 Oct

Saturday, January 5, 2019.  It is the middle of the afternoon. It is raining outside but not as much as was promised. We were able to take a walk this morning and went out at lunchtime to pick up a bison burger salad from the Counter. Vera seemed to enjoy the burger more than the last time […]