love and Alzheimer’s: March, 2019

24 Oct

Friday, March 1:  It is around 8AM. Vera is still asleep. She slept well, only getting up once to pee but I did have to get up because she had previously closed the bathroom door and had gotten into the kitchen area. I showed her the toilet and she came back to bed and fell asleep quickly. She has been sleeping fairly well but a couple of nights these past couple of weeks have been a little tough on me. She had trouble falling asleep or waking up and then wanting to talk. I really like it when she talks but not at 2AM. I think I have been a little mean as of late when she says dumb things over and over and can make those times more fun instead of getting frustrated. 

We did have a couple nice dates, even one on my birthday last week. One time I set up the bed because Vera said OK to making out but then she did not want to do it. We kissed instead. The next day Vera was more receptive and took off her pants without protesting. 

We went to the gastroenterologist and made an appointment for me to have a colonoscopy in three weeks. Vera got annoyed because they made us wait too long in the two waiting rooms. Diane offered to help with Vera while I am having the procedure. Diane also came over for my birthday and bought us lunch from Tender Greens. She also showed me some tips with the new Dyson vacuum. We got into cleaning and the three of us cleaned for over an hour after eating. She is a good friend.

I have been working almost daily on the Extended Massive Life book and have just a few pages left to edit before resubmitting the manuscript to amazon. I have been reading a couple of books about the mathematics of space. It’s interesting but a bit over my head at times. I can only take a small dose at a time before going bonkers.

Saturday, March 9:  It is the afternoon. We just ate a delicious salad. It was on the large size but Vera finished every drop. I walked to target this morning at 8AM while Vera slept. This morning after a delicious pancakes and blueberry breakfast with a fried egg on top we were set to go to Whole Foods in Walnut Creek by car. It was raining pretty heavy. We got into the car but the battery was dead. We have not been driving enough lately. I called Geico and they said it would be about an hour but the guy showed up in less than 10 minutes and the car started with a jump. He said to drive for forty minutes so we drove in the rain on the freeway south to san Ramon. We then got back on the freeway and went north to our local Whole Foods. They had some Ozuke fermented beets that I ordered a case of waiting for us to pick up. It was raining less but I used the umbrella so Vera would not get wet getting from car to store. We did a bunch of shopping, picked up our case of beets and they only charged us for one jar instead of six. I felt fine about getting the better of Amazon. I have read about it not being ethical or honest but I’m not kidding myself. I just believe in Robin Hood. We then got home and the sun came out. After some tea and chocolate we took a walk for half an hour.

We had a couple of dates this week. Vera got off pretty good on the first one last Sunday but she got off great yesterday before lunch. It started kind of slow but then it went from second gear to fifth gear all of a sudden. I was playing around and enjoying myself going around her upper labia and clitoris back and forth for a couple of minutes. then she just took off and anything I did Vera got off to. At one point I just put the palm of my hand over her pussy and she kept coming. I just had to feel her pleasure and it climbed into my arm and into my body. I could feel her in my loins and all over. I played with her clitoris for a couple more peaks and was not sure if she had enough but I wanted to quit her before she said to stop so I did. Vera got off powerfully on the towel off as well. Vera was really smiley for practically the rest of the day. Btw I got off after very nicely too. Vera gobbled her salad with gusto.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019:  I just gave Vera a shower and she smells great. We will take a walk when her hair dries. I have my colonoscopy on Friday so I wanted her clean so I don’t have to do that the next two days. I got a ride there thru the Seniors center of Walnut Creek. They have free Lyft rides at off hours but I had to join for $15 first. Diane will be with Vera and pick me up when it is over. 

We’ve been watching a lot of Netflix shows. We enjoyed stand-up by Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais. Also watched three seasons of a show called Love. Also liked Maniac with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. I have continued doing the final edit of the Extended Massive Life redo every day for a little while. 

Last Friday I got Vera into the hot tub. The weather was nice out and we went before dinner. I then got her into the shower because she had all her clothes off already. I got in with her and she turned me on some too. We have had a couple of dates last week. They were OK but not worth reporting about except the kissing was fun first. I also did myself yesterday and that was enjoyable and I felt better too. 

We had a visit for lunch from Kim Kyllo last week. We had not seen her in over ten years. Her son Wyatt is now 18 and goes to college in the fall. It was fun catching up with her. Jillian came for lunch on Friday, and then visited a couple of days later for dinner. Her second visit was as much fun, as I was trying to watch the Warriors and she was wanting attention after we ate. I love giving Vera attention most of the time but sometimes I don’t want to for someone else.

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