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Love and Alzheimer’s December 2018

9 Sep

Wednesday, December 5:  It is mid morning. Vera is on the bed with her hair drying after I just gave her a shower. It takes quite a bit of energy to get her in there but I feel successful when I do. We slept really well last night compared with the night before when Vera woke […]

Love and Alzheimer’s November 2018

12 Aug

Thursday, November 1:  We just had a really fun date and I wanted to write about it. Vera is now sitting on the couch watching an old silent movie with great music. I don’t know what it is.  I felt tumesced, I think a lot from the volatile stock market and negative energy from the News […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: October 2018

26 Jul

Wednesday, October 3:  It is mid morning. We have taken our walk and Vera is sitting next to me. She was napping but just had a little coughing.  Last night we fell asleep around 11PM but Vera got up soon thereafter and was upset about her drawstring on her pants. She said it was in one piece. […]

Love and Alzheimer’s September 2018

8 Jun

Saturday, September 1:  It is around 2PM. We just had lunch. Vera is sitting near me. I grilled an octopus after boiling it. It came out quite tasty. I probably could have boiled it a bit longer, as it was quite chewy. We took a walk this morning to Whole Foods. We had not been walking […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: August 2018

9 May

Friday, August 3:  It is around 2PM. It is hot outside so we will be staying inside the rest of the day unless it cools down after diner. We just had a bison burger from the Counter that tasted great. Vera is sitting down on the armchair next to me being quiet right now. I spoke […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: July 2018

27 Apr

Sunday, July 1:  I have been busy reformatting the book so that it fits and looks good. I submitted it yesterday and they will send me a proof copy by mail. Meanwhile we have been doing pretty pretty good. Vera seems to like to make conversations late at night rather than in the daytime for some […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: June 2018

20 Mar

Friday, June 1:  It is 8AM and Vera is sleeping in so far. We had a nice evening watching the Warriors win in overtime against Cleveland and Lebron James in the first game of the NBA finals. Then we watched the last episode of season 5 of Homeland. Great TV. We both slept well. Vera got up […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: May 2018

9 Mar

Tuesday, May 1: Yesterday Jillian showed up right after Frank took off to visit other friends in the area. We fed her lunch and listened to her stories about her trip back home to England. After she left I asked Vera if she would like a sensual date. Vera said that she did not know. […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: April 2018

1 Mar

Tuesday, April 3:   It is the middle of the afternoon. We just took our second walk of this nice and sunny day. The weather has been beautiful for a few days now. Vera woke me up this morning around 6AM with giggling. I asked her what was so funny and she told me that there […]