Love and Alzheimer’s: June 2018

20 Mar

Friday, June 1:  It is 8AM and Vera is sleeping in so far. We had a nice evening watching the Warriors win in overtime against Cleveland and Lebron James in the first game of the NBA finals. Then we watched the last episode of season 5 of Homeland. Great TV. We both slept well. Vera got up only once to pee and knew where the bathroom was and did not purposely wake me though I did wake up. I appreciate it when she knows little things like that. I had a pleasant dream where I found some water that was calm and good for swimming. I am not sure if it was the ocean or a lake but it was deep and the sun was shining on it. I’d like to go back there.

Yesterday Vera and I started to go for our morning walk. We were planning to go to Trader Joes. When we got downstairs, Vera said that her foot hurt. She sat on the bench in the lobby. I took her back upstairs by elevator and took off her shoe and sock. She had a large blister on the side of her foot by her bunion. I put some Neosporin and a large Band-Aid on it. I called the podiatrist office and they made an appointment  for the next morning, which would be today. I cancelled the appointment later on because Vera no longer had any pain. We took our normal walk in the afternoon without a peep from Vera.

So instead of walking to Trader Joes we drove yesterday, which was Thursday morning. Then after sitting around for an hour or so I invited Vera to have a sensual date and she agreed. I kept it short and sweet. It was a perfect time to have this date. Vera got off easily, as I played with her labia first without and then with lubricant. I got on her spot and gave her 3 peaks. I know she did not want too much so I quit before she voiced any too muchness. I used pressure on her abdomen while I stroked her clitoris and did not put the thumb of my second hand by her introitus. Vera went up with each peak a perfect short cycle of moaning and pleasure. I got off as well and we kissed on the bed afterwards.

Vera had spoken to me in Russian, while I think she was sleeping early Thursday morning. It woke me up. I responded with my one line of “I love you” in Russian and Vera said something else and then went back to sleep. She liked hearing later on that I responded that way and thought it was funny that she spoke to me in Russian. 

Monday, June 4:  Vera is on the armchair next to me. It is around 11AM and we took an early morning walk, as the temperature is still warm. 

Yesterday Vera and I walked first around town and then stopped at the Farmer’s market to buy lots of kale etc. We had a sensual date before lunch. I asked Vera and she responded that she did not know. I told her that I did know and that she could take off her pants. She did. It was very enjoyable. I had fun playing with Vera’s labia and right down the middle of her introitus when I applied the lubricant. I also gave her three peaks on her clitoris, which she responded to with some moaning and fairly strong contractions. The last peak was the most intense, as I reminded Vera to fill up the room with her pussy juice. After I toweled Vera off with more contractions, I put Vera’s cold hand on my penis. It engorged quickly. I then put on some lubricant and put Vera’s hand back on. She really got into it and I was groaning and moaning very loudly, as I stared at her sexy legs. Vera squirted me after a couple of peaks. It felt really sensational.

I went swimming late in the afternoon after the Sunday crowd thinned out. We then watched the Warriors beat Cleveland again in a much less stressful game eating coconut ice cream for dinner.

A couple of mornings ago Vera started placing her vitamins in her oatmeal like they were berries or walnuts. I noticed what she was doing and had her remove them and swallow them with some water. When I went swimming on Saturday Vera said that I left her all alone, even though I told her that I would be outside for twenty minutes and came back on time. I kissed her and she forgave me. Yesterday when I swam and left her for the same amount of time she stayed in her seat watching TV and thought I came back quickly.

Thursday, June7: Vera woke up around 4AM and asked me where she should go. I told her that she should go back to sleep. She then asked me what she should do. I again told her to go to sleep. This went on for an hour and a half, including Vera getting up twice to walk around the apartment. I finally hugged her close to me and had her hug me back. We both fell back to sleep for a couple of hours. I had some fun vivid dreams during this last sleeping period. Vera woke up with me around 7:30. I had prepared pancake batter last night. This was the first batch in a few months. I did some of my exercises while Vera made the bed while the pancakes cooked.

A couple of mornings ago Vera got up for breakfast and had to take a poop. She started to open the garbage lid and sit on that but I told her quickly to go to the bathroom and she did. She had not done that before but she did once poop into a bag. 

It is now 9:30 in the morning and we are going to take a walk soon. We watched the Warriors win the third straight game last night over Cleveland. Vera kept repeating that we should have a third person with us. I was not clear what she was referring to. I asked her but she did not clarify her statement. I tried to Facetime with Tim after the game but he did not answer. I thought a video chat would give Vera what she wanted. I think she may have wanted one of the basketball stars to be with us. We fell asleep easily until that waking up scene in the wee hours.

Sunday, June 10:  I just gave Vera a shower. She already looks better. Her face is glowing and her hair is fluffier. Vera did not want to get up for breakfast this morning so I went to the farmer’s market by myself. She still did not want to get up so I ate some oatmeal without her. Then I went downstairs to grill some salmon and chicken sausage for lunch. Vera finally got up around 10AM and ate her oatmeal with gusto. We took a walk around town after breakfast, then the shower and now as I am writing here, Vera is sitting next to me. I wonder if the skullcap pills at night had Vera want to sleep in. I think that my dreams have been more vivid and memorable lately. 

Last night I dreamt of my parents eating delicious looking bagels but saying that they will go gluten free next week.

I asked Vera if she wanted to make out on Friday afternoon. She said OK. I am not sure that she understands me but lead her to the bedroom and we have a sweet kiss. Then I ask her to take her pants off and she does that willingly and gets on the bed. I lean over the bed and stroke Vera’s legs erotically and I get turned on and she starts to get off and moan. This is a good sign. I think she must have understood me earlier. I get on the bed and started playing with her thighs and pubic hair. She likes the gentle stroke on her pubes and moans some more. I can feel and see her contractions. I play with the lubricant all over her pussy and Vera enjoys what I am doing, especially the light quick strokes on her upper labia. I then stroke Vera’s clitoris and she continues with more orgasm, getting higher as we continue. She especially enjoys when I put my palm down and press on her lower abdomen while I am stroking her clitoris. Vera has 3 fine peaks and then wants to touch me. 

I am already aroused and her cold hand on my penis feels great. I put on some lubricant, then let Vera have her way with me. She has me squirting in a very short time. I feel aroused as I am writing this now. The Warriors finish off Cleveland in a sweep in an easy victory after that for the last basketball game of the season. I sleep well and so does Vera. I also swam on Friday, so that makes it an especially good day.

Yesterday while we were taking a nice walk a guy (Afro American) in a wheelchair stops us and asks if we would help him get a burrito. I respond if he wants us to get one for him or if he wants the money. He said, the money and wanted $6. I felt abundant and give him the money. Then he asks if he could have $2 more for a soda. I said no and that soda is not good for you.  He thanks us and we walk off. I usually only give beggars $1 at a time but I felt generous yesterday just not generous enough to buy him a soda. I think because he is a poor Afro American and on a wheelchair he got my sympathy.

Wednesday, June13, 2018:  It is almost noon. It has been hot the past few days so I have taken advantage of that and gone swimming daily in the afternoon. I got Vera up this morning at 8:30, which is earlier than she has been getting up the past few days. I wanted to get out for a walk with her before the heat made it less fun. I succeeded but she was kind of sleepy.

We had a sensual date yesterday. I kissed Vera and we both enjoyed that. She got on the bed but did not respond much to my touches. I told her that we did not have to do this. I left the room and came back quickly. I thought we might just put our clothes back on. However I touched her again and she was feeling more this time. I put on the lubricant and Vera had a lot of contractions and I eventually got to her clitoris. I pulled the hood way back and got on her spot and Vera got off with a really nice peak. She was glowing and her cheeks were all rosy. Her pussy felt wonderful and I was glad that we did not quit. I had a nice orgasm too. Vera played with my feet while I got myself off.

A couple days ago I was reading a book and Vera got up off the couch and I noticed she had pulled her pants down and was taking a poop on the kitchen floor. Usually she announces to me that she has to go. I jumped up and got her to go to the bathroom. I quickly cleaned the floor and because I had already swum I had extra energy and was not at all bothered by this, which I think I might have been otherwise. Vera finished up in the bathroom and we continued like nothing strange had happened.

Yesterday morning Vera was sleeping in so I walked to Trader Joesby myself after I also cooked up some chicken livers for the first time ever. I wanted to cook them before it got hot out and we ate them on a salad later for lunch. Sandy showed up and had lunch with us but did not want any liver. Vera finally did get up around 9:30 for breakfast. We took a walk but it was already hot out by then, so we were glad to get home to our cool apartment. It did not smell from the liver either, as I cooked them when the windows were still open.

We did take another walk after dinner. We have been doing that for the past three evenings so that we get at least two walks in.

Monday, June 18:  It is close to lunch. Vera is sitting next to me listening to Jimi Hendrix and other Blues singers on Pandora. Vera woke up pretty early this morning. Yesterday I had let her sleep in and went to the farmer’s market by myself again and then grilled some salmon and chicken sausages by the pool. 

Today we walked to Trader Joes after breakfast and washing our sheets. It was a nice walk but Vera was too tired to take a shower afterwards. Now she is talking to me about the cars in the parking lot and how I should go and talk to them. She thinks the music is coming from the parking lot.

Last night in bed Vera told me how happy she was and that she was in her favorite place next to me. She had a big grin on her face all evening and wanted to stay awake till after 11PM. I was tired and she did fall asleep quickly once I turned the TV off. She may have been happy because she had a great orgasm before lunch. I was reading about this couple kissing for the first time in a book by Ken Follett called The Fall of Giants.

I started kissing Vera and got her to come with me to the bedroom. We kissed some more and I took off my pants and asked her to do the same She did and got on the bed. I was feeling her pussy before she had lain down and she was already having contractions. They continued as I stroked her legs from the tip of her toes to her upper thighs. I got on the bed and played with her pussy some more, gentle strokes on her pubic hair. Whatever I did Vera responded to. She said, “You like doing this, don’t you?” I told her that I really liked it. I started stroking Vera’s clitoris with my index finger and pulling back her hood with my left hand pressing above that Vera responded to with joy. She was moaning and I could feel the sensation run up my arm into my body. I then gave her the regular two-handed stroke. I could feel the contractions get stronger and I gave her two peaks this way. Vera’s moaning got louder along with her contractions and I felt I was home.

Sunday, June 24:  It is early in the morning. Vera is still asleep. She seems to like to sleep in on Sunday mornings even though she does not know that it is Sunday. I have been working the past few days on getting the manuscript ready for publishing again. I was originally going to hire Book Baby to format and submit the book to the different platforms but then I saw that a friend on Facebook had a similar business albeit much smaller. I thought maybe she could do a better more connected with me book birthing and she also promised it for less money so I asked her to help. I did not hear from her in over 6 weeks and sent her an email asking where she was. She said she would get me a proposal within a week. I did not hear from her for over another month so I decided to use Book Baby again. I wrote her this and she said she was finally ready and sent me a proposal but it was twice as expensive as Book Baby so I declined her offer.

I filled out the forms on Book Baby, which was not that much fun either. The guy on the phone said I would not pay until I was satisfied with their work but after filling everything out they wanted money right away to start. I also found out that the royalties would be less than if I did it myself so I went back to the manuscript and tried to figure out how to format it to fit Amazon’s Createspace. I was really proud of myself and I think I figured out exactly what to do to fit the size I wanted. It took some work and I sat at the computer longer than I like, which causes aches in my body, but those went away and I was thrilled. 

I had a fun date with Vera on Thursday before lunch. She asked me where she was. I took her hand and walked her around the apartment showing her the photos on the wall. I also kissed her at various stops. When we got to the bedroom Vera asked me if I would do her. I said yes of course but was unsure whether she knew what that meant. She seemed to know and I told her to take off her pants. Vera got on the bed and I played with her legs while still standing at the side of the bed. I got on next to her and gently played with her breasts. Vera said something like you know what those are? I told her that I did and we had some fun doing that. Then I got on her genitals and slowly worked my way to her clitoris. Her last peak was the highest and I kept telling her to keep feeling and Vera kept feeling. Vera also wanted to rub on my cock after she was done. She felt really sensational and had her leg across my thighs while she squirted me.

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