Love and Alzheimer’s: July 2018

27 Apr

Sunday, July 1:  I have been busy reformatting the book so that it fits and looks good. I submitted it yesterday and they will send me a proof copy by mail. Meanwhile we have been doing pretty pretty good. Vera seems to like to make conversations late at night rather than in the daytime for some reason. She woke up and woke me up about three times last night. She was consistent with the topic. I did not fully understand what she was talking about but the gist was something about bringing a boy and a girl to live with us. I tried to have Vera give me a name like which boy and girl but she  just repeated the same line about wanting to take care of them.

I thought maybe she was referring to her children but she never did say. The funny thing was that she remembered what she was talking about each time that she woke me up and talked about the same subject.

We had a few fun dates last week. The last one was yesterday. It was before dinner and Vera seemed quite agreeable to the idea. I gave her a number of peaks, more than usual and she did not say enough once. I offered more peaks and she accepted each one graciously. I varied the pressure and the speed on each peak so that one peak was light and quick and the next one was firmer and a lot slower. For the last peak I told her that this was the last one and to make it worthwhile. She went up even further as I played her like a maestro, moving my finger around her clitoris. Vera’s moaning got louder and the intensity jumped. Vera had strong contractions when I wiped her off with the towel and actually told me how good that felt.

We had a date a couple days before. I remember starting the stroking on Vera’s inner thigh with my inner forearm and at the same time attaching my other hand to the fist at the end of that arm and using that hand to brush against her pubic hair. It seemed to titillate Vera and she was off early to the races.

Thursday, July 5:  We both slept well last night and the night before. Monday night was a bit rough. Vera got up to pee a couple of times and was asking me questions about if we were OK. I reassured her and she would go back to sleep but wake up again and ask me a similar question. 

I have been swimming in the pool every warm day. The weather is strange. It warms up by the end of the week and reaches its peak on Saturday and then starts to cool down. This seems to be going on most of the late spring and early summer. I have been keeping the living room sliding glass doors open all night and closing them mid-morning so that our place cools down and stays comfortable. We have hardly used the air conditioner at all so far this summer.

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking of having a date with Vera and mentioned it to her but she did not respond favorably. I brought it up a couple of times but I really did not feel any turn-on or desire either. I just felt it would be a good idea. Finally I set up the bedroom for a date and took Vera’s hand and brought her to the bedroom. I asked her to take off her pants and after seeing me take my pants off she did likewise. It seemed to flow from there and we had fun touching and kissing one another. I got Vera excited and aroused by stroking her legs especially her thighs. I put a big clump of lubricant on my finger and slowly and gently placed it by her perineum. Vera’s contractions increased in intensity and I started moving the lubricant around her pussy. She really enjoyed this. I got on her clitoris and the intensity went up again. On the last peak I used a light quick stroke on her spot and Vera responded with delight. Her contractions were bouncing off the walls and all over the room. I brought her down slowly and she continued getting off.

I was partially engorged for much of doing her and I put some lubricant on my penis and became fully engorged. Vera looked at me and said that she did not want to hurt me. I took that as an offer and put her hand on my engorged penis. She had fun with it and got me really high very quickly. I had her stop a few times and then I could not resist any longer and she took me for a full squirt all over her hand and my belly. We both enjoyed the delicious salad after that.

Monday, July 9:  It is 8 in the morning. I attempted to wake Vera up to give her a pill but she was not going for it. She looked cute but said that she had killed him. Last night while sleeping she said something about being so happy and that what I did for her would keep her happy for more than a week. I did not know if she was talking about me but of course I assumed so. I did give Vera a small orgasm yesterday.

She kept asking me what she should do? I finally said that she could take off her pants and she did. When she got on the bed she said that her hip leg area hurt. I lightly touched her and moved her leg so that it did not hurt anymore. She started getting off when I began to play with her pubic hair. She enjoyed the lubricating of her perineum and labia. I told her that it would be short. Vera was enjoying herself but the intensity was not too high. She did have 2 fairly intense peaks when I stroked her spot. I asked her if she had any pain and she told me that she did not. I was not going to get off either having done myself on Friday when Vera went to the hairdresser. 

I was semi engorged and decided to do some self- pleasuring anyhow. It was better than I expected. Vera told me that she could feel my orgasm while I was having it. We both felt better afterwards.

I took Vera on Friday to the hairdresser. When we got there Lisa Marie had forgotten to transfer Vera’s appointment to her new schedule book and forgot Vera was coming. I told her that we could come back some other time but she said that she could fit Vera in. I left to vacuum the apartment and self-pleasure. I asked Lisa how it went and she told me that Vera was disruptive and was bothering the other clients there. I think that she made Vera wait too long and ignored Vera, which she does not like. When I got there to pick Vera up she was smiling and peacefully sitting. I kissed her and gave her a banana and she was very happy again.

It is now after lunch and it is too hot to go outside for a walk. This morning after writing here I went to check on Vera and she was sitting up in bed but not looking happy. She then said that she was dying and then that she is dead and she fell back on the bed with her legs over the side. I took her sentiment in stride and let her be. She slept a few minutes more then got up and took a poop. She went back to bed and to sleep again so I ate breakfast by myself. When I went back to the bedroom I could tell that she felt better. I offered her a banana again and she ate it with gusto. I was going to walk to Target by myself but Vera got up like nothing happened and we went there together. I am glad that I did not panic earlier. Vera just had lunch and she ate her colorful salad with the same gusto that she ate her banana.

Saturday, July 14:  Vera did not sleep well last night probably because she took a long nap in the morning. She got up to pee and woke me up a few times. I have had some pain in my lower abdomen in the past few mornings before going to the bathroom. I woke up early again but feel pretty good now. We had a visitor today who we have not seen for a couple of years. It was fun catching up with what he has been doing and telling our story.

I got the book proof a few days ago and it came out great. I found a couple of mistakes and fixed them. The book is ready to roll, as soon as I want.

We had a really nice date yesterday. Vera got on the bed after I did this time and her leg did not hurt. Her body was cool considering that it was a hot day. She felt great to touch and responded well to my touch. I rubbed her leg with my whole arm and it felt amazing. I was getting turned on from doing that. Vera said that she liked it also. I played with her pubic hair and she started to have contractions. I opened her labia and she enjoyed that too as I pulled on her hood at the same time. I could feel her taking pleasure as I pressed her clitoris through her hood. I loved spreading the lubricant from the bottom of her introitus to the top. Vera was having fairly strong contractions while I played with the slippery labia. I got on her spot using pulling her hood back with the palm of my hand and using my middle finger. The peaks were more intense than as of late and Vera was moaning with sensation. I gave Vera a peak that lasted and lasted. I kept coaching her to keep feeling etc. and she did. I was getting engorged again. I could feel the pleasure go from the tip of my finger all the way to my penis. I felt Vera was done after that one but offered another one just in case. She kind of said yes but not enthusiastically. I took her down instead and she was happy that I did.

Vera’s hand was cool and she played with me after I lubricated myself. It was great and she peaked me a couple of times before squirting me for quite a long time. After I got off Vera mentioned that her belly button had something in it. I got a flashlight and a tweezer, as I found a large piece of crud in there that was hard to get out with fingers. It came out in one piece and she felt even better. We did not eat dinner but had some coconut ice cream. I thought she would sleep well but maybe she will tonight.

Wednesday, July 18:  It is around 8AM. I have been up for awhile, cooking and exercising. I like to cook in the morning before the temperature gets too warm and then microwave the food for lunch. We eat a salad at night so we don’t use the stove any more after the early morning. Vera does not want to wake up. I got her to reluctantly swallow her pill just now. She slept well last night, better than the past couple of nights. A couple of days ago Vera went back to bed after breakfast till about noon. 

My lower abdomen still seems out of whack but perhaps a bit better. I am not sure if it is something to do with my intestines or a structural thing like a hernia or muscle strain. I probably will call the gastroenterologist today. She is a pretty woman and I liked her last time I saw her. It might be time for a colonoscopy anyhow.

We had a really nice hug in the hallway yesterday. I got turned on and offered to go to bed with Vera. I took my pants off. At first she did not want to take her pants off but then she did. Vera got on the bed and this time we lay down next to each other so that we could kiss and I also played with her legs and genital area. It was fun. There was not much intensity but Vera did get off some. Vera then had to go to the bathroom to poop. I did myself quickly while she was in the bathroom. 

We had a podiatrist appointment in the early morning yesterday. We took a little walk around the area before leaving, then into the car and we were off. It is a few miles away in Concord. We rally like the woman who has been doing Vera’s feet for a number of years. They have a new doctor in the office and Vera did not like the way he cut her nails.  She got upset with him a few times and also said that her head hurt. We made the next appointment for the original doctor whom we like.

The rest of the day we stayed home. Helen came to visit around 2PM. We took a walk around 7PM after it was not so hot any more. It was a perfect time for walking. 

Saturday, July 21:  We just took our morning walk around the usual loop that we do without shopping. The morning so far has gone well, as Vera got up easily. There was a bunch of people milling around building signs for an anti-Trump rally. We are or actually Vera is invited to go to our granddaughter’s bridal shower later this morning. It is for women only and Jen, our daughter in law is supposed to drive Vera over. I am not sure if I will tag along or if Vera should go. I don’t want her to get upset or to eat sugar or gluten foods there. I do not know what they will be serving. Our other daughter in law Suzanne and Tim are supposed to drive down too. Vera’s two daughters are unable to attend. 

I did make an appointment for me to see the gastroenterologist on August 1. Vera’s bowel movements have been regular and well formed.

I have been trying to promote my book now that I published it on Thursday.  It is not going as smooth and easy as I would like but I did find someone who does a radio show in Minnesota and writes a blog. She will review the book and probably interview me on her show.

We did have a fun date yesterday. I asked Vera if she would like to make out or if I should go swimming first. She said that I should go swimming. I did and after swimming and taking a shower I felt refreshed and I was also naked. I told Vera to take her pants off too and she did. We had a lovely time. We got in the usual position and Vera enjoyed my light touches on her legs and pubic area. The intensity went up when I lubricated her labia. It felt slidey and I was playful with the application. I touched her clitoris a few times while applying the lubricant and I got a nice response each time. It was like her whole body could feel that. I gave her a few peaks where each one was better than the last one. On the last peak I told her to really feel it and on the third stroke I could feel the absolute rise of pleasure that continued while I verbally cheered Vera on. She was very happy and enjoyed me playing with her on the way down with firmer pressures and finally the towel wipe off. I then had fun doing myself. Vera lay next to me feeling me and looking sexy.

Thursday, July 26:  It is past 9AM. Vera is still asleep. She had been getting up pretty early, as of late but did not want to get up for breakfast this morning. Vera slept really well last night unlike the night before when she was up quite a few times. She still got up early yesterday. 

We had a date before lunch yesterday. It started off with a nice long kiss and hug. We got on the bed and I enjoyed touching my whole arm against her thigh. Vera had some contractions when I played with her pubic area and when I opened her labia. She liked when I put on the lubricant, which I did for a few minutes using both light strokes and shorter firmer ones. When I was ready to get to her clitoris I put my second hand into position and that made Vera’s left leg hurt. I withdrew my hand. She seemed to feel better but when I touched her clitoris there was not much feeling there. I tried to start it up a couple of times but she was done. I got on her side and got myself off easily. 

We enjoyed lunch but after lunch I got in a bad ego driven mood because Facebook, one of my stocks took a big hit. I got myself to feel present but Vera then said that she felt horrible. She continued saying negative things about how she felt so I stopped asking her. Then Vera’s daughter Helen came by for a short visit and Vera seemed to forget about not feeling well. Vera’s daughter only stayed a few minutes and even though there was not a whole lot of relating it seemed to do the trick. I’d like her family to come by for more visits even if they are short ones and put a little attention on Vera. I went swimming after that and we had to wait until close to 7PM after eating to take a second walk because it was so hot out.

Sunday, July 29:  It is almost lunch time. Vera is sitting next to me while I type. Around 11:30 last night Vera had one of foot spasms. She was in a lot of pain. It seemed to be in both of her feet but more in her right one. I took off her socks but the pain persisted for about half an hour, which is longer than usual. Vera kept asking me if I could do something. I told her that it would go away soon and it finally did. We both fell asleep shortly after midnight. I got up pretty early again and walked to the farmer’s market while Vera slept in. We then took a nice walk together after breakfast.

We did have a sensual date yesterday before dinner. I asked Vera only once and she said, “yes!” I had given her a shower earlier in the day and those days seem more than likely to be yes days.

It was a lot better than the last one, when Vera’s leg hurt. I played with her legs especially enjoyed touching my whole palm around the top of her knee. I started getting turned-on playing with Vera’s knee and thighs. Vera stared having contractions when I open up her labia and tugged above her clitoris. She really enjoyed when I put on the lubrication. I spent a few minutes playing with her labia getting close to her clitoris and then backing off. The best peak was the last one when I did a vibration like short stroke on her spot on her clitoris. Vera moaned and I could really feel the contractions getting stronger and stronger. I asked her if she wanted another peak and she told me that was enough. I brought her down slowly and she enjoyed that too. She told me that it felt really good, something that she has not done often as of late.

Vera also wanted to play with my penis. Her hands were cool and felt terrific. She squirted me fairly quickly after a few peaks.

On Friday evening I wanted to take a walk when the temperature cooled down to below 90 degrees. Vera kept saying no but finally said yes and we had a nice walk around town, seeing lots of people eating out and walking around. That’s one of the benefits in that Vera does not remember saying no and each time I ask it is a new request.

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