Love and Alzheimer’s: August 2018

9 May

Friday, August 3:  It is around 2PM. It is hot outside so we will be staying inside the rest of the day unless it cools down after diner. We just had a bison burger from the Counter that tasted great. Vera is sitting down on the armchair next to me being quiet right now.

I spoke to a woman Lori who has an Internet radio show and website called Alzheimer’s Speaks. She was a very nice lady and asked good questions. She also liked my poems so I had to like her. I think the interview went well. The book is selling pretty well on Amazon as far as I can tell. Most people don’t respond to my efforts of promoting online but a bunch have responded positively. Only one person was pissed at me for promoting my book because she was also an author and she said that was not proper etiquette. I tried to apologize to her but she had already blocked me on FB messenger. I checked her profile and she also had a long rant about what I did there but at least she did not mention my name. 

A couple of days ago I wanted to give Vera a shower but she kept saying no until I asked one final time and she said yes. The same with having a sensual date yesterday. I got a lot of rejection until Vera said, “Yes.” Vera’s skin felt smooth and wonderful to touch, especially her legs of course. She repeated a couple of times, “You are doing me.” I responded, “Yes I am.” 

Vera liked when I spread her labia and when I applied the lubricant slowly up and down her introitus. I could feel her contractions being fairly strong and steady. I got on her spot on her clitoris and she went for it. She told me that I really knew how to do her. I told her that I have had some experience at it. There was one time where I got on her spot and very lightly and quickly stroked that tiny area. Vera had like a trigger of strong contractions and I could feel some engorgement in my loins too. I gave her what I said would be the last peak and for Vera to fill the room with her orgasm. She must have understood because the intensity went up and the peak lasted longer than the others. I thought she was done after that one and when I asked her if she had had enough she said that she had.

Vera had no leg pains, no coughs and no problems during the whole make-out including when I got myself off. We enjoyed some Shrimp and mixed vegetables from the Chinese restaurant that I added some kale and collard greens to. We took a little walk after eating and watched a bad movie on TV that was kind of entertaining. We both fell asleep at 10:30.

I also went to the gastroenterologist on Wednesday. She is a very pretty doctor and I like her. She told me that I am fine and not to worry that I was doing the right things and she wished everyone were as regular and as disciplined with their eating habits that I have. Vera came with me and was supportive. She woke up on time and it all went smoothly.

I just finished the book I was reading called Ready Player One. I enjoyed it. It was easy, fast reading, not great literature but a fun sci-fi story. It was all about old videogames and virtual reality.

Tuesday August 7:  We both slept well last night, which was a big improvement over the night before. Vera woke me up frequently. One time she wanted me to take her necklace off, which I did. She put it back on in the morning. Another time or a few times Vera just wanted to talk but I was not clear what she wanted to talk about. She seemed to be awake for a good part of the night. Surprisingly Vera woke up early and enjoyed the pancakes that I cooked with fresh raspberries, an apricot, some cherries and a little peach on top. We took a walk early too. Vera got up early this morning too but seemed a little groggier after sleeping well. We repeated the pancake breakfast and walk.

I also went for a swim in the afternoon yesterday when it was close to a hundred degrees outside. I felt refreshed at least for a couple of hours after. We have been going out for a walk in the evenings almost every day lately, usually around 6:30 or 7. Yesterday around 5:30 I was hungry but thought that it would be better to have a sensual date first before eating and then we could take a walk.

Vera was agreeable and we had a nice time. I had read in my journal from a year earlier about how I just stroked Vera’s genitals, mostly her labia and pubic hair without getting on her clitoral spot till the end. I tried that again and Vera seemed to get off easily and enjoyably. It was not a long do or too intense but Vera seemed refreshed from it and happy. She had a couple really strong contractions when I wiped her off too. I got off also. Vera then had to go to the bathroom and take a poop. That went smoothly too but put me back into the working mode. I heated up the tasty vegetables from the Farmer’s market that I had cooked early in the morning before it got hot out and when we could have the windows open. Vera said that the food was really good. She appreciates food way more after an orgasm.

Vera’s daughter and granddaughter came by in the middle of the afternoon yesterday to print up some records for a new school that she was going to. Helen forgot her phone here and has to come back today. They did not put much attention on Vera but Vera was OK, though not as good as she was after getting off later.

Friday, August 10:  It is around 11AM. Vera just woke up. She had an angelic look and her face was beaming. She gave me a couple of sweet kisses. This was not the first time that she woke up today. I had gotten her up for breakfast at 8:30 and she really did not want to wake up. She did not look angelic at that point. I kind of persuaded her to eat breakfast with me. I had given her the Prilosec pill earlier and one is supposed to eat within an hour after taking it for best results.

I wanted to take a walk after breakfast, as the day is going to be a scorcher like yesterday and the best time to go out is early. Vera wanted to go back to bed and I gave in. I went to Target by myself and then when I came home I read the third book in the Century series by Ken Follett in bed next to Vera. Each book is over 900 pages and a good story based on history with fictional characters. She slept until now. She is siting on the armchair next to me like she often does. 

Last night when we went to bed to watch TV, Vera took off her pants and underwear. I usually sleep that way but Vera keeps her pants or pajamas on and also her panties. I thought she was hot and that is why she did that. We watched TV for a couple of hours and after I turned off the lights etc., I put my hand on Vera’s upper thigh next to her crotch. She started to have an intense orgasm right away. I did not stroke or rub but just felt her. It kept on going for a number of minutes. I could feel my penis getting partially engorged but not enough to have intercourse with. It felt stupendous and I told Vera how good it felt. She kept getting off and did not say anything. Finally she stopped coming. I took my hand off of her and she fell asleep. That was a unique and fun experience.

Monday, August 21:  It is almost time for dinner. Vera is sitting in the armchair while I am typing. We took a walk this afternoon to the library and to Civic Park. We walked over this bridge to get to this field and trail in the park. We had a very lovely kiss. I held Vera’s head on both sides and we kissed for about 30 seconds. I felt a lot of turn-on. When we got home we lay on the bed for a few minutes. I put my hand on Vera’s genital area for a few minutes with her clothes still on. She got off some more. 

We took our first car trip since we bought the Accord this weekend. We drove to Santa Rosa and stayed at Vera’s daughter Catia’s home. Catia was putting on a birthday celebration for all of Vera’s twins, who were born a few weeks apart in the summer. The driving went smoothly without much traffic and the car got close to 45 miles per gallon, which I think is very good. 

We spent Saturday with Catia and her boyfriend Gary. They took us out to lunch and we tagged along when they bought a lot of food for the celebration. They left for his home on Bodega Bay and we had the place to ourselves. It did not seem to bother Vera being in a strange place and she was quite comfortable there. It got fairly cold at night and we cuddled in the bed all night long.

The next day we took a couple of walks around the local area until Catia and Gary returned. Three out of four of Vera’s kids showed up for the party plus a couple of our grandchildren. Vera had a nice time. She liked the food and she got quite a bit of attention. I think it could have been more but it was a lot more than usual. 

Catia left again for Bodega Bay after the party and we were alone again. We watched Ratatouille on TV. Vera seemed to enjoy it and I kept the TV on past 11 O’clock. I turned it off when the credits started and Vera got upset thinking that it was not over yet. She got upset with me for a little while and had a difficult time falling asleep. We had an extra cover on the bed and during the night Vera would wake up and take off a piece of clothing, one at a time. Vera did not want to get up in the morning for breakfast but I finally got her up at 9AM. I took a nice walk and did some exercises. Catia showed up right before we left so the timing worked out perfectly.

Friday, August 24:  It is around 7AM. Vera just popped up out of bed but then went back. I started up the oatmeal, so breakfast in about 45 minutes. 

We had our first sensual date in a week. We had one last Thursday that was fun but fairly quick. Yesterday was more fun and a bit longer too. I was kind of tired after visiting with Jillian for lunch and then Sandy a bit later but thought it would be good for us to get off. Sandy mentioned how she thought that Vera seemed better. I am not sure if she is better but she was fairly alert yesterday and is holding at least, which is supposedly is a good thing.

Vera was willing and took off her pants and panties after we kissed standing up. She was a bit slow to get started having a few starts and then fading while I played with her pubic hair and spread her labia apart. It got better when I applied the lubricant and even better when I got on her spot. She started to roll with my light touches there and had a big grin on her face. Vera then had two strong peaks that were of a fairly long duration. She was happy but I could tell that was enough so I stopped and she confirmed my thinking. I did myself, which felt great. Vera put her leg over mine and was pressing to a perfect rhythm with it. She was also getting off with me and I had a number of pleasurable peaks that we both enjoyed. 

We had dinner heated up that I had prepared in the AM and Vera remarked how good it tasted. She was very happy. We watched a move called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind about Chuck Barris, which we found quite entertaining. 

Wednesday, August 29:  I talked to Nazrina, a psychologist who does a podcast from LA this morning. Vera was in the same room while I was discussing this book and her condition. She seemed to enjoy it at first but then got bored with it and I think would have preferred if I got off the computer. I think that the interview went well.

I gave Vera shower after the show. It had been about a week but she was not very dirty and smelled OK. Vera was very thankful after we finished and was quite happy after lunch when I gave her a foot rub and put on her socks.

We had delicious pancakes for breakfast this morning and then took the car to Whole Foods. We don’t seem to walk there as much as we used to but still walk once or twice a week to Trader Joes, which is a little closer but not much.

I took Vera to the doctor for her yearly physical yesterday. It had been almost a year and a half because the doctor was away. Everything seemed normal and there is nothing to do except take a blood test. 

Before dinner yesterday I asked Vera if she wanted to have a date and she accepted. She was willing to take her pants off but wanted to keep her panties on. I got into agreement with that idea and rubbed her thru her undies. We had not really done that before like this. Vera had a nice little orgasm, not too intense but definitely felt. I used different pressures and played around her genitals and lower abdomen and thighs. I had taken off my clothes before doing Vera and when she had enough I played with myself. Vera used her legs to rhythmically press against me and that felt great. She also was getting off with me for a few minutes. 

We slept well last night. The night before Vera had been awake till after midnight wanting to talk to me. I had fallen asleep watching some program about the solar system and its scary future. I woke up and it was later than I usually give Vera her Benadryl. I gave her a pill but it took a while for it to make her sleepy.

I had some interesting dreams last night. One was about finding some especially healthy water in a cave somewhere. The question was to make money from selling it or to give it away to everyone. I woke up before having to make a decision.

Sleeping angel sleeping baby

You look so peaceful and oh so dreamy

You mean yes when you say maybe

I inhale you so you can free me

I lie beside your sexy curves

Take you in my arms a gentle press

A tingling sensation in all my nerves

Feeling your rhythm as we caress

You’re awake perhaps not fully

I will take a moment just to be

To be your friend and not a bully

Without a you there would be no me

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