Love and Alzheimer’s September 2018

8 Jun

Saturday, September 1:  It is around 2PM. We just had lunch. Vera is sitting near me. I grilled an octopus after boiling it. It came out quite tasty. I probably could have boiled it a bit longer, as it was quite chewy.

We took a walk this morning to Whole Foods. We had not been walking there as of late. We did cheat a bit by taking the bus partly there on the way there but walked the whole way home. 

Yesterday morning I ate a small piece of edible chocolate marijuana. I did not give Vera any because the last time it had made her dizzy. I wrote some poems after I started to feel a buzz. We also had a sensual date before lunch.

Vera was game but again did not want to remove her panties. I was quite frisky and straddled her and kissed her lips and then licked and gently sucked on her nipples. This is something that we have not done in a long time. Vera was having pussy contractions and moaning while I sucked on her. I got on Vera’s side and played with her genitals thru her panties. She was coming nicely. At one point I put my hand under the panties and pressed firmly against her pussy, squeezing one area then another. I asked her if that was too much pressure but she said, “No it wasn’t.” I used different pressure and a little stroking and Vera was moaning with pleasure and had some strong contractions. I did this for a while and then felt that she had had enough. 

Vera said that she did not feel much. I felt that she meant anymore and told her that she had just gotten off real well and had enough. 

I was all turned on and put on some lubricant. Vera joined in after I was really engorged. Vera gave me a number of great peaks and was moaning along with me. I was really loud when I finally ejaculated all over her hand and my belly. We both slept well last night and I felt refreshed this morning instead of being tired, which is how I usually feel after getting stoned.

Wednesday, September 5:  It is mid-morning and Vera is napping on the armchair. She was coughing more than usual yesterday. I gave her a Benadryl around 6PM that helped. I think it was from the air that had been polluted from the fires recently. The air quality is better today and Vera has not coughed. I did feel a bit tired for a few days after getting stoned last week but not too badly. 

Vera slept well last night. She even told me how much she loves me and how great that I care for her when I took off her glasses before going to sleep. Vera had not slept that well the night before and kept me up for some time. I even yelled at her to go to sleep at one point. She did get quiet and was very apologetic. I felt like a meanie for yelling but it seemed to work. I like when she talks to me just not when I am tired and want to sleep.

 I went swimming yesterday. The water was pretty cold but it was warm outside. I felt good for a couple of hours but then got tired. We watched a couple of interesting shows on TV, one was about the painter Vermeer and the other was about the dwarf planet Pluto, which has a lot of water under a snowy frozen nitrogen cover.

Here are the poems that I wrote on Friday. I may have to play with it some more.

I am joyful as you fill me with joy

I can add an en and still I enjoy

Life’s a piggybank put in a coin

It seems like everyone wants to join

What you get is not what it seems

There is really nothing just waves and beams

Hocus and pocus you better then focus

Or you’ll mix up the locus for the crocus.

It ain’t no taint just somewhere in between

Is it better to be average or is that just mean?

I attend to your each and every whim

It has me feel useful and keeps me trim

Now you have nothing but is nothing true?

Without something would nothing still do?

The important key is have no lock

Enter when ready to this friendly rock

Life is breezy when you feel the air

You are that someone who has me care

To share your space is unbelievable

Easy to love cause you are so loveable

Up up high is how I’ve fell

Fell fully for your encompassing spell

I am so grateful for the way you are

Nothing to open and nothing to bar

You have no good if you have no sin

I will surrender and become your djinn

You’ll have to rub it for it to shine

All you have to do is to call me mine

You know I’ve got it I’ve got it twice

Once for god and then once for dice

There’s a saying somewhere I don’t know what

What’s the purpose if you have forgot?

I suppose it’s you cause you I remember

To really really hot from just an ember

Friday, September 7:  It is about 5PM. I just came out of the pool and feel refreshed and invigorated. Vera looks pretty and her body looks great. I’d like to do her but not sure that she is up for it. We did have a date on Wednesday but it was not as orgasmic as usual. 

I did get to take Vera’s panties off this time but she did not get off as much as she had when I was stoned and sucked on her nipples and put my hand thru her panties. It felt like she was about to take off on a few occasions but that it would fade quickly. It was like starting an old fashioned lawn mower by pulling on the cord; it almost started but then would fizzle out. I did myself and after a slow start my motor started but then I squirted and too fizzled out. Vera was humping my leg and I think that had me lose control. The good thing was that Vera was in a much better mood afterwards and seemed more talkative and responsive.

Monday, September 10:  I am writing in the afternoon after lunch. Vera is sitting in the armchair next to me. I decided to have a date with Vera before lunch today. She was quite agreeable and took off her pants and panties. I looked at her genitals and she had a little sore on the side of her outer labia. It is some form of herpes. She gets those infrequently but usually by her anus. I have some medicine from the doctor and I gave Vera a pill and put some salve on it. Then I played with her clitoris. Vera got off better than the last time. It was not great but she had some good contractions. I did myself too and this time leaked and did not ejaculate. I felt better and Vera did too.

We then had lunch. I was going to make a salad but that takes too much time, as we were both hungry. I heated up some vegetables that I had cooked in the early morning with some salmon and a piece of chicken sausage that I had grilled yesterday. Vera liked the food and ate heartily. 

On Saturday morning Vera woke up around 4AM and said that her back hurt. She did not want to get up in the morning so I let her sleep. She did not want breakfast so I ate by myself. Vera finally got up around 10AM but her back still hurt. I gave her a banana and some ibuprofen and rubbed some arnica ointment on the area that hurt. I called the chiropractor but he was too busy and could only see her Monday. We took a walk and the pain disappeared. It did not come back all day.

On Sunday morning Vera woke up without any pain. I was relieved. She was sitting in the chair after our walk in the morning and she started to complain again. I rubbed it and made her walk around the apartment and she felt better. This morning she had no pain and I cancelled the chiropractor. 

I fell asleep while we were watching TV again last night. I had gone swimming in the afternoon and that gets me tired after first feeling refreshed. We even took a short walk last night around 7PM.  I woke up around 11. We took our night pills but watched part of John Oliver’s show till 11:30 and then we both fell asleep quickly.

Saturday, September 15:  It is the middle of the afternoon. Vera is napping on the armchair. I will probably wake her up if she does not do so on her own and go for a walk with her. It is very nice out in the mid 70’s. 

I was in a foul mood yesterday, probably because we have not had sex for a few days. I half-heartedly tried to get Vera to join me for some fun but she said that I should lie down and do myself. That was very sane of her if not exactly what I wanted. I rubbed on myself and it felt great and I felt much better. I was nicer to Vera too and she seemed in a better mood as well.

I’ve been talking on the phone with my brother for the past few weeks as he has been visiting Florida. He left on Thursday but I spoke to him this morning in Germany. It has been nice to be able to talk with him almost daily. They seemed to have a fairly nice vacation there, especially after his wife Hannelore’s heart operation only a few weeks before.

Vera has been doing pretty well, only that she still seems to like to talk when I want to go to sleep after 11PM. She has a good appetite and has been walking well. I wanted to take her for her blood test this morning but decided to make an appointment for later in the week. They are sneaky about not making it known about appointments but I found out about that a couple of years ago. 

I’ve been sending out little promotion emails to my mailing list every day. The Love and Alzheimer’s book is not selling as well as I had hoped but at least some people are purchasing it. I had a few really nice reviews that had me feel positive. The podcast that I did is available online but I don’t think too many folks listen to that.

Monday, September 17:  I just gave Vera a shower and washed her hair. I feel accomplished after I get her to do that. She is sitting next to me and purring and smells sweet. I told her after she agreed to wash that I was happy that she agreed but now she must take off her clothes and not complain or resist. She was not happy at first but was so thankful after we finished. 

On Saturday I wrote that we would take a walk soon but instead I offered a sensual date to Vera and she said yes. I got the bedroom together for the date and got Vera to take off her clothes. I had gotten off the day before but it must be the fall heat cycle kicking in. Vera did not have an explosive or very intense orgasm but she did feel and had contractions. She did not seem to really get into it but it was better than she had been feeling lately. She was happy afterwards. I got off too. Vera helped getting me engorged and turned on with her cold hands. She also put her leg over mine and pressed against it in rhythm. I felt great after too and we did take a short walk before making dinner, which Vera said tasted great.

Yesterday our friend Sandy showed up for lunch again. We took a walk with her around the back streets of the old Walnut Creek area nearby. After she left we watched a little football and then I asked Vera if she wanted another walk and she was willing. It was so beautiful out. We walked around the church nearby and a few block loop. We kissed a couple of times and I felt turn-on from Vera. It felt very romantic. When we got home I asked Vera if she wanted to have a date and she did. I was not expecting much but this time Vera was more playful and more appreciative. She said nice things to me like how she only likes doing this with me and that I do it so well. Vera got off much better than yesterday, the best she has in over a month. She had a couple of fairly long and intense peaks after I teased her on her pubic hair and also her belly area to begin with. I was impressed that we did it two days in a row and then I also got turned on and we did me together. I was also impressed that I was able to get off three days in a row. The first towel off stroke that I gave her, Vera did not respond much but then I told her to feel as I did it a second time. Vera had some strong contractions to come down with. We both enjoyed dinner.

Vera was watching TV late again last night, a show about a music teacher of classical music, mostly the cello. It was great music but I fell asleep and listened with my eyes closed. Vera watched the whole thing and even wanted to watch all of the credits because they were still playing good classical music. I turned it off when it was finally over at 11PM. Vera fell asleep quickly and woke up in a good mood this morning.

Monday September 24:  We just had breakfast and Vera is sitting next to me. We will take a walk soon. I drove early to Whole Foods while Vera slept. 

We went to Angel’s wedding on Friday evening. It was sunny still and warm and the drive to Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills was very scenic. I don’t remember being up there before. The roads are a bit windy but luckily there was not much traffic. Angel looked beautiful and Tim did a masterful job leading the ceremony. We were sitting in the sun and it did go on a bit too long but he said some really nice things about love and marriage. Then we milled about taking some photos etc. and it suddenly got really cold. It looked like dinner was not going to be ready for a while so I thought it was time to come home. We made it down the mountain while it was still a little bit of light out, so I did not have to drive in the dark, which I do not like to do. We were home by 7PM but it felt like we were gone for a couple of days instead of just 3 hours.

Tim and family came by on Saturday, as they were staying in a hotel nearby. We walked downtown together. Vera and I again walked home because they were going to do some shopping and Vera had had enough.

Before they came by we had a little sensual date. We both got off. Vera started slowly but picked up once I applied the lubricant. She was very quiet with no acknowledgements. She did seem a lot happier afterwards. Yesterday Vera had her pants down after peeing and I put my hand over her panties. She had a sweet little orgasm and vocally acknowledged how good it felt and how good I felt touching her. It was a big departure from the day before.

Our dear friend and the closest person I have had to a daughter Jessica came by. We were very close with her when we lived in the Morehouse Commune. We met her daughter Gia, who is 20 months old for the first time. Gia was very playful and quite demanding of her mom’s attention. She laughed and giggled quite a bit and it was a fun visit.

Saturday, September 29:  It is 5 PM in the afternoon. This is an unusual time for me to write. Vera is awake and watching TV. We took a walk earlier but Vera seemed tired so we cut it a little shorter than usual. I did find an old lemon from last season on the neighbor’s tree. Vera woke up at the same time as I did this morning, which also is unusual. She hung out with me while I prepared some oatmeal and did my exercises first.

It has been cooler the past couple of days after a short hot spell. I tried to go swimming when it was in the nineties but the pool was too chilly to get in. I did get in the hot tub for a bit. I really would like to live at ta place that heated their pool. The landlords are too cheap and even keep raising rents all the time. Power to the people.

Vera and I had a sensual date on Thursday after our friend Jillian left. She had lunch and hung out for a few hours. Vera was willing to take her pants off but resisted taking off her panties. I probably could have made it more fun seducing her. Vera did not get off right away until I put the lubricant on and then she started having stronger contractions. We had a few good peaks and I kept her going by not staying on her clitoris the whole time. Vera also had a strong peak coming down. We both took turns playing with my cock and I enjoyed myself. Vera was in a good mood when we finished too.

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