Love and Alzheimer’s: October 2018

26 Jul

Wednesday, October 3:  It is mid morning. We have taken our walk and Vera is sitting next to me. She was napping but just had a little coughing.  Last night we fell asleep around 11PM but Vera got up soon thereafter and was upset about her drawstring on her pants. She said it was in one piece. There was nothing wrong with it and I tied it up but she then untied it again. She was not happy for a number of minutes and finally fell asleep. She woke up a couple of times a few hours later talking about something but it seemed none of it made sense so I just told her that I loved her and to go back to sleep. She said, ”OK” both times and did. 

I got up around 7AM and went to the garden and grilled some salmon and chicken sausage for lunch and dinner before doing my floor exercises. That was the earliest I have ever grilled. Yesterday morning I had gotten up feeling stiff so I took about a ten minute walk first and then came back to do my exercises on the floor.

We had delicious protein pancakes for breakfast with raspberries and blackberries. I think Vera likes it better than the oatmeal but she likes both.

Also yesterday Vera had her hair colored and cut in Lafayette. She looked good afterwards and Lisa-Marie said that it was a lot better than the last time. Tuesdays are less hectic in her shop than Fridays so we will stick to Tuesdays. Today I scheduled Vera to see the skin doctor. Her bumps on the side of her forehead look a lot better than when I made the appointment but she does have a little thing above her lip that I want them to look at anyhow. We may get our flu shots down the block afterwards.

We have been watching a couple of exciting baseball games and Vera reads the billboard behind home plate and asks me what that is. It is just some advertisement that changes every few innings. Yesterday they were playing in Chicago and she keeps asking where are they?

On Monday afternoon I asked Vera if she wanted to get done and to have a sensual date. She said yes but she did not want to go to the bedroom. I asked her if she wanted to do it on the living room couch where we were sitting. She was fine with that. She took off her pants but resisted taking off her panties. I played with her thighs and lightly touched her genitals thru her panties. It was fun touching her but I could not feel any contractions. I put my hand above her clitoris on her pelvis and pressed and I could sense a few contractions starting. I finally got her to take off her panties and the light touch of her pubic hair did not prove very responsive. I got some lubricant and things got better. She started rolling with my touch and I progressed to her clitoris and we had a couple nice peaks. She did not talk much but seemed happier when we were finished.

Monday, October 8:  I drove Vera to the podiatrist this morning. Dr. Kenney played with Vera’s toenails and fingernails etc. she was the original doctor that we went to see but she had pawned us off to her associates. Vera did not like the last guy so we got to see her again. She does the best job even though Vera was not happy while being treated. She felt better afterwards and her feet are doing well. We dropped the car off at Honda service for an oil change and walked home. The air still had a smoky smell to it. Yesterday there was a big grass fire north of here but the winds brought it our way. Even though the winds have died down the high pressure is keeping the smell around.

My nose is very sensitive. There are some new people downstairs, who have been cooking every morning and evening with thai spices and I have to close the glass door so the smell does not get to me.

Vera finally said yes to a date yesterday after a few days of asking. She seemed willing and we had some really nice smooches and hugs. I looked at her butt and she had the beginnings of a blister forming. I gave her a pill and put some ointment on it but it kind of ruined the mood that she was in. Maybe I should have done that afterwards. 

We had a pretty good time but Vera kept saying that it hurt though she looked happy and I was touching her very lightly. I finally got her going good on her clitoris and got her to admit that it felt good. She wanted me to wipe her off a couple of times. She said that it felt dirty. I did myself and had a few really high peaks. Then Vera put her hand on my cock for a couple of peaks. Her hand was cold against my hot penis and it felt great. I did not squirt and we both felt better.

We both fell asleep around 11. I turned the lights out earlier but Vera had a stuffy nose and was sniveling. I squirted some decongestant into her nostrils and it went away. She did wake up early this morning rubbing her face and head. She said it was dirty and wanted to wash it. I touched it and it felt fine. We had just washed her hair on Saturday. I offered to wash her hair this morning but she said she did not need to. We also called her daughter this morning but Vera had very little interest talking with her on the phone. I don’t think she likes to talk on the phone much at all.

Friday, October 12:  Vera seemed to be awake a lot last night. She would ask me if I liked her and told me that she liked me. I told her that I loved her most of the times she asked and also said let’s sleep. She would say OK but I was not sure if she did. I thought she may sleep in late this morning but she seems to be waking up. It is almost 9 so she has slept some this morning. I asked her if she wanted breakfast in half an hour, as I gave her the morning pill. She responded with something like we shall see.

We did get to walk to Whole Foods on Wednesday morning. It was the first time in over a month. I wanted to do it because I was reading my journal from last year and we seemed to be still walking there regularly. Vera did not get too tired and I felt fine. We even had a sensual date later in the afternoon.

Vera took off her clothes easily this time and did not complain about any pains. I had wanted to slowly and pleasurably touch her all over but she was not feeling much, so I switched tactics and I put the lubricant on her labia and it got a lot better. She did not acknowledge much but I told her how good it felt. I got onto her clitoris fairly quickly from there and Vera had two really nice peaks. I could tell she had enough so I brought her down with one nice down peak, that is slow and more pressure all over her pussy. I did myself and Vera watched. I think she thought that I was doing myself only and that I had not done her and I asked her if she wanted more. She did not.

On Tuesday our daughter Helen dropped by because her car was in the shop for brakes and it is close to us. We took a walk together to Trader Joes. Luckily for her we passed our mutual bank and I was able to loan or actually just give her the money to get her car out of the shop, as she is always fighting with money issues. 

Our friend Jillian came by for lunch yesterday. She is thinking of changing her name to Jilly. She appreciated the delicious salad that I created, even took photos of it.

Monday, October 15:  It is mid morning. We had a good sleep last night and a nice morning with a walk in the morning sun. Vera got up early but after swallowing her pill I got her to sleep for another 45 minutes while I made some steel cut oats. I also steamed a bunch of vegetables that I purchased yesterday morning at the farmer’s market for lunch or dinner.

I told Vera yesterday around 4PM that we were going to have a sensual date. She was very agreeable. I got her off the chair and we hugged tightly and kissed. I could feel some arousal in both of us. I had set up the bed and I got Vera to take off her pants and panties, which were kind of loose and fell off easily. After more hugging Vera got on the bed. I followed her and first straddled her left leg and had my thigh against her crotch. I kissed her lips. She liked that and I could feel some more arousal. Then I straddled her right leg and did the same and again it felt really good.

I sat in the position next to Vera and played with her thighs and then her pubic hair. She was having some contractions, more than she has had recently when we begin. I pulled her labia apart and she had some stronger contractions. I applied the lubricant and Vera liked that too. She was definitely feeling more than she has recently. I played with her clitoris and she had more pleasure. I gave her a really nice slow stroke for the first peak and a faster lighter one for the second peak. Vera was getting off well. My Penis was quite engorged from the straddling earlier and stayed quite firm throughout my playing with her pussy. Vera asked me if I had enough. I guess that was a cue that she had enough so I put my hand firmly over her genitals and she got off some more. Vera also had some strong contractions when I wiped her off with a washcloth on her genitals. I lay down next to her and got myself off too. It was easy. As I was already hard and turned on and I had a couple of great peaks leaking but not squirting. We then drank our protein smoothie rather late and had a dinner as well a little later that Vera enjoyed. Sometimes we have a smoothie before making out and often Vera will get the hiccups and burps so it was better drinking it after.

Loving you releases my joy

En Espanol I am called soy

The limit is limitless there’s always more

When you love freely it opens that door

You’re a reservoir who’s opened her gate

The water replenishes an abundant rate

Desire deserves to dedicate

Life is for living regardless of fate

You’ve bewitched me and been my muse

Though this is not really breaking news

I can close my eyes and still see your views

I look toward you for all romantic clues

I like to tell you how lovely you are

You’d be my Czarina if I was a Czar

If you were golf you’d be way under par

Comparing you to sunlight and a shining star

If you were a baseball you’d be safely at home

If you were a city you’d be imperial Rome

If you were a football I’d catch your throw

If you were a flake you’d be made of snow

I join you on your journey

To aid you in any tourney

Will talk and kiss and smile

As I walk you down that aisle

The bold band will play till dawn

As we dance across the lawn.

We’ll fold ourselves into one

And hold hands just for fun

The thrill is gone the thrill comes back

You are the one the one with that knack

You take me to places I’ve never been

Some where that is inside, inside of in

You’re sometimes like water, sometimes a rail

You let me wander yet keep me on track

On a sunny breezy day we may sail

You allow me to jibe and allow me to tack

As we spin here on the planet Earth

It’s time again to celebrate a glorious birth

You’ve more than proven your amity worth

And do so now with mythical mirth

If I were looking for you in a Google search

I’d use amazing, sexy, beauty, wow

You’d be the priestess of my church

And know all that is happens right now

You make it fun to eat and to snack

Whether it’s chocolate or sautéed kale

You’d find it right if we lived in a shack

Or found ourselves in the belly of a whale

A magnificent woman who knows no lack

Your are the template of a beautiful female

You see technicolors not white or black

A sensual spirit the hero of my tale

If uncertainty is certain

Then what’s behind the curtain?

You know I’ve got it

I’ve got it twice

Once for God 

Then once for dice

Loving you is what I do

I do it all

All for you

Sunday, October 21:  It is mid morning. Vera is napping on the chair next to me. We are listening to soprano Opera Babes on Pandora. I have not done Vera in a few days. We did have a nice hug yesterday where she felt her pussy. I did myself on Friday because I felt I was getting a little cross. I felt better afterwards. Vera was not interested. We have been watching a lot of baseball and basketball. The Dodgers won the National League pennant. I have been a fan since 1954, like 64 years. 

I also finished reading a cute romantic story called Alex and Eliza about Hamilton and his wife. I almost finished reading the Accidental Empress, which is about Sisi, who married the Hapsburg Emperor Fran Joseph. They fell in love and then out of love pretty fast. She was really beautiful and a fun spirit that was shackled by the formality of court, especially his mother Sophie.

Monday, October 22:  It is close to lunchtime. Vera is sitting next to me. I just did some exercises against the wall and our front door and Vera asked if she could do it also. I was happy that she wanted to and showed her what to do. She did not get it and did not want to do it. I got upset for a few seconds and told her to sit down. We are both OK again.

We had one of our funnest sensual dates yesterday in a while. Vera took off her pants and panties easily. She lay down on the bed. I played with her while standing up. Her legs felt strong and her skin felt smooth. I got down next to her and started playing with her genitals, mostly her pubic hair. I would feel a lone contraction here and there but not too much sensation. I decided to move on to the lubricant and it picked up. The contractions were steadier and more intense. I played with her labia and opening for some time till I graduated to her clitoris. I pulled back on her hood with my left hand and touched gently with my middle finger of my doing hand. I would stay on her clitoris for a few strokes and then move around her pussy. I kept Vera going up and down but in a steady orgasm. I gave her two strong peaks and it felt she had some more left. I told her that I would give her one more. She said that was all right. She had a really nice last peak. I stayed with the gentle stroke perhaps a little quicker motion at times and then slowing down and repeating that cycle. It was a really lovely peak. I toweled Vera off and she had strong contractions on the way down too. I got off again. Vera had her leg over mine, and the combination of my hand and her leg brought me up quickly. I leaked for quite some time. We had our smoothie afterwards. It is better that way or Vera will start getting hiccups when she lies down. We also ate dinner after 6PM and Vera ate it all up especially enjoying the rotisserie chicken leg and wing. 

We both fell asleep at 11PM. I slept in till around 7:30 this morning. Vera did not get up till around 9. We took a walk to the library. I picked up a new book by Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite authors. We walked around town after in the morning sun and cool air.

Friday, October 26: It is now close to 9AM and I just gave Vera her morning pill. Yesterday morning started rough. I gave Vera her pill but she did not swallow it. She kept drinking water but kept the pill in her mouth. I freaked out because I did not want it to dissolve in her mouth and started yelling at her to swallow it. My throat hurt from my yelling and I felt bad about it. She finally swallowed a new pill that I gave her. I had gotten cross with Vera the day before too and thought maybe it’s the fall heat cycle and we should have a date.

Vera agreed to the date. She said that her leg hurt when it was spread apart so I had her get into a more comfortable leg position and she felt OK. Vera seemed to like my touching her but she did not get off as well as the last time. It got better with the lubricant on her labia and we had a couple nice peaks. I had an explosive orgasm afterwards and felt grounded. I did myself but was squeezing Vera’s thigh at the same time. Her thigh felt so sexy. Vera hugged me later and told me how much she loved me. That was so nice to hear. She told me dinner was amazing and she ate it with gusto. Last night she kept waking me up with a few words at a time. I am not sure what she was talking about but I had a poor sleeping night. I feel OK now.

Monday, October 29:  It is almost noon. Vera is resting next to me. She got up late this morning around 9. I made her get up when the tasty pancakes were ready. We then took a nice walk around town; even picked up a couple of Meyer lemons off a neighbor’s tree.We have been doing this for 27b years now. I thought Vera might get up late because I had given her a second Benadryl at 11PM last night. She was coughing and I had given her the first pill around 8:30 so it wasn’t being effective enough. She slept really quietly and I did too. 

On Saturday I had a client come for her first time. I was a little nervous because I was not sure how Vera would respond but she was perfectly quiet and friendly. The woman was only 28 years old and was quite beautiful and had a sexy body too. She was new to this though she had done some ohming. She said ohming was never like this. I proceeded slowly and had her feel every thing that I did even before touching her. She enjoyed the slow gentle touch when I applied the lubricant and I could feel her contractions. She really liked the Michael Douglas stroke where I press up at the base of her clitoris. I could feel her turn on and for most of the session and enjoyed myself. She was very appreciative and I felt great about it. Her right side was even more responsive than her left side but she was feeling all over her clitoris. Vera did pop into the room at the end of the session but did not stay. Later Vera told me that I gave that other woman a lot of attention and she did not get any. I asked her if she wanted to get done but Vera declined.

Our friend Frank stayed with us since Friday but left so I could see my student in private. He came back in the evening. He did not seem in a great state of mind complaining about various things each day. He took us to lunch yesterday but he has hearing aids and complained about the noise. It made lunch not much fun plus the food was too salty even after we asked them to not use any. He could sense that we had enough of him and made arrangements to stay with another friend and left after lunch. The air felt clearer.

Then yesterday afternon Vera accepted my invitation. We had some nice kisses and hugs standing up with and without our pants on. Vera got on the bed and I lay down next to her for a change. I was playing with her thighs and pubic hair but I was not getting much of a response so I got into our usual position, where I am sitting up at Vera’s side. We got her leg into a good position and I pulled up on her hood and exposed her clitoris. I could feel Vera starting to feel again. I had fun applying the lubricant, again slowly and gently. Vera was starting to roll. I got up on her clitoris at the end of a long upward stroke and could feel the contractions strengthening. I concentrated more on the clitoris after that but did not stay on it for too long at any one time. Vera had a couple of nice and intense peaks. I could tell she had enough and stopped. I wanted to see if she would like a pull up. I just used one finger but as soon as I slowly slipped it in she responded that it did not feel good. I took it out quickly and toweled her off, which she enjoyed more.

I felt turn-on from Vera and from the woman yesterday so I did myself and got high quickly. I asked Vera if she wanted to touch my cock and she did. She really enjoyed playing with it and peaked me several times. I decided that I would let her squirt me and I had a long explosive climax.

You’re the beacon that lights the way

You’re my darling each and every day

Your shining light comes from on top

The cream and the queen of the crop

The grass may age but turns to hay

Just another form that shapes our play

Your hair was dark and now its gray

Perhaps blond but who can say

You are Vera your name means true

True to love and a sight to view

I can’t stop I can’t stop

I can’t stop loving you.

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