Love and Alzheimer’s November 2018

12 Aug

Thursday, November 1:  We just had a really fun date and I wanted to write about it. Vera is now sitting on the couch watching an old silent movie with great music. I don’t know what it is. 

I felt tumesced, I think a lot from the volatile stock market and negative energy from the News and Trump and from some earlier mishaps that Vera had, which I’ll get to later. I decided to get myself off but asked Vera if she wanted to get off. She did not seem to understand but was willing to do whatever I suggested.

Vera took off her pants and we hugged and kissed and it felt very sweet and friendly. I asked her to lie down on the bed. I kind of sat next to her, where I usually sit but instead of putting my legs over and under hers I put them parallel to Vera and played with first her legs and then her pubic hair. She was starting to moan a little and have contractions. That was a good sign. I put my finger between her labia and I could feel wetness, another good sign. I played with her pubic hair, her labia and the wetness between them, as the moans and contractions both increased for a few minutes.

This was already a better orgasm than she has recently had, but I wondered how it would be if I added lubricant. I put some on my finger and spread it slowly up her labia toward her clitoris. The intensity got stronger. I played with her clitoris and her labia with the lubricant and peaked her a number of times. This felt like one of her old time orgasms but without using too much of a specific clitoral stroke. I asked Vera if she had enough. She told me that it was a lot. I responded with yes it is a lot but I guess you don’t have enough yet because you would have told me so. I did her some more in the same style and she kept on feeling with the moaning and contractions getting even more intense. I repeated my question a couple of times and she gave me the same response, so I kept going for more. Finally I had the feeling that Vera was full. I toweled her off and again she had really strong contractions just with the placement of the towel before I wiped with it.

I finally did myself but although I leaked some I was already gratified from Vera’s orgasm. Vera was moaning while I did myself as well.

Oh the negative thing that happened earlier was that Vera had to poop. I was already ironing a pillowcase because it did not dry fully, which is not my favorite activity. She got on the toilet but for some reason did not take off her panties. The poop went into it like a diaper. I rescued the situation. I had her take off her shoes and pants while sitting on the toilet and then removed her panties and while they were still on her I turned them around so that the entire poop went into the toilet. I saved the day according to Vera, as there was no poop on the floor or in her pants so it was not too bad after all. 

I am currently reading a book titled Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami. He is one of my favorite authors and this book is terrific. It is about a divorced portrait painter who goes to live in this house on a mountain in Japan that belongs to his friend’s father. The father is living in an assisted living facility but was at one time a famous painter. There are no paintings in the house except one that the protagonist finds wrapped up in the attic of a scene from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni of the killing of Commendatore. It is an amazing vivid painting and inspires the protagonist who does not have a name so far. 

There is also a man who lives in this mansion on the other side of the mountain who hires him to paint his portrait for an exorbitant amount of money. 

Sunday, November 4:  We changed the clocks back so Vera got to sleep in. It is now close to lunch. We had a peaceful night. On Friday night Vera woke up around 5AM. I heard her go to the door and open it. She does this sometimes and then closes it and comes back to bed. This time she did not come back and it was quiet. I got up, put my pants on and went down the hall and downstairs. I saw Vera on the second floor looking lost, which she was. I ran up to her and took her back inside to our home. It was cold in that open space. At least she did not get far. I have a hunch that she will not do that again too soon.

Thursday, November 8:  It is late in the afternoon. It is smoky outside from a fire that is quite far north of here so I decided not to go outside. It was nice out this morning and we walked to Trader Joes. Vera is watching TV now. 

We had a date on Sunday but the orgasm was not very intense. I tried the same sitting technique with my legs not covering Vera’s body but I did not get the same results. I then put my legs over her and she did feel more once I put on the lubricant. The best thing about the date was that Vera was happier afterwards and grateful.

On Tuesday afternoon after 4PM I wanted to go into the hot tub, which I have not used in weeks. I asked Vera if she wanted to come with me and she said that she did. I was thrilled and surprised since she had not gone in the tub for months if not years. She enjoyed herself and looked sexy in her bathing suit. We did quite a bit of sweet kissing in the hot water. The birds were very chirpy and flitting about. The redwoods looked majestic around us and it felt like we were in a sacred forest circle. We put our robes on and came back upstairs. Since Vera was already naked because we removed our bathing suits before coming upstairs, under our robes. I easily got Vera into the shower. There was no resistance. I even got into the shower with her, something we hardly ever do. We both were clean and warm. Upon rereading this I would have thought that once she was naked I’d get her onto the bed but the shower was a priority then.

This morning a I did an interview on this podcast from South Africa. They had some technical difficulties and instead of 6 in the morning we started at 6:30. I used the extra time doing my morning exercises. The interview was a lot of fun. The two people I was talking with are both studying and teaching sensuality there and were familiar with our work. It felt nice to be respected and venerated. One of then Jonti Searle has been a fan for years

Tuesday, November 13:  We are still celebrating Vera’s birthday. She is napping on the couch. It is the middle of the morning. The air has been unhealthy for the past several days because the winds swept the smoke from a big fire up north into the whole bay area and there is little wind from the coast to sweep it away. We have been able to get out of the house a few times. Once we walked to Il Fornio a restaurant downtown to meet Tim, Catia and their spouses for a birthday lunch on Sunday. Today we are going back to the same place because Helen has a gift card. The food is good but not great and their menu is not varied. Vera does not seem to be coughing any more than usual from the smoke.

Yesterday on her birthday we took a walk in the morning before the air got really bad in the afternoon. Our friend Diane and Vera’s son Tre came by for a visit. They don’t really engage Vera much but she enjoys company nonetheless but I think is happier when they don’t talk so much to me. 

Vera smiled at me when I woke her up this morning and she has been swallowing her pills normally since that one fiasco.

We did have a date on Saturday. It was not a great orgasm experience but Vera was happier and more grateful afterwards. We have been hugging a lot lately and that has felt really nice to both of us.

I put the long poem on FB with a photo of Vera and a happy birthday message. She has received many nice words from a lot of our friends and even some folks that we have never met.

Monday, November 19:  It is the middle of the afternoon. It is still smoky from the fires two weeks ago. The wind has blown in the wrong direction and then stops all together. We have been able to walk a bit getting out the past two mornings when it seemed a bit better before getting worse again in the afternoon.

I have been revising my Universe of Love book; adding more poems that I have written these past few years. I also finished reading the Killing Commendatore book. It has to be one of the best books that I have read. I enjoyed it and did not want it to end. The ending was OK but a little disappointing.

Vera and I had a couple of dates this week. Yesterday we had some fun. Vera kept saying that I was torturing her but she was having fairly strong contractions. The last time I had done her she did not have much intensity. Both times she seemed a lot happier afterwards so I think that it is still a good idea to continue with this torture/pleasure. Vera also stood at the side of the bed and rubbed my feet when I did myself. She felt good and she enjoyed participating. She did not want to touch my cock but I enjoyed myself. I think she felt engaged after she had gotten off in spite of herself.

We did back to Il Fornai restaurant because Helen had a gift card and wanted to take us out for a birthday celebration. I was weary about the food but it was quite a bit better than the visit on Sunday. The salmon was fresher and the vegetables were a lot better. 

I faxed Vera’s health power of attorney to the health insurance company so that I can talk with them. I got a letter back today saying that they received the POA but needed a letter from the doctor. We have to go in person to the doctor, as they have to look over the POA and sign the original. I hate red tape like this. It is supposed to rain Wednesday and clean up the air. We shall see but that would be really nice.

Saturday, November 24:  It is now close to lunchtime. Vera is sitting on the chair listening to music, as I type, beating the side of the chair to the beat of the music. I found all the love poems I think that I wrote and have added them to the book document. Now I have to upload it to Create Space.

It did rain, actually quite a bit. When the rain stopped late Wednesday afternoon we took a walk around town in the dark. It was great to be able to breathe clean air for a change. I was going a little stir crazy but we managed OK. It rained again yesterday but we were able to walk a couple of times on Thursday and once in the morning yesterday between the drops.

We also had a sensual date yesterday. Vera took off her clothes without any objections. Her foot did go into spasm at the beginning but that did not last long. Her legs felt fine. I also gave her a lollipop in the middle because she started coughing some. Her orgasm was better. She said that it felt good, no mention of torture. The best peak was when I switched from a quick stroke to a slow one and I could feel Vera picking up on each movement that I made. Vera also wanted to play with my cock after she was finished. Her hand was cool, which I like. She squirted me again, which I was kind of figuring that she would.

We went to Helen’s home for early Thanksgiving on Tuesday when it was still smoky out. Jillian met us there and we drove Sandy and her friend in our car. Sandy and her friend were both sniffling and blowing their noses. They said it was from the smoke but I think it was probably a cold. I’ve been having a fight with some virus ever since though it never got bad. I gave Vera and myself a bunch of Yin Ciao pills. The food was great. Helen did get quite sick for a few days after as well. 

Thursday, November 29: It is almost lunchtime. I just spoke with my brother in Germany. He reminded me that today is the 4thanniversary since my dad passed away or faded away as soldiers do. We had a couple of good rain soakers this week and the air is back to being fresh smelling. Vera and I went outside this morning because it seemed to be a break in the rain showers. We started walking and then it came down fairly intensely. We had an umbrella that I hold for the two of us. My left arm and Vera’s right arm got wet. We walked through a tunneled arcade building near us and by the time we got to the other side, which only is about a block long the rain had stopped. The sun actually came out before we reached home so we had a nice walk after all.

Yesterday we had a sensual date before dinner and before our smoothie around 3 PM. Vera got off fairly well. She had contractions the whole time off and on. We had a couple good peaks at the end. I went slowly and got on her spot and then off it again. I would have liked it if she kept the orgasm going but she only wanted a little. She did not complain of any pain and was happy. The best part was my orgasm. We did me together and I really felt the intensity. I had a couple of great peaks holding on to Vera’s thigh with one hand and doing myself with the other. I leaked but did not squirt. We had a nice kiss before and after.

Earlier in the day we took a walk to Whole Foods to pick up some ground cinnamon that I ordered. They no longer sell the bulk items but they do accept orders for such. It was a good deal and now we have lots of cinnamon. Maybe I will go into the spice business. Vera was not too happy walking there but I rewarded her with a piece of chocolate and she got happier. On the way back we stopped by the Aveda store and bought some products, which are supposed to help with hair loss. Vera’s hair has been getting quite thin and the stuff at least makes it look better right away, as we tried a sample that you rub and massage into the scalp at the store. It is pricey but when we got home I found out that the stock market had a good day so felt OK with spending money on possible snake oil. 

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