Love and Alzheimer’s December 2018

9 Sep

Wednesday, December 5:  It is mid morning. Vera is on the bed with her hair drying after I just gave her a shower. It takes quite a bit of energy to get her in there but I feel successful when I do. We slept really well last night compared with the night before when Vera woke me up numerous times saying that it was cold among other things. It was cool but I felt warm under the covers. I put on the heater for a few minutes to take the chill out of the air.

It was just as cold last night but she seemed to be purring instead of complaining. I did get upset with her for a few seconds after breakfast yesterday when I offered to give her a shower and she refused. I think it was also because the stock market plummeted after a few good days and I was not in a great mood to begin with. We kissed and I apologized. I got over it fast and Vera seemed in good shape for the rest of the day.

We had a fun sensual date on Sunday. Vera willingly took off her pants and panties and after some kissing and hugging I had her lie down on the bed. I lay down next to her and kissed her some more. I played with her from this side-by-side position. Vera usually does not respond all that well from this position but this time her pussy was moist and she started feeling from the get go. Usually I go to the sitting position from being on her side but this time I gave Vera a number of fine peaks without shifting. She was coming easily and I could also easily kiss her, which I did.

My finger felt like it was being pulled to her pussy and not wanting to leave. Vera even told me how good it felt a couple of times. She finally had enough and I started pleasuring myself. I got off well staying just where I was. I had Vera put her leg over my thigh and she was pressing and releasing pressure while I rubbed on my cock. It felt great. I did not squirt but did leak quite a bit.

Jillian came by and had a dinner salad with us. Helen also dropped by and Jillian gave Helen a neck and head massage on the chair. Vera had a couple poops while this was happening. We took a couple nice walks yesterday. I still try to get Vera to walk taller and not to lean so far forward with her head. She usually gets worse at this the longer she is walking, as she gets tired.

I also went to the library last week. I picked up Murakami’s latest novel that I had reserved. Vera asked me if she was getting one too. We went over to the new book display. I found a copy of Michelle Obama’s new book Becoming. There was a paper in the book saying that this was my lucky day. Because this is such a popular and new release one cannot reserve it but somehow it found me. I’ve been reading it ever since and I am enjoying it lots. I am learning about her life and how she met Barack and what kind of issues they had as a couple and the demons and angels she faced growing up. It is all because of Vera wanting a book too, that I got to read this important autobiography.

Sunday, December 9:  It is around 3PM. Vera is sitting quietly next to me. Last night Vera woke up around 2AM and got up off the bed and started to straighten out the bedding in the dark. She was doing it for a few minutes and I asked her to go back to bed. She kept fiddling with the covers and I repeated my request a couple of times. She finally seemed to get it the way she wanted it and went back to sleep. Otherwise we had a good sleep.

She slept till after 9AM this morning but it worked out because I was able to go to the Farmer’s market and then make breakfast. On Saturday she had gotten up early, at the same time that I did and hung out in the living room while I made some great pancakes. A few mornings before she had gotten up with me but then went back to bed after eating breakfast and I walked to Trader Joes before she got up again around noon. It was a cold day and we took a nice walk together in the afternoon when it was quite a bit warmer.

I gave Vera a shower and washed her hair this morning. She was reluctant to get into the shower but once in she was fine. I put lotion on her body then had her lie down on the bed and I put foot crème on her feet before putting on her socks. After her hair dried we took a walk around the town before having lunch from the Counter.

We had one sensual date on Thursday. I lay down next to Vera like I had the previous time but this time she was not responding to my touch, as she had the last time. She complained that her right leg was hurting. I then got in the regular sitting position and gave her a few peaks but it was not that rewarding or fun. She was farting and complaining some but did feel happier afterwards. I got off too but it was also kind of subdued. Nonetheless I did feel better as well.

Friday, December 14:  It is 9AM in the morning. Vera is sleeping in. I attempted to give her the antacid pill but she refused. I already went to Trader Joes and wiped down the car, which was out in the church parking lot overnight because they worked on our parking lot yesterday and we all had to move our vehicles. 

Vera has been sleeping well the past few nights. I have not been giving her the Sudafed tablet every day as she was previously taking. I have been giving her an extra Benadryl, one around 7 PM and the second one at 10:30. Her nose does not get stuffed up at night that way.

I got Vera into the shower fairly easily yesterday and her hair looks a lot better. I don’t think the expensive Aveda product is doing much good, but I will continue trying it for a while. Vera seems to be shedding hair onto her shirt but not on her brush very much. I read where humans lose 50-100 hairs off their heads daily. I don’t have that many, so the average is skewed. 

We did enjoy a fairly normal sensual doing session on Wednesday. It was before lunch so Vera was not coughing or hiccupping. Vera was way more responsive than the last time. I even got into the regular sitting position and her leg did not hurt. The best peak was the last one when I was able to use my second hand also in the normal position. I could feel Vera’s strong contractions surrounding my thumb and hear her moaning, as soon as I put my finger on her clitoris. Vera had some strong contractions when I toweled her off. Vera also gave me several sensational peaks after I spread the lubricant on my penis. She did not squirt me but I leaked a bunch.

Yesterday we took a walk by the quiet neighborhood near our home. No one was around. We were in the middle of the street and I hugged Vera strongly to me. We embraced for a fairly long time with the sun shining on us on a cool afternoon and still not a soul to witness. I felt turned on.

Friday December 21:  Today is the first day of winter. It misted this morning when we took our walk. It was not enough to require an umbrella, which we did not bring with us anyhow. This year it has been cool but not as cold as it usually gets at the end of the year. We have not had any freeze warnings. Now it around 11 AM. We just drank some tea and ate a couple pieces of dark chocolate. 

Vera slept like a log last night. The night before she had woken me up and I gave her a Driftoff herbal pill around 3 in the morning to see if that would make her sleepy. It worked. Last night I gave her one before she went to sleep and the combination with the Benadryl did the trick. The stock market has been crashing the whole fall practically and is 20% or so less than its highs. I am somehow getting into agreement with it. It really is because the president is stupid and a crook, not a great combination. He will be ousted sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

On the bright side Vera and I had a nice sensual make out on Wednesday before dinner and before our smoothie drink. Vera tok off her pants at my command and felt her pussy as soon as I put my hand on her. She felt more than usual and it felt easy. I used a light stroke and first spent some time playing with her labia and the lubricant. I added her clitoris into the mix at some point but did not stay on it for too many strokes in a row. I wanted to have her want it. The intensity was good if not massive. She enjoyed when I moved directly onto her clitoris and even admitted how good it felt. I could feel her in my crotch. She had some more contractions when I wiped her off with the towel. I got off well too with Vera lying next to me. I enjoyed touching her thigh with one hand while I stroked my cock with my other hand. I did not squirt but did leak some. Interestingly often for about a day and a half after getting off my urine stream seems to be slower but this time it did not change.

We have not had any visitors this week. Vera often asks where the other people are. I am not sure who she is referring too as she always uses the word they and will not define who they are to me. We did give her a shower yesterday, we meaning me. She wanted to wash her hair and it looked really nice after it dried. 

Friday December 28:  I kind of decided to only write in this journal once a week, well today is that day. We took a nice walk earlier. It is around 11AM. It was cool but very sunny and we were warm with our parka, gloves and skull caps on. Vera is sitting on the armchair next to me. We just had some vanilla Rooibus tea with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. It has become a daily routine. 

We slept well last night. I think I slept straight from around 11 till 4 AM. Vera woke me up and told me how wonderful I am, that I take such wonderful care of her and how much she loves me. That was a nice way to wake up. About half an hour later she repeated the wake up after I had fallen back to sleep. I still appreciated her words but told her to go back to sleep. She did. We had delicious blueberry pancakes with a fried egg for breakfast and Vera devoured them. Our home had a delicious odor too afterwards. 

We had two dates since last week. They were similar and both were fun. The first was on Sunday before dinner. Vera took off her pants easily and I got in the usual sitting perpendicular position. She felt the light strokes over her pubic hair. Her legs did not hurt and the do went smoothly.

I peaked her a number of times after applying the lubricant. Vera was moaning. I told her to feel even more and that it is the last peak and she went for it and moaned even louder and her contractions increased in intensity and I could feel her in my crotch. Vera enjoyed coming down with the towel and I enjoyed playing with my own genitals while Vera rubbed my leg with hers.

Our second date was before lunch on Wednesday. Vera kept asking me what she could do. I finally remembered to tell her to take her pants off and get on the bed. She did so willingly. I stood at the side of the bed and ran my hands over her legs. They felt smooth and she was enjoying the attention. I then played with her pubic hair, still standing and Vera had some nice contractions. I lay down next to her on her right side but she said that her left leg hurt when I spread it a little. I told her not to worry and I got into the sitting position. This was better and lightly played with the lubricant on her labia for a number of minutes. Vera was enjoying my touches and getting off nicely. I finally got on her clitoris. She continued to feel and although her orgasm did not get way more intense it did get somewhat more intense. I played with her like that and she was moaning and I was feeling her pleasure in my cock. I used a light stroke throughout and that kept her going. I finally told her that was enough right before she was going to voice that.

I was engorged and Vera put her hand on my cock after I lubricated it. She got me to squirt after a number of peaks. It was great.

On Christmas day we went to Helen’s house with our friend Jillian. We ate almost as soon as we got there, which I prefer instead of waiting around. Her furniture is not that comfortable but huge and it is very dark. The food was very tasty. We had a roast turkey with stuffing and gluten free gravy, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables. It was a nice Xmas meal. Helen’s two youngest kids joined us. The third was in her room but did come out to say hello, which is better than usual. 

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