Love and Alzheimer’s: January 2019

2 Oct

Saturday, January 5, 2019.  It is the middle of the afternoon. It is raining outside but not as much as was promised. We were able to take a walk this morning and went out at lunchtime to pick up a bison burger salad from the Counter. Vera seemed to enjoy the burger more than the last time a few weeks ago. I had bought a bunch of gift cards because they were giving 30 % off so she better like them.

I’ve been working on the editing and revising of Extended Massive Life. I am enjoying the process and reliving what I had written. Vera has been doing pretty well. She still fluctuates in her facility with every day living. Sometimes she knows where the bathroom is and other times has to ask me. Sometimes she gets talkative and other times she does not say much. She usually is quiet when other people are here. We had a couple of guests on New Year’s day. Frank showed up for some tea and then Jillian came by for lunch and a walk afterwards. 

We also had a date later that day before eating dinner. Vera first said OK when I asked her to have a date but when I asked her to take her pants off she said that she could not do that. I then told her that I guess I have to seduce you. I took her in my arms and hugged and kissed her and she hugged and kissed me back very nicely. When we let go of each other she started to take her pants off so I was thrilled with the quick seduction. 

Vera got on the bed after the room was thoroughly heated up. It was a cool day. I lightly stroked her first on her legs and then between the legs. I could feel her contractions  when I brushed her pubic hair with my hand. I stayed on the lighter side of pressure and added some lubricant. Vera was feeling quite a bit. It was not super intense but it felt good and she was happy and did not complain. I gave her a few peaks and she responded each time going a little higher than the previous peak. I kept telling her one more peak and she would say “OK”. I finally told her that was all but on the way down I gave her one more peak and she went up with it again before I finally toweled her off. I did myself afterwards and asked Vera if she wanted to play with my cock. She told me that she wanted to watch me do it. It felt great and I played with Vera’s thigh while I leaked. Vera really enjoyed our dinner salad and finished it all.

The next day we went to San Ramon to the dentist for a cleaning for Vera. He said she was doing a good job and would see her in six months. Vera was not too happy when he used the sonic cleaning and water tool and kind of had these little moan sounds when he turned it on each time. She hung in there and I held Vera’s hand while he was working on her mouth to reassure her. We then drove over to the nearby Whole Foods and did some shopping.

The stock market is still very volatile, going down one day and then rebounding the next. Speaking of rebounding, the Warriors have not been playing very well the past month and a half and I am not enjoying watching them like I used to.

Diane visited us a couple of days ago. It was nice to see her She looked better than the last time and was promoting this new Dyson stick vacuum cleaner that she recently bought. I probably will get one too.

Sunday, January 13:  It is 11AM. Vera is napping in the chair. We just came back from a walk to CVS, where I only buy one item. They are expensive compared to the other stores but give me 40% off one item. Today I got some Soothe eye drops that I use regularly for years for dry eyes and after using the computer. They also had a few other coupons on this item so instead of over $15 it cost only $4. I like a bargain. I have not felt too great the past few days, feeling a little headache and a little dizziness but it was the worst on Friday and seems to be improving. I also made an appointment to see the gastroenterologist for my future colonoscopy appointment. 

This past week I took Vera to the podiatrist and to the hair dresser. It went smoothly including the washing of her hair and showering. I returned the Aveda products to the store because Vera did not enjoy my putting the stuff on and it probably did not do much good anyhow. I mentioned it to Lisa Marie the hair dresser and she did not seem too fond of their products. Vera got both her toe and finger nails trimmed at the podiatrist.

We only had one date since I last wrote. I think it was a week ago and it was fun. I remember one frame where I put a bunch of lubricant around my middle finger and just pressed it into Vera’s vulva playing with pressures. Vera contracted around my finger and it felt marvelous. I also got off and did myself when Vera went to the hair dresser after I vacuumed the floor with the old vacuum cleaner. I have not gotten the Dyson one yet. 

We did go out for lunch with Frank and his Friend Teesa. She is a cute woman with nice energy and they were asking me questions about Morehouse and about Vera’s life. I have been working on the revisal of our memoir book and I had a number of stories at the tip of my tongue. We had a good time even though the food was not great at Brodericks. Vera did not eat much of her salad but did eat her salmon. They came to visit with us after eating for a little while too. Jillian also had lunch with us earlier in the week.`

Saturday, January 19, 2019:  We had a quiet week, no visitors until Frank came by for a hot tub with me yesterday. Vera stayed on her chair and watched TV. She is sitting on her chair now and napping. We just came back from a walk around town. We had some tea and a couple pieces of dark chocolate once we got home. There were a lot of folks milling about because there was a woman’s march planned for later this morning. Trump continues to be the worst president ever and this march was planned in advance but every day deserves a march against him. 

We did have an interesting sensual date on Thursday. We had not had a date to get off in over a week. I guess Vera was up for it. We kissed first and I could feel her body against mine having sensations. She easily agreed to take her pants off. I looked at her pussy and it was wet. It was female ejaculate and when I touched her gently she started to moan right away and have contractions. I had not felt her this wet in a while. I kept the light playful strokes on her introitus and labia for some time before getting to her clitoris. She was happy with whatever I did. The intensity did not get too much higher but it was fun and easy coming.

I could tell she had had enough after a number of minutes and I brought her down. She was very happy. I had touched myself earlier in the day and actually had a little ejaculate leak out. I was not sure if I would have another but I started by lubricating myself and if felt great. I was not going to squirt but then Vera started bouncing her leg over mine and I got really turned on and she got me to squirt for a nice long climax. Vera was happy and I took a few photos of her that came out well. Her hair looked nice because I had given her a shower earlier in the day. We had a smoothie afterwards and that was our dinner.

Earlier in the week I had done some exercise on the elliptical machine in the basement. I felt OK doing it but my body hurt for a couple days after including being a little dizzy. I feel a lot better today. I have been reading an American history book called These Truths by Jill Lepore. It has been a fascinating read. There has been so much bigotry against Blacks and also Indians in this country from the beginning. Even some of our best people like Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, both Roosevelts were bigoted. 

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