Love and Alzheimer’s: May 2018

9 Mar

Tuesday, May 1: Yesterday Jillian showed up right after Frank took off to visit other friends in the area. We fed her lunch and listened to her stories about her trip back home to England. After she left I asked Vera if she would like a sensual date. Vera said that she did not know. That usually means yes, so I told her to come with me to the bedroom and she did. I was not very sexually aroused at the time but know from experience that once we start anything can happen, and usually positive.

We had a ball. Vera was feeling me from just our hug standing up and then when she got undressed and I started to play with her pubic and abdominal areas and her upper thighs on the bed. I told her that she was having strong contractions. She did not understand me at first but then said something like oh those and giggled and had a grin on her face the rest of the date. Vera was happy and appreciative. We took off quickly and I could feel engorgement in myself as well. The peaks were fairly long and intensity was good. On the second major peak Vera really went for it even more and it felt so easy and fun for both of us. I was staying on her spot with simple short light strokes up and down, which allowed Vera to fly freely and effortlessly. After that peak I felt it was probably enough and Vera agreed. I brought her down with one more peak thrown in with firmer pressure that Vera also used to escape gravity.

We did me together for a few peaks too. I used my hand and Vera had her thigh against my upper thigh and was pressing in rhythm. I went up quickly and was leaking for a couple of minutes or more. I felt so much better after our date and I could tell Vera did too. She had not wanted dinner before our date and it was already almost 6:30, which is late to eat for us but she was hungrier. I made us a quick but very tasty salad that we both gobbled up. 

It is now 8AM in the morning. I just put a couple of loads of wash in downstairs and Vera has not woken yet. I think it is time to give her that first pill now. She swallowed it perfectly yesterday and we did not have a repeat of the incident of the morning before. 

Sunday, May 6:  We just got back from a walk and the Farmer’s market. Vera is not ready for a shower but it has been almost a week. I will ask her again later. Her son Tim wants to visit this afternoon and I want her spiffy. We slept well last night. Vera did not wake me up at all.

On Wednesday we took some marijuana edibles. Vera was OK with it  and did not cough any more than usual but it seemed that she was walking more precariously than normal. I held her tight to me and she made it back from our walk OK. I did write a poem for her while I was buzzing.

The breath of life thrills me inside

To see you there upon my door

You feel best when at my side

Holding your hand and whispering awe

I’ve got you now I’ve got you good

It’s OK to laugh it’s OK to weep

Thankful to trees for more than wood

The wool feels best when worn by sheep

You dance across my mind in a tarantella

Light tickling you as you sleep

A smile generated upon a Stella

Allowing you to be what you keep

Taking you in my arms extended wide

Love oozing from each and every pore

It’s so easy with you to be aligned.

Being nice like you should be the law

Monday, May 7:  After writing here yesterday I asked Vera again if she would like a shower and to wash her hair. She made a face and said that she never does that. Then about 5 minutes later she came up to me and asked if she could wash her hair. I told her to take her clothes off and she did and she no longer resisted. She did look spiffy.

Vera’s son Tim also showed up late in the afternoon and Vera was quite animated with having both of our attentions on her. She talked more than usual and agreed to go on a third walk of the day around the church area. Vera also was smiling and laughing more than usual. She kept telling Tim how great I am to her. I still like to hear that, ego or not.

Tuesday, May 8:  It is a little after 10AM. Vera is sitting next to me. We just drank our smoothies. We were listening to Leonard Cohen on Pandora.

Vera said she hears him a lot but never sees him. I told her that is radio for you. If you want to see someone you have to watch television. 

Vera woke up early this morning. She was also awake each time I woke up last night to pee. She would pee after me and then come back to bed. She remembered where the bathroom is. I had a good stretch of sound sleep between 12:30 and 4:30. Vera was awake both times. I told Vera a few times to go back to sleep. She asked me what her name was a couple of times. She seemed surprised that I knew it. I told her that we have been together more than thirty five years. Vera was in a good mood and made the bed, while I cooked the oatmeal, as we got out of bed around 7AM. We were out of the house to take a walk by 8 AM.

I think it was about a week since the last time I got Vera off. I kissed her and told her to take her pants off round 5PM yesterday.  Vera acquiesced. I took my pants off too. I got Vera to lie down perpendicularly on the bed after I set it up with the towels and pillows. I sensually rubbed her legs. Vera did not respond with much fanfare but it felt good to be touching her naked thighs and knees. I was standing at the side of the bed. I then sat down next to her. I played with different pressures around her genitals and lower abdomen. Vera responded with some contractions but did not get into any steady rhythm. I lubricated her and that felt good to my fingers. Again Vera had some contractions but no steady rhythm. I gave her a couple short peaks on her spot. It got a little better but still not too intense. I then told Vera to fill the room. She started to moan some and contract more but was helping it along by moving her hips. I told her to relax and not to move but just to feel. The pleasure picked up. We had two lovely peaks of steady, rhythmic, orgasmic sensations. 

I slid down to lie next to Vera. I got my self off too after Vera had some more contractions wiping her off with the towel. I felt a lot of pleasure and I was pressing against Vera with my left hand on her lower abdomen at the same time that I stroked myself. I could feel Vera was getting off some more too. We were hungry after our orgasms and I quickly made a tasty salad. Vera ate with gusto all of her large portion. 

Saturday, May12:  It is 10AM. we just got back from a walk. Vera has gotten up early the past couple of days, especially yesterday. I wanted to sleep more but she got me out of bed instead of the other way around. 

We took a walk a couple of days ago in the afternoon. The weather was perfect and not too hot. While we were walking Vera stopped me and said, “Feel how good this spot feels with the sun is on us.” We stopped and it was a special moment. I like when Vera wants something and voices it. It was a simple request but it made my day.

We had a couple of old friends over for lunch yesterday too. Wendy and Francoise who were former students and co teachers with us in the 1990’s. It was fun to have them here and they both enjoyed Vera. I had given Vera a shower in the morning and Vera looked and smelled wonderful. Francoise, whom we had seen last fall thought that Vera was doing better even than the last time she saw her. I Iike to hear that. 

Vera and I had a sensual date later in the day. I had gone swimming while Vera took a little nap in the afternoon that reinvigorated both of us. 

Vera was very receptive and I was engorged for the whole time that I was playing with her body. I was stroking Vera’s thighs at first and then added on her pubic area while I continued to stroke her upper thighs so that I was rubbing her pussy and thigh at the same time. I then tended more toward her pussy as we went along but kept on touching her thighs frequently, as we both enjoyed that connection. Vera was having contractions and her face was red and smiley. I am sure that mine was too. I gave her a couple really fun peaks on her spot. I squeezed Vera’s buttocks at one point with my second hand and felt Vera respond with a jump in intensity. I could feel my penis against her outer thigh engorge some more. We had a delicious kiss after I toweled Vera off.

When it was my turn to get off, we took turns stroking my penis. I started and then handed the reins over to Vera. She gave me a couple really fantastic peaks. I then took over again and brought myself up one more time. I did not squirt but felt really close to it and felt fully gratified when we were done. 

By the time we were finished it was kind of late to make dinner but we both ate some coconut ice cream and then a bowl of sautéed greens. Vera liked both of those tastes especially the ice cream bar. We ate them watching a movie on TV.

Wednesday May 16:  it is 8Am in the morning. I just gave Vera her pre breakfast pill. Vera woke up briefly to swallow it. Her skin and hair look great. I think those new vitamins called Beau T are strengthening Vera’s hair, as I see less of it falling onto her clothes. I also got a book from the library called The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen. I have added a couple of his recommendations; Bacopaa supplement that assists neuronal synapses, cinnamon in our oatmeal and vitamin E. We pretty much follow the type of diet that he recommends and do many of the other ideas that he advocates. He also recommends bio identical hormones, which I will speak to our doctor about.

I think I got a virus from Francoise on Friday, as she had the sniffles. I took a bunch of Yin Chiaoand it helped so that I only feel my throat a bit in the early morning and I am a little more tired than usual. I gave Vera some Yin Chiaoto prevent her from getting sick. Vera has coughed a little more than usual but it still is way better than it used to be. It is hard to tell if Vera is sick because she won’t communicate unless it hurts. I think she is OK.

Sunday was Mother’s day and Tre showed up with a card for a few minutes. Her other offspring were out of town or working. 

We had a nooner yesterday. Vera was willing so I jumped at the chance. I had just given her a shower a little earlier and those seem to be good days to pleasure her. Vera was turning me on and I was partially erect. After gently stroking her legs and pubic area I placed my finger firmly on her introitus and kind of pressed it and vibrated it. Vera responded with a very gratifying response and quite a bit of intensity of contractions. I continued doing that and Vera continued responding. I then put on the lubricant and lightly stroked her turned on pussy. Vera enjoyed that as well. I gave her a couple peaks on her clitoris. It was fun but I kept the peaks short, as she was losing attention.

I moved over to her other side to lie down next to her and be at the receptive side of the pleasure. Vera stroked my fully erect penis after I put the lubricant on. It felt really good and I was making a lot of sounds and moans I think. Vera took me over and that was that.

Sunday, May 20, 2018.  I put in the year this time just to keep track. It is around 11AM. We just had our smoothie snack. Vera is sitting nearby in the dining room chair this time. She got up early this morning after going to sleep after 11PM. She also woke up in the middle of the night last night and complained that her feet hurt. I first thought she said that she was cold and I pulled the covers over her but she continued to moan until I figured it out that it was her feet that hurt and I took off her socks. I think her socks might be a little too tight and cause spasms. I am not sure. Vera kept on moaning for a few minutes and saying that her feet hurt. I told her to go back to sleep and that the pain will go away. She did and the pain disappeared.

I took awhile to fall back asleep but then had some vivid dreams. We have been watching old episodes of Homelandand I think though not as terrifying my dreams reflected some of that intensity. It is a really well done show.

So after Vera and I had breakfast around 8AM we took a walk and ended the walk at the nearby Farmer’s market. We saw Jane an old friend from Morehousedays. She gave us some gossip about a couple of the guys there who just had heart operations. As my dad used to say, “Old age is not for wimps”. After we got home Vera sat at the dining room table and has been there for over an hour napping. I can understand why.

We had a fun sensual date on Friday before dinner. The intensity was not too high but it was friendly and without any complications. Although the contractions were not very strong they were consistent and started as soon as I touched her. We both got off and Vera was in a good mood afterwards and devoured her dinner salad.

I felt a bit under the weather this past week but never did get fully sick. I think I was just fighting that virus that was passed on to me. I feel a little better each day and like going in that direction.

Wednesday, May, 23:  We both slept well last night. I got up early this morning and took a quick walk to Targetwhile Vera was still sleeping. Vera got up shortly after I got back and we took a walk after breakfast. It is now about 10:30 and Vera is sitting in the armchair next to me. 

We had a nice kiss this morning. I waited for Vera at the bottom of the staircase and when she got to the last step we were about the same height. She asked me why I stopped and I told her that this was a kissing step and so we did. I felt some turn on from her for the first time in a few days.

On Sunday night we both woke up around 2:30 and Vera asked me what I was doing here? I told her that we lived together etc. and that we always sleep together. She did not seem to believe me and was a bit prissy and pissy toward me. She started to go to the other room but I insisted that she come back to bed and she did and then fell asleep quickly.

First I felt a bit upset by her behavior and then I remembered that she probably will be friendlier in the morning. I let Vera sleep in and then gave her a kiss when she woke up. She smiled and kissed me back lovingly. Vera was nice the rest of the day and for the past couple of days now there has been no other negative emotional incidents like that one. 

I was talking to the TV set again last night because the Warriors basketball team was playing poorly. Vera could tell that I was upset and asked me if everything was all right? I liked that she cared and I felt better. I switched the station so that I could calm down. Vera said that things were better now and I agreed.

Saturday May 26:  I just gave Vera her morning pill so we will be eating breakfast shortly. She has gone back to sleep so I have a few minutes to write now. Vera woke up only once last night to go to the bathroom and she did not have to ask me where it was. Little positive actions like that are welcome. 

We had a friend and former student over for lunch yesterday. She is eating basically only meat and fat. Her son has an auto immune disease that no doctors were able to help with until they found someone who put him on this meat diet and within 5 days he was improving drastically. She went on this diet with him and looks great and lost a bunch of weight. She has stopped having orgasms through this ordeal and now that things are getting better still has not added them back in. I did my best into getting her to start again and will continue to cheer lead in this department.

Talking about orgasms, Vera and I had another fun date on Wednesday before dinner It was kind of like the last time; not too intense but easy and steady contractions.  I enjoyed touching Vera’s clitoris in a slow and methodical stroke, where I kept my finger pressed on the clitoris but did not move my finger up and down. The clitoris moved under my finger, which stayed in constant contact, just varying the pressure. Vera seemed to enjoy the different pressures and was moaning and going higher that way. I got off quickly too and we felt better afterwards.

On Thursday while sitting on the armchair Vera complained that her right arm hurt. I pressed a few areas but could not tell much. The pain went away within ten minutes and seemed fine the rest of the day and has not returned.

Wednesday, May 30:  It is around 11 AM. Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair taking a nap. We drove to Whole Foods this morning and then took a walk. Vera woke up around the same time that I did a little before 7 AM. She slept straight through the night. I had given her a new herbal pill of skullcap and it seemed to work. It was recommended in the End of Alzheimer’sbook. I took one too and also slept well. 

It is cool today but yesterday was really hot. I went swimming in the afternoon. Vera stayed upstairs and I told her that I would be back in twenty minutes. I had a great time in the water, putting my head under the water for the first time this season. I felt elated but when I came back upstairs twenty minutes later, Vera was not at home. I noticed that her shoes were still by the bed so I figured she could not have gone far. I walked around the building up and down the stairs but could not find her. I told Tracie the manager and she helped look too. I went back to the apartment and Vera was there. She said that she had gotten lost. I found out that she had walked upstairs and John the maintenance guy found her wondering and brought her back. I stayed pretty cool during her disappearance. I will continue to go swimming but maybe put the TV on for her when I go.

We took a nice walk after dinner. The temperature was not so hot anymore and Vera enjoyed the walk.

On Monday we had a sensual date. It was quick but Vera felt more than the past couple of times. I enjoyed playing with Vera’s labia before getting to her clitoris. I did some gentle gliding strokes on it interspersed with very slow pressure on different areas of the labia. She had strong contractions and really had fun. Vera also had cool hands and I offered my engorged penis to her and it felt awesome. We ate dinner with gusto and enjoyed watching the Warriors come back and beat the Rockets in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. We also have been catching up on the first five seasons of Homeland and I like that show a lot. I think Vera likes it but she is very quiet when we watch it.

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