Love and Alzheimer’s: April 2018

1 Mar

Tuesday, April 3:  

It is the middle of the afternoon. We just took our second walk of this nice and sunny day. The weather has been beautiful for a few days now. Vera woke me up this morning around 6AM with giggling. I asked her what was so funny and she told me that there was this really short girl in a skirt and a really tall boy. I told her that she must have been dreaming, as I don’t see them. Come to think of it; her boys are really tall and her girls though not really short are much shorter. I enjoyed Vera’s giggles. We went back to sleep and I got up an hour later to make fresh oatmeal that takes almost an hour.

I gave Vera a shower after our first walk this morning after breakfast. I had not given Vera any Sudafed the morning before because I had forgotten. Her cough was not too bad all day either. I had given her a couple of Benadryl the night before because her nose was stuffed and she was constantly blowing it. I gave her only one Benadryl last night. I did not give her a Sudafed before breakfast this morning but did wind up giving it to her before lunch when she started blowing her nose and coughing. She stopped coughing almost immediately.

I’ve been redoing the edited version of the manuscript. I also connected with an old Morehouse friend Ruth Schwartz who runs a business helping folks get their books self published called I am leaning toward collaborating with her. She also thought that putting this journal as a blog was a good idea but not to do it all at once, which I was not planning to do in any case. 

Wednesday, April 4.. It is around 2PM. We had a late lunch and Vera is napping after eating. We grilled some salmon downstairs on the grill by the pool. Vera sat in the chair in the sunshine and said that she liked sitting there because the seat was warmed up from the sun. We came back upstairs and I sautéed some Brussels sprouts and broccoli with baby kale, carrots and mushrooms. We ate a lot of vegetables. Last night Vera said that her salad was delicious. That is because we both had orgasms before eating and food just taste better afterwards. 

Vera got off well again. I was reading and editing a section of about one year ago in the journal. It is close to the one-year anniversary of when I was able to do Vera in the normal position with my leg over her abdomen after kneeling on the floor for a few weeks. I had used the kneeling position because of Vera’s healing broken pelvis.

Vera engorged and started contracting nicely as I teased her on her labia first without lubricant and then with. I had to coax her for one final peak and told her to blast the room, as the orgasm was dwindling. I guess she understood what I said or maybe it was my intention but she had a really great last peak. She engorged some more and the contractions were even stronger. I could feel her in my loins and Vera had a big grin on her face.

We watched the Warrior game that they won against OKC. It was a good game for them and I enjoyed it. We then watched a documentary by Ken Burns about the Roosevelts. It was very interesting. Teddy was an amazing person but quite manic. We slept well. Vera got up a little after I did this morning and we had a nice walk to Trader Joes.

Monday, April 9:  It is early in the morning and Vera is still asleep. I have been working on the final edit and the book is in good shape. I will probably send it to Ruth to publish it in about a week. I don’t know how long that process will be. Vera woke up around 4AM this morning giggling again. She told me, “He has been so good to me. I am so happy.” I assumed she meant me and said back to her, “Thanks, I really love you.”

On Saturday I was not in the best of shape. I was doing a bunch of editing probably too long at the keyboard and my lower back started to hurt. I got in a funky mood. I also felt some anxiety and thought maybe an orgasm would help. This was before lunch and not our usual time. Vera said yes and I put all of my attention on her and already felt better. We kissed and hugged. I put some music on and my mood had changed dramatically. I stroked Vera’s sexy  legs and they felt wonderful. I played with her pubic hair and Vera responded with contractions. It was a great idea to go to bed for some fun. I gave Vera the lightest, shortest stroke on her spot on her clitoris and her body enthused with orgasmic sensation. Her clitoris and entire genitals engorged and so did mine. I gave Vera three peaks and she had enough but it was very healing and fun for me. We did me together and I felt like a new person. Vera was smiling ear to ear too. Lunch was yummy and most of the rest of the day was wonderful. Nooners are great.

Thursday, April 12: Today is our anniversary. We kind of celebrated yesterday in that we ate out at the Cheesecake Factory. We ordered the same healthy meal that we had last time but they did not chop up the kale the same way and it did not taste as good. Vera did not seem too happy there and said she liked it better at home eating my food. She did not finish her food and left a lot on the plate. 

Later on in the day near dinner I brought up orgasm and Vera said that would be a good idea. I was surprised that she went for it because I did not feel too energized about it. We started kissing in the bedroom with the heater on and taking off our clothes. I got in the mood quickly hugging Vera from behind. She was purring. Once we got in the bed I stroked Vera’s legs and she purred some more. I kind of took Vera’s pussy in my hands and moved it around. Then I pulled on her hood and pressed from above feeling the firmness of the whole clitoris not just the head. Vera had strong contractions and it was a new fun addition. After playing around with her whole pussy I got on her spot after lubricating her labia. Vera was fully engorged and ready for the regular stroking on her spot. The intensity was high to start with. It did not go much higher but Vera was really happy and attentive for a few hours after. I started to do myself when Vera was done and had gone to the bathroom. She came back and started stroking my legs. I took my hands off my cock and Vera asked if she could. “Yes” I affirmatively said. As soon as Vera touched it a bunch of semen oozed out. Vera then took me for about 5 really intense peaks. I leaked the whole time and did not squirt. We were both in such better moods. 

I gave Vera this anniversary poem on a beautiful card with two doves on a branch after dinner.

I gaze up high at the redwood tree

They chirrup and flutter a melody of

A pair of birds perched so preciously

How they connect just dove to dove

Their wings ascend euphoniously

I hear it from below as they fly above

They sing to each other tenderly

It’s all about nothing else but love

Your lips like a soft fluffy cloud

A place to be at ease

I’d kiss them always when allowed

Floating quietly along the breeze

A steady stream of harmony

The verse continues on

Each moment I gaze upon thee

El Ano is the year at dawn

Love filters thru the boundary

I hear magic violins and a horn

Freedom from a quandary

Showing herself being born

Your lips a receiving cushion

A pillowy place to feel alive

Like a poem posed by Pushkin

Heavenly havens have arrived

Take my hand in your hand

Feel the blood flowing grand

It becomes a wild rapid 

Rapidly rolling over the land

I kiss that area between

Your hairline and your forehead

Friendly kind and keen

An abode where we are forever wed

Tomorrows are all todays

Is how I’ve heard it said

I connect with you for always

Connected by fate’s golden thread

Saturday, April14: It is around 3PM. We are waiting for a couple of friends to come over whom we have not seen since over a year ago when Vera was recuperating from her broken pelvis. Vera is sitting next to me in the armchair. 

Yesterday started off kind of rough. I had to deal with some Internet company that I had ordered a free bottle of CBD oil for only shipping charges. They then charged me almost $100 extra that my credit card company reported as fraud alert. I think I took care of that, but had to deal first with the credit card bank and then got their number and had to call them. 

Then I wanted Vera to take a shower and wash her hair before seeing the hairdresser, as that is what the woman asks me to do. However Vera was having none of that. I gently woke Vera up, then pleaded, begged, cajoled and when those did not work tried even ordering her to get up now! I blew my cool and started to yell at Vera but went to the other room to vent my frustrations. I cooled off quickly and went from Grrr to if not great to OK. I came back and told Vera that she can forget the whole thing. It all worked out, as her hairdresser really did not care that much anyhow.

The rest of the day went a lot smoother.  I dropped Vera off and vacuumed the floor, which I had not done in a long time. I like to do that when Vera is not home, as the dust makes her cough. I picked Vera up and she looked gorgeous. We then took a walk before lunch and were hungry by the time we got back. We ate a big salad and I even put in and split Vera’s leftovers from last night’s salad. 

Tuesday, April 17:  It is right after breakfast. Vera woke up before I did and started making the bed and pulling up the covers around me while I was still in it. I asked her if she wanted breakfast and she did. I got up to make the steel cut oats. Meanwhile Vera was fixing things up around the house. I don’t know what got into her but she is being very cute and helpful.

Yesterday I sent my manuscript to Ruth to publish. It will take a while, as she has to proof read it and format it and set everything up. Christiane offered to write a blurb, so I sent her a copy too. It is not easy letting my baby go out into this world. In the afternoon I drove with Vera to check out a new dentist that is covered by our insurance. I did not like the vibes there and after 15 minutes of waiting I said to Vera, “Let’s get out of here.” We did and went to Trader Joeswith our car. We will stick with our old dentist in the meanwhile even though he will cost more.

On Sunday we started kissing and I asked Vera if she wanted to get off. She kind of understood me and we wound up in the bedroom with our pants off. It was very enjoyable from beginning to end with no leg pain or complaints. Vera was joyful throughout and started to get off when I touched her pubic hair. She seemed to get off more this time on the stroke going down rather than the stroke going up that is usually her favorite. Vera also pleasured me after she had had enough, standing up at the side of the bed. She started stroking my legs and slowly found her way to my penis. It was quite erotic and fun. 

Sunday, April 22: Today is Earth Day. I think it is silly that one day is called that. When I was eleven years old I broke my leg really bad on April 22. To me it has always been broken leg day. That happened way before Earth Day was fantasized I think because one day there was no Earth Day and then there was. It is 8AM this Sunday. Vera was sleeping but she just called out to me. I kissed her and told her that she could sleep another half an hour.

She seems in good mental shape.

For the past couple of nights Vera has woken me up in the middle of the night asking me where she was. I told her a number of times that she was in bed with me. Last night Vera kept repeating the question every minute or so until I finally yelled at her to go back to sleep. Then Vera wanted to know where my hand was. She held it for a little while and then wanted to know how far down the bed my head was. She wanted to get to the same level as I was lying. She slid down to be parallel with me. Vera did go back to sleep and was quiet the rest of the night.

On Friday I set up the space for a date and Vera seemed willing and got undressed. The only thing was that when I was about to touch her she said that she had a bad pain in her middle back. I gave her some ibuprofen and told her that we would pass on the orgasm, maybe do it tomorrow. 

We got dressed and the pain went away.

Yesterday I did the same thing setting up the space before supper. This time Vera had no back pain and we had a fun time. Vera got off really good again from the beginning but did not verbally acknowledge much pleasure though she was making some moaning sounds. Putting on the lubricant was especially fun. I started at her perineum and touched there for a few strokes, which Vera responded to with moans. The same with her labia and I told her how beautiful and sensual her labia were and also her lips on her mouth; that she had 4 amazing lips. Two of them went side to side and two went up and down. For the last peak I told Vera one more and I used the palm of my hand to press on her lower pelvis and my middle finger on her clitoris. Vera took off exponentially and I could strongly feel the abdominal contractions under my palm. I started lubricating myself while Vera went to the bathroom. She did not have to ask me where it was. When Vera came back I was fully engorged and offered her some strokes. Vera was very willing and took me quite high and finally over. I was making some deep grunting sounds as this was happening. Dinner was yummy.

Monday, April 23: Vera woke up again in the middle of the night and wanted to take her clothes off. I groggily responded that she could do so. I gave her some pajamas to put on and we went back to sleep. Vera did not remember anything about it in the morning but she did look cute in her red striped pajamas.

We took a fairly long walk this morning. It was already pretty hot out and Vera complained that this was really difficult. On the way home we were in the shade more and she felt better. Vera seems to be surprised that she has two pairs of shoes by the side of the bed, though she always puts them there when she takes them off.

Wednesday, April 25: Vera woke up early yesterday. She got up and I had to give her a pill quickly so that she could eat breakfast, which I made right away because she said that she was hungry. Vera got up today about 2 minutes after I did and again I gave her the Prilosec  so that she could have breakfast within half an hour. It is now close to lunch time. I did not give Vera any Sudafedthis morning or yesterday. She started coughing some in the afternoon yesterday but not too bad and a lollipop handled it.

Thursday, April 26: I am writing here after breakfast. We will be going to the dentist pretty soon to get my teeth cleaned. Vera is sitting next to me. We just had breakfast of soft boiled eggs, kale, asparagus and sliced apple. 

Yesterday I offered Vera to take a shower a whole bunch of times. She declined every one. I also offered to have a sensual date a number of times and she finally said yes close to dinner time. Vera enjoyed my preliminary advances and touches, as she was having contractions and smiling. When I finally did get to her spot she started to go for it and then it kind of faded quickly. I had to keep my peaks short. It was kind of like lighting some kindling but the big fire never caught. I finally told her one more peak and on this last peak the fire roared and lit up the room. I asked if she had enough and she said she did. I brought Vera down with a firm hand over her pussy and the contractions were still crackling. Vera also said that it felt really good for the first time in our date. I got off also and we had dinner that Vera consumed with gusto.

Sunday, April 29:  We had a rough early morning today. It is now around 10AM and things have calmed down totally. Our friend Frank was visiting for the past couple of nights.

I boiled water and put the oats in like I usually do. Both Frank and Vera were asleep. Vera was very quiet and I could hardly hear her breathing, which is usually quite noticeable. I did some exercises in our bedroom on the floor, as not to wake up Frank. 

Then I woke Vera up to give her the Prilosecpill. She did not want to take it but I insisted so she opened her mouth and I put it in. I told her to swallow it but she started to chew on it. I gave her water but she kept chewing and I yelled at her to stop. She did not. Finally I got her to swallow it, but by that time she had gotten some of it in her mouth and she was very unhappy. I wanted her to drink more water but she did not want to. I asked her to brush her teeth and she refused until about the fifth time that I asked with a toothbrush in my hand. That helped quite a bit but she was pissed at me. Vera said that I did not know her and that she has to see a doctor or someone else.

Luckily Frank was up and he was nice to Vera and gave her a little neck massage while I finished preparing breakfast. Vera did not want to eat of course but together we persuaded her that it would make her mouth taste better. After a few bites I think Vera forgot the whole pill chewing incident and ate breakfast like usual. She brushed her teeth after eating again and we went out for a walk to the Farmer’s market like nothing happened. 

Otherwise Vera has been doing pretty well and has been very agreeable. I even got her to take a shower on Friday and she liked how she felt after that. She watched the entire Warrior basketball game with me and took off her glasses on her own before I had to ask her to last night.

The dentist trip on Thursday went smoothly and Vera sat in the room and watched, as the hygienist cleaned my teeth. Vera had to stand outside the room at first, while they took x-rays and it was amusing listening to her on the other side of the wall before they let her back in.

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