Love andAlzheimer’s: End of March 2018

28 Dec

Wednesday, March 21: It is around 11 AM. Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair. We just drank our smoothies that tasted extra wonderful today. Vera woke up early this morning and was rubbing her body, I think exfoliating her skin. I asked her if she wanted to take a shower and wash her hair and she was gung ho for a change. I made breakfast after Vera was towel dried and then moisturized. We drove to Trader Joes. It has stopped raining this morning after raining quite a bit the past week. We took a walk after putting away the groceries to exchange an item at Athleta, which is a store in Broadway Plaza that her daughter had gifted Vera with. We could not find anything that Vera wanted so we got a gift card and I can go online and find something that she does. It actually started to rain again on the way home but I had an umbrella so we stayed pretty dry.

We had breakfast with Vera’s daughter on Sunday. 

She and her boyfriend had spent the night at the Marriot. It was a nice visit. We also saw Vera’s son in the afternoon and a couple of grandkids. We had not seen any of them since the fall. 

Yesterday Vera and I went for a walk in the late afternoon after snacking on some chocolate. The sun came out briefly and we did not get wet. The walk energized us, which is unusual for Vera and she agreed to have a sensual date with me right after we came home. Vera got off well. I started playing with her pussy lying down next to her. I was mostly playing with her thighs at that point with a little tease of her pubic area. I then got into the normal sitting position and lubricated Vera. She felt more, as I played with her labia. I then got onto the clitoris and I kept saying one more peak and she kept going higher each time so it was a longer duration than usual. Vera was happy and did not complain about any pain either. Vera had a very strong contraction when I toweled her off that really buzzed my hand. Vera wanted to play with my cock and gave me a number of peaks too until I squirted. She then really enjoyed our dinner.

We had one other date since I wrote that was also pretty good in the morning on Friday. We had a client on Wednesday that was very different from our normal students. She told me in advance that she is too sensitive on her clitoris to be touched there. I have had lots of experience with other women with the same condition and was not worried because I knew how to handle that. However when she lay down on the bed she was even more afraid than I had expected. When I spread her labia apart she had a small conniption. I slowly worked my way around her genitals but never did touch her directly on the clitoris. She started to feel more when she felt safer but I felt my expertise was probably wasted on her. She was not ready for a session and I think she was overwhelmed.

I was fighting a cold for a day or so on Saturday but felt better if not fully better within a day or two.

Saturday, March 24: It is 7:30 in the morning. Vera is still asleep. We had a full night’s sleep last night. For the past couple of nights Vera was waking up and talking to me. I feel better without waking up numerous times. We also had a very nice sensual date yesterday before dinner. 

I asked Vera once and she seemed reluctant then she abruptly changed her mind and asked me what she could do. I quickly had her pants off and on the bed. I lay down next to her, both of us lying across the bed and gently played with her thighs and her pubic area. Vera was having contractions and her face was enjoying a reddish glow. I told her how different this is to our normal position, which I did assume after 10 or 15 minutes in our first location. I then put on the lubricant and had fun playing with that for a few minutes. I finally got on her clitoris and the pleasure continued ramping up to a more intense nature. I peaked Vera three more times and she was very approving and responsive. I finally toweled her off, as Vera had a rather intense bunch of contractions that turned me on. We then put a little attention on my genitals and I had a short but intense orgasm without squirting but leaking quite a bit. 

We had a late lunch so we were not too hungry. I heated up some kale and other vegetables that were cooked already. I drizzled olive oil on top and we had a coconut ice cream bar for dessert. Vera loved it.

On Thursday I received my manuscript back from Ginger, who had it almost an entire year to edit. I think she did a fine job and I got quite excited about getting back to it. I got up 5:30 on Friday morning to continue working on it. I had already begun to work on it right after receiving it on Thursday afternoon. I got it to a place already where I can take my time going over it in detail before having to decide what the next step will be about publishing it. I put my hyperlinks and bookmarks back in so I can jump around the manuscript easily. I edited a number of chapters already.

Saturday, March 31:  I have been working on the edited copy this past week. I have finished most of it but have not received the Introduction part back yet and may have to redo that myself. I even put together a little recipe section of our favorite meals. It is a little after twelve noon now. We took a walk around town after driving earlier to San Ramon Whole Foods. Vera is sitting in the armchair close to me as I write here. We had a couple of sensual dates last week.

The first one was on Tuesday I think. It was extremely fun. I played with Vera’s thighs and stretched her pelvic area pulling on her clitoris from above. Vera was having strong contractions. Vera really enjoyed my putting on the lubricant and I went up and down her labia numerous times, first slowly and then with more speed. I had her really excited and ready to have her clitoris stroked. I got on her spot and Vera moaned, as I took her for a ride around the universe. The peaks were all intense and Vera was verbally appreciating them. Vera got off strongly on the way down first with my hand and then with the towel. 

Vera wanted to do me with her cold hand and I was more than game. Vera had me very turned on and I was leaking some and then I stared at her sexy left leg, which was bent at the knee facing up. That is such a sexy pose and I let go with a large grunt and squirted for quite a few more strokes that Vera kept on doing.

We also had a sensual date yesterday before dinner. I had offered Vera a date earlier and she said later a couple of times. Being that it was a little later and almost time to eat I told Vera what she had said before and Vera said, “OK”.

I used a lot of light tumescing strokes on Vera’s legs and belly area. Vera started to have contractions. Vera was telling me how good it felt, which she does not do as regularly as she might but much appreciated by me when she does. I pulled up on her clitoris and got on her spot and Vera continued to get off with even more intensity and appreciation. Vera was very engorged, her clitoris large and red. Her face was also quite red and she looked beautiful. I gave her three peaks and for the last one I told her that it would be the last and to blast me. Vera responded with more intense sensations and did blast me as I danced to the music with my finger on her clitoris and labia. Vera then went to the bathroom and I started to do myself. She came back and held and stroked my feet, standing at the side of the bed, as I continued to play with my cock. It felt really really good and Vera said, “It looks like you are enjoying yourself.” I responded that I was. I did not squirt but came close and did leak quite a bit. 

We had Chad and Kristina our good friends visit us on Wednesday and spend the night here. They are always traveling in one direction or another. We had breakfast together on Thursday and then took a long walk around town. We went to the new Amazonstore and showed them a few places downtown that they had never seen before. Vera and I held hands and they copied us saying that they don’t usually do that. Vera kept up and was walking well. We came back home and Kristina and Chad left to continue their travels. Vera and I even took a second walk after lunch. 

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