Love and Alzheimer’s: March 2018

5 Dec

Friday, March 2: I woke up late, about 7:30 this morning but Vera is still sleeping and it is 8:15. We had a woman who is writing a story about Vic Baranco interview us yesterday. She was attractive, quite business like and the interview was long and not too much fun. It was OK. The day before on Wednesday afternoon we had a client who was a lot of fun.

Vera did not want to join us in the bedroom for the orgasm part. I felt that the student responded to my touches somewhat from the beginning and after a while with enthusiasm and lots of feeling. I was turned on and she received a lot of pleasure. When we were finished Vera had a big smile on her face and told the student that she was in a way better place now. It felt like the oracle had spoken. Vera had not said a word the whole time till then and it felt profound.

Sunday, March 4: It is a little before lunch. Vera is sitting on the couch awake but not too lively. I feel pretty tired too, possibly because I did floor pushups yesterday, instead of the wall pushups that I have been doing. I also got up early to go to the hot tub again this morning but the tub was not hot so I came back upstairs and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We had taken a couple of walks yesterday in the sunshine, choosing our timing wisely because it showered each time after we had returned home.

We had another fun sensual date yesterday before dinner. Vera asked me what she could do? I told her to take her pants off. She was game and we kissed first. I enjoyed touching Vera lying on the bed, while I was still standing. I told her how much I enjoy playing with her labia and then did that for some time with the lubricant. Vera was having nice contractions and I could feel some turn-on. I gave Vera 3 peaks on her clitoris. I told her that I would give her one more and to make it blast the room and my face. Vera responded with an easy-going but intense blast that left her smiling and in admiration of my touch. We then got me off too and had dinner shortly after. Vera ate all her salad, including every piece of lettuce.

We watched a heavyweight boxing match on TV in bed. It was a rather good fight with both guys almost knocking the other one out until finally one succeeded in the tenth round. I was really absorbed in the fight and I think Vera was also. We slept well.

Saturday, March 10: We did not sleep as well last night as the last time I wrote. I had fallen asleep watching TV but woke up around 10:30 to turn it off. Vera was OK with that but was talkative. She was telling me friendly loving things like how much she cared about me and wanting me to be safe. She had fears about someone harming me. I told her that I was fine and we were doing well. Every few minutes Vera would repeat how wonderful I am and how good I am to her etc. She asked me at one point what she could do for me. I told her that she could stop talking and let me sleep. I was not as nice as she was. She told me I was mean but a few minutes later told me how wonderful I was again. Vera finally fell asleep near midnight and so did I. It was around 4AM that Vera woke up again and took off practically all her clothes. She usually likes to sleep in her clothes that she wore that day but every so often she gets too hot and takes thing off. I helped her get her top off and then she went back to sleep.

We both got up pretty early this morning. I put some laundry in downstairs and made us breakfast. We did have a fun sensual date on Wednesday before going out for Chinese food. The orgasms and love making was very fun. The food on the other hand was overly sugary and not very good. I like my own cooking way better.

Monday, March 12: We had lunch out again today at the Cheesecake Factory. Vera complained that her leg hurt on the walk to the restaurant for about two blocks but then her pain went away. I thought maybe we should take the bus but it was better this way once the pain was gone. We split a couple of meals, one with salmon and broccoli and the other with almond coated salmon on a salad of kale, shaved Brussels sprouts, radish, avocado, quinoa and cranberries. It was really tasty and apparently healthy and the kale was cut up in small chunks so was not difficult to chew. We have been watching some shows on PBS lately and the one thing they all agree on is that nutrient rich food like kale is the best food to eat. The excursion put back some of my faith in eating out. It was really sunny in the morning but by the time we left the restaurant the dark clouds blocked the sun. Vera did not mention any more leg pain on the way back.

Vera woke me up a number of times last night. A couple of the times were when I had to pee anyhow but a few times it was just to ask me a question that I don’t even remember anymore. I still woke up quite refreshed.

We had a sensual date yesterday before dinner. Vera seemed OK with getting done but then complained that her hip hurt and then her leg hurt. I had to keep my focus with all that negativity but was able to give her a couple really intense peaks on her clitoris. Of course she said that her clitoris hurt at one point, but I think it felt really good because I was touching lightly and she was getting off nicely. I gave myself one peak while Vera went to the bathroom but she came back with some new foot pain and my pleasure disappeared. We finished up and Vera seemed to be a lot happier. All of her pains went away miraculously. We took another little walk and enjoyed our dinner.

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