Love and Alzheimer’s February 2018:

24 Nov

Friday, February 9: I wrote a little Valentine’s poem for Vera.
You are the spirit of my spirit
The blessing that lights my soul
The island of safe harbor
As the sea turns into a shoal

Love is who you are
Also what you’ve got
Pure as purity
Shining on a spotless spot

You’re the glimmer in my eye
Each moment that I be
You’re an amazing source
Who enables me to see

Radiance spreads your light
From your heart that is hot
The words may seem simple
The bond definitely is not

You are a real masterpiece
A creation of art
The answer is adoration
The question is what

I’m with you and you’re with me
You be love and love you be
I am yours and you are mine
Forever always darling Valentine

Tuesday, February 13: It is pretty early in the morning. Vera is still asleep but I did give her the Prilosec to swallow before breakfast already. I just printed up the valentine’s poem on a pretty card we got yesterday from the floral shop. We had a nice day yesterday. We took a couple of walks and bought a pair of a pair of sunglasses; a prescription pair for Vera and a regular one for me. I was going to get Maui Jims or Oakley but bought another brand instead. We also had a wonderful make out before dinner.

Vera was doing her questioning thing where she asked about what should she do. I finally told Vera to take off her pants and panties. She agreed. We had a short window before a friend was supposed to drop by to pick up her teapot water heater I got for her on Amazon. Vera enjoyed every touch that I gave her. She was orgasmic with fairly strong contractions from the outset. Once again I could do no wrong. Vera got even higher as I teased her clitoris, when I applied the lubricant with delicate up and down strokes on her labia, getting real close to her top source of joy. Vera was engorged and saying kind words while I played with her pussy.

I finally got on her spot and we went up for a cosmic peak. Vera was having those rolling waves of pleasure, as I peaked her three more times. She said that I do so much for her and I told her one more peak. I coaxed her to go even higher and Vera responded with even stronger contractions, louder moans and a blast from the past. I brought her down by just firmly resting my hand on her pussy and Vera continued with those strong contractions for quite some time. She got off some more when I toweled her off. Vera told me that her hand was cold and that turned me on. She put it on my already engorged and lubricated hot penis and she took me for another ride of pleasure. As soon as I said that I had enough, the phone rang and our friend showed up to pick up her package. I also got the mail and there was a big check from my mom’s IRA.

We had a couple on Saturday who came for a sensual session. They were very nice but Vera declined my offer to do a little DEMO for them. Vera stayed in the living room once we finished talking and went into the bedroom. Next time I may not ask her but just tell her to take off her pants. I thought that the woman would be highly orgasmic after talking with them but it took most of the session to get her to start feeling anything. It turned out that they had never done the direct clitoral touch before. He seemed to pick up the technique fairly well and I told them that if they practice it will get better and better. They are from out of town but they may come back.

Friday, February 16: We had a nice Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. I gave Vera the pretty card with the pretty poem. She loved it and must have shown it to me at least twenty times during the day. She wanted to take it home and have it be safe but I convinced her that it was safe here.

We had a fun sensual date before dinner. Vera was eager to be touched and was wet before we started. It wasn’t the thick sticky ejaculate like our younger client had but moister than usual for Vera. Vera got off from the first touch again. Everything I did she appreciated and responded to including the gentle application of the lubricant on her labia, up near the clitoris and then down again many times. Also Vera liked the little short strokes on her clitoris and some longer ones on and off her clitoris. At the end I asked her if she wanted another peak and she told me that I do so much for her and she had already felt so much. I gave her one more peak because she was such a good girl and she responded with a very intense last peak, getting me engorged as well. Vera got off on the way down too having strong contractions with firm pressure. I had a quick orgasm as well and we both felt great.

Yesterday I hired a woman to clean our apartment. She showed up around 9AM. I took Vera out for a walk and then we drove to San Ramon to do some shopping. We got home around 11:30 but the woman was far from finished. We went out again to our favorite Thai restaurant. The food was good but the vegetables tasted a little too sweet like they put sugar on them. We walked a little and the woman called us that she was done. I think she had to be somewhere else and had finished quickly. She had done a great job on the kitchen and bathroom but the bedroom seemed like an afterthought, as there was still dirt and some dust on some surfaces.

Today we took a couple of walks. The weather was sunny and warm out. We had eaten a large lunch of a bison burger plus a salad. By the time we were almost home Vera had to go to the toilet. We had passed the public bathrooms and I wanted for Vera to go home to poop. She could not hold it in and by the time we got upstairs she had gone in her pants. There was a lot of it and I helped her get undressed. She pooped some more in our toilet and I cleaned the soiled clothing. I then got Vera into the shower, which I had wanted to do in the morning anyhow. We got her nice and clean and smelling great again. She still had some reflux and did not feel too well. She finally seems to be feeling a little better now, as she is resting in bed. I do not know if the problem was caused from the Thai food yesterday or the bison burger today. Oops she just got up so I have to go.

Saturday, February 17: It is now the next morning around 8AM. Vera is still in bed. She just handed me her glasses, which she wore all night. She sleeps on her back the whole night so at least she does not damage them or herself. I gave Vera a Benadryl after just giving her a banana and apple for dinner. She hardly coughed or spit up the rest of the evening. She seems fine this morning so far.

I wanted to write a little about the interview I did with a psychologist in LA for her podcast before I got so excited about the pooping yesterday. It was also
on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and she called me on Skype. She asked a bunch of good orgasm questions and I was quite enthusiastic in my responses. I did not feel my body or breathe deeply while talking with her so I will have to listen to the podcast in a couple of weeks to see how it turned out. I think it went well nonetheless. Vera sat nearby on the armchair and was quiet and unobtrusive.

Monday, February 19: Today is my twin brother’s birthday. That makes me 69. I’ve gotten a bunch of calls and lots of love on Facebook. It is around 11AM. We are waiting for Diane to join us for lunch. Vera is sitting close by on the armchair. She woke up and actually got out of bed early this morning. We had chocolate cake that I baked yesterday with some blueberry smoothie for breakfast. I feel energetic. We took a walk out early too. It was chilly out there but sunny and we were dressed properly for the cold.

Vera surprised me on Saturday when she agreed to have a sensual date again. She asked, “What can I do now?” and when I offered a make out she said, “OK.” It was very much a fun time. Vera got off quickly and the intensity felt really good too. Vera enjoyed all my touches and was moaning more than usual. At one point I could feel the intensity go up when I put my finger back on her spot. I felt totally connected to Vera and she to me. It was like putting the plug of a multi prong adapter in a socket and all the electric connections started to ramp up at once. We also did me together. Vera’s daughter showed up about two minutes after we finished. That was good timing.

Wednesday, February 21: It is now around 10AM. I just gave Vera a shower and she is laying on the bed while her hair dries. Ironically the last thing I wrote about was this electric energy that I felt from Vera. Last night the switch on our bedroom wall when you enter the room had a short and some sparks and heat came from it. I was worried that it could start a fire but the maintenance guy told me not to worry and he would fix it in the morning. It cooled down so he was right.

Back on Monday around 5PM our clients from Australia came for a session. I think Vera would have preferred if they did not show up because I put almost all my attention on them and she likes it best when it is on her. She did not want to participate in the bedroom either. However I was full of energy still maybe from the early morning cake and think I gave them a great session. I had fun and we laughed a number of times. The woman of the couple also felt more than I thought she would and I was pleased with the way the session went.

Last night Vera woke up around 3:30 and took off all her clothes. I gave her a robe to put on because it was on the cool side. She sat on the toilet for a few minutes but only peed. She came back to bed and I gave her some fresh pajamas to put on. She did not know why she did that.

Also yesterday we went to the jewelers because Vera’s wedding ring slipped off a couple of times because her finger was thinner. Vera did not want to part with it but I convinced her. Later that day Vera noticed her ring was missing and panicked. I told her that it was OK and it took awhile for her to settle down. Vera keeps on noticing the Valentine’s card on our table and loving it for the first time each time. The maintenance guy just fixed our switch. I like him but he is rightwing and for Trump and compared him to Churchill. Give me a break.

Friday, February 22: Vera notices frequently that her ring is missing. I think that it is fascinating that she remembers she had a ring but not what happened to it. We are supposed to pick it up later today and she says that she will be happy once that happens. I think once she gets it back she won’t remember that it was missing.

I spoke with Julia, a woman who is doing a story on Vic Baranco. She is an author herself and interviewed me on the phone. I invited her to come here next week to talk in person. I think she is an interesting person. She had written a book on Jonestown but claims this one will be positive on Vic.

Sunday, February 25: Interesting and busy day yesterday. First after having breakfast we drive to the store to pick up some heavy items that we don’t like to carry on our backs, like almond milk and a bunch of Fuji apples and sweet potatoes. It was also very cold and blustery in the early morning so walking would not be much fun anyhow. Then I gave Vera a shower. She got undressed quickly and without any resistance and that went well. We hung around the apartment for a while to let Vera’s hair dry naturally and had a smoothie after I did some exercises. When her hair was dry we went for a walk. It was still cool out but much better than earlier.

After lunch I read a few pages of James Joyce’s book A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. It is fairly interesting but it practically puts me to sleep after about five pages almost every time I pick it up to read. We then went out for a second walk. It was warmer but still pretty windy. I read my other book after the walk and did not get sleepy. Vera had said that she would be happy once she got her ring back but it seems she does not like it that is tighter on her finger than before. The jeweler made it adjustable so we can bring it to him tomorrow to adjust the size. She has complained a few times already about that.

I had some energy and offered Vera a sensual date. She agreed but then had to go to the toilet to poop. This usually is a good sign but she never really got into getting done. Vera felt some pleasure but seemed to have enough very soon after starting. Vera had been getting off really well for many weeks now and I was surprised at this lack of desire. I did myself too. It was not as good as usual either but still felt pretty good. Vera seemed to be in a better mood after we finished and we both enjoyed a large salmon salad for dinner. We watched the Warriors play on national TV and that was entertaining.

This morning we went to the Farmer’s market. It is a little after 11AM now. I created a new kissing game, where I wait for Vera at the bottom of the staircase landing and kiss her when she gets to the step above. We are about the same height at that point. Now we can kiss going down the elevator or the stairs.

Wednesday, February 28: Today is the one-year anniversary of Vera falling down and breaking her pelvis. We took a walk today and I did not think about her accident till I sat down to write and saw the date. I have been assisting her regularly when we cross streets and avoid curbs. Vera has been walking pretty well. We got her new sunglasses with a prescription lens, which might be beneficial. They are pretty heavy though and I think dent her nose a little after wearing them.

It is now around 11AM. We have a client coming this afternoon and I talked on the phone for an hour with a guy from Minnesota last night. He was very enthusiastic and I enjoyed our conversation. Vera sat next to me while I was on the telephone but was perfectly quiet. She did not cough or interrupt at all. Earlier in the afternoon Vera started asking me what she could do. I got her to take her pants off and say yes to pleasure.

Of course it was around 4 O’clock and it is the time of day she often poops. She said that she did not have to but after taking off her pants she changed her mind and went to the bathroom. She came back in a good mood and we had some fun. It was way better than the last time. Vera enjoyed my touch again and her face deepened in color as well as her pussy. I really enjoyed the light application of lubricant on her left labia going up and down it many times. Vera continued to roll with waves of contractions and orgasm while I stroked her labia. It looked like she might have had enough and I asked her and she kind of agreed with that thought. I said, “OK” but gave her another peak on her spot before closing up shop. It was worth it, as she burst tactically and visibly with some more intensity for a final peak.

Vera had cold hands and wanted to touch my penis. She got me off really nicely for a whole bunch of peaks. She said my penis was wet, which it was from leaking but I did not squirt and I felt very gratified.

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