Love and Alzheimer’s: End Of January + First week of February 2018

5 Nov

Monday, January 22: It seems like this will be the last week for my mom to be alive. She is no longer eating food and the caregivers think she in going soon. We plan to be there on Sunday. I guess that we will still go but I have a lot of resistance in going even when she was alive. She has been pretty much a vegetable for the past 2 years and I don’t think she really knows who she is or who I am. I had a few tears thinking about her a couple of days ago. She was a great mommy and made growing up as fun as it could probably be. My brother will be there too and that is the only reason that I would go there. I do not care about funerals or dealing with this kind of stuff. I have enough on my plate taking care of Vera and I feel overwhelmed.

In addition my gum is still hurting and bleeding after we went to the dentist last week. I try to reach them this morning but they were out of the office. I thought maybe I should get some antibiotics to fight the infection. The dentist never likes to prescribe them.

On the joyous front, Vera and I had a lovely sensual date yesterday.

Tuesday, January 23: My mom died early this morning. I am glad that she is not suffering any longer. It was a difficult couple of years for her and she can finally rest in peace. I spoke with my brother and he set up the funeral for Monday. This will probably be the last time we go to Florida.

Thursday, January 24: I am feeling pretty good this morning. Vera is still asleep. My gums feel better but not yet perfect. I went to the periodentist yesterday a Dr. Jabbour for a second opinion but he was a regular dentist not a period specialist. He thought I just had a cut between my teeth from over zealous brushing. He thought my mouth looked good and to lighten up. They did not charge me either. Vera came with me and there was no waiting in the office and we were out in twenty minutes.

We had made out between the dentist visit and my DMV appointment earlier in the afternoon. Vera was game but her foot went into spasm when she got on the bed. It went away after a couple of minutes and she then had a nice orgasm. The peaks were short but fairly intense. She started getting off strongly when I played with the lubricant on her upper labia. Her face colored up and she was more joyful. Vera told me that I was a master again. I got off too and felt better. It was a good idea.

I was thinking a lot about mom yesterday. I wanted to call her even though she never did say much if anything lately. I had been calling every day and I did call her caregiver but she did not pick up. I put an old poem and photo on FB and have gotten lots of loving feedback from old friends and new ones who did not even know her.

Thursday, February 8: We got back from Florida on Tuesday evening. Our friend Mooky picked us up at the airport and we were home real quickly, as he was fast and the plane was a half hour early. We both fell asleep before 9PM yesterday after our long travel day on Tuesday. We did manage to get in a nice make out before dinner. Vera got off well. I had a fun time pleasuring her and she was receptive to whatever I did. Her labia were super turned on while I was applying the lubricant and she had a great peak just from that before getting on the clitoris.

Speaking of make outs we both took time for pleasuring our bodies in Florida. We had 3 separate occasions in the nine days that we were there to have orgasms. It was fairly tumescing being there, as we were constantly around other people and their tumescence. Our orgasms were strong and had both of us feeling a lot during and mellower afterwards.

I really enjoyed seeing my brother and his wife. They are very kind and generous people and my brother still has a keen sense of humor. A bunch of friends and relatives were also doing things together like eating dinners and going to the pool. The funeral for my mom was small and surreal. First we saw her body in an open casket at the funeral parlor. Then we went to the cemetery and my brother gave a short talk about her. I felt emotional and just told her that I loved her and will continue to call her in my mind daily. They put the casket in a space in the wall, as Florida does that instead of burying people in the ground. It seems silly but it is a swamp. Then everybody from the funeral went to the clubhouse at their retirement community and ate lunch together.

We were generally able to stick to our diet and though tempted by pizza at a Super Bowl party declined because we had just eaten a big salad before that. We saw my dad’s broker and it looks like I will get a little money right away and a quarterly check for more than I expected. I was happy about that. The stock market went way down while we were there for the week or so after going up the previous month. Practically the whole estate is in equities. The trust was worth $3.2 million plus the condo etc. at the time of my mom’s passing. We also will be keeping the condo because my brother needs a Florida address being that he is the executor of the will and lives in Germany.

I sold a bunch of their jewelry and gave Vera a lovely gold and diamond necklace that was my mom’s but was in a safety deposit box. We are having it polished and pick it up today. I was able to take Vera out for a couple walks each day. She seemed to get tired walking there and did not like walking but she liked it there in general and did not want to leave. It was cold and windy the first few days there but then the weather changed to sunny and mild and I was able to swim the last half of our stay once a day. I really enjoyed that and went swimming most of the time when no one else was around except for the sky and the birds.

Vera had a rough time walking on the airplane to go to the bathroom on our way to Florida but it seemed easier on the way back for some reason. I was thinking we might fly first class next time if there is a next time. Vera is resting in bed right now. It is almost 10 AM and we both got up early this morning. I just gave Vera a shower and her hair has to dry before we can take a walk.

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