Love and Alzheimer’s: January, 2018

22 Oct

Tuesday, January 2, 2018. We slept well the past couple of nights. Vera even let me take off her eyeglasses last night. It is mid morning and a new year. I got a rental car for our trip to Florida at the end of the month for a good price, which made me happy. My leg is getting better slowly and my gum is still bleeding a little but also getting better I think. Our friend Jillian came over for lunch yesterday. I had cooked the fish that John the maintenance guy gave us a few days ago along with some salmon from the store. I put some soupy stew with sweet potatoes on top and made a big serving of sautéed Brussels sprouts and kale with mushrooms. It was delicious.

Thursday, January 4: We just got back from exchanging some athletic pants that I ordered on line at Nordstrom. The one I just got I am wearing. I like them pretty much but they are a little tight and short at the bottom but feel good elsewhere. I was wearing them to see if I get used to the different feel from my regular old ones. Vera is sitting and falling asleep on the couch. She was a trooper hanging with me in the dressing room and walking. It rained last night for the first time in over a month. The air smelled good. Vera got up once last night to pee and there was a moderate earthquake at the same time.

We had a nice sensual date on Tuesday. It started poorly when I banged my bony elbow against Vera’s left knee. Then her other leg started to hurt. She finally settled down and got off well. She had to pass some gas a couple of times but got back to the orgasm right away after a short break or two. Vera forgot about her pain and was happy but then she had pain from more gas but went to the bathroom and got rid of it and felt better.

I did not feel like getting off as long as Vera was in pain but when she came back from the bathroom she brought back some turn-on and wanted to watch me do myself. I did and Vera watched and got off some more making sexy orgasmic sounds. I did not take too long and we both felt better.

My groin pull is getting better but I strained a middle back muscle yesterday. It is not too bad and does not interfere with doing things at least. My gum bleeding is also better but not totally healed.

Monday, January 8: My body is feeling a lot better this morning. Vera is still asleep. It is time to wake her up soon. She has slept well the past few nights. We had a fun sensual date yesterday. We have not had one in a few days but I did not have much energy for it until yesterday.

It started off fun just playing with her pubic hair etc. but then got slowed down because Vera’s right leg hurt in the beginning when she spread them to open her genital area and I did not want to stroke her body while she was in pain. I waited till she felt better and was a bit tentative at first in order not to cause any pain, which is not a good idea. I used my hand at the bottom of her introitus but that felt off for some reason so I took that hand and placed it above her clitoris and my doing hand instead. That seemed to open the floodgates of pleasure and I gave Vera two really good intense peaks on her spot and also on the lower clitoris. I went back and forth between the two and kept her going for a good amount of time. I also did myself and Vera enjoyed me lying next to her when I did that, feeling my pleasure. I had her place her leg against my thigh and testicles and she felt sexy next to me. I did not squirt but leaked quite a lot. I feel turned on now writing about it.

We walked twice a day last week almost every day. We were able to walk to Whole Foods on Saturday, as my groin pull was much better already. We had taken our car the past few times to shop. I finished the Leonardo Di Vinci book by Isaacson. It was better than his Ben Franklin book probably because he had a lot of drawings and paintings to describe.

Wednesday, January 10: Vera woke up in the middle of the night last night and was walking around the apartment in the dark. She then went to the front door and I woke up when she opened the door. I called out to her to come back to bed and I got up to make sure that she did. She was a little confused but seemed in a good enough mood. She came back to bed after peeing. I got up pretty early and put a load of laundry in down in the basement. I then started to make the steel cut oats, which take about 45 minutes. Vera woke up while I was putting the oats into the boiling water. She had slept enough and did not want to go back to bed like she usually does. She stayed with me while I put breakfast together.

We took a nice walk around town without going to any stores this morning. We got back and had a smoothie after I did some exercises that I usually do while Vera is sleeping in the early morning. A little while later I gave Vera a big hug and felt some turn-on. I asked her if she wanted to have a date. She kind of said that she did but not say it very clearly and also that she was not sure if she was allowed to. I told her that we could have a date after the smoothie digested some so that she would not have hick-ups when she lay down. A little while later she asked me if I was going to do her. I put down my book. We walked to the bedroom and I told her to take off her pants.

It was a fun make-out. Vera looked great. Her hair looked nice after taking a shower yesterday. Her legs were sexy and her skin is in great condition, especially her legs. I made sure that her legs did not hurt. Vera said that her left leg felt some pain and we maneuvered till we got the right angle and position. I put my hand on her genitals and I could feel her contracting and having an orgasm right away. I played around with her pussy before putting on the lubricant and we had a fun ride, which continued with the application of the lubricant. Vera was responding to all my touches. I got on her spot with my index finger and the intensity jumped to another level. I gave Vera about 5 fairly long peaks. She kept going for it and did not ask me to stop. I kept saying one more peak each time I started up again. I could feel my cock engorge on the last peak against Vera’s sexy thigh that no longer hurt even the slightest. After wiping Vera off I lubricated myself and lay down beside Vera. Vera was intently watching me and did not ask to do me but I put my left leg between her legs and moved her right thigh against my crotch in the middle of doing myself.

It is now around 4PM and we just had some chocolate pieces with hot water to wash it down. Vera just came over and is looking over my shoulder and said “Wow! What is this?” I told her that I am writing about us.

Monday, January 15: I gave Vera a shower this morning before her appointment with the podiatrist. She did not put up too much resistance because I think she wanted her hair washed also. We made the appointment on time exactly and did not have to wait long. Dr. Kenney trimmed Vera’s long toenails and filed down her corns. Vera has fewer corns than she used to but still has one that is active. The doctor also trimmed Vera’s fingernails, which were very long. Vera preferred that she did not do that but it was two against one.

Vera has been sleeping better this week. She got up to pee a couple of times but knew where the bathroom was and had no problems. We had a nice visit from an old friend we had not seen in a number of months on Friday but have not had many visitors otherwise. Michael had been to Ireland since we last saw him and told us about his trip. He went to a club for James Joyce that he enjoyed. He liked the people and the countryside. I have been reading about old Erin lately and I could picture the place well. Vera and I had a fun sensual date yesterday.

I asked Vera if she wanted to make out and Vera said that she might. That still means yes in womanese. Vera has been pooping almost exactly at 4 PM the past week or so. She pooped first and we cleaned her up well. I also put Honeygirl facial scrub on her face and then some Honeygirl face cream, so Vera had a wonderful fragrance added on to her natural wonderfulness.

Vera started to get off right away, before I even touched her. I could not find the old Albolene container but we had a new jar and it was fun to use virgin lubricant on Vera’s pussy. I put some on her inner labia, which Vera loved. The intensity on her spot was steady. It was not super intense but it felt very good and Vera had a beautiful smile on her face, while I was peaking her. I kept saying one more peak or would you like another peak and Vera went for it until the final peak when she had more intensity and moans and I knew that was enough. Vera wanted to rub my cock. She had cold hands, which I love. It felt great. She squirted me of course. We kissed some afterwards on Vera’s sweet smelling face and pillow like lips. We were both in a good mood after.

My groin pull or whatever it was seems better now. My gum is still a bit sensitive. We will see the dentist on Wednesday but I think it is healing just a bit slowly for my ego.

Thursday, January 18: We did go to the dentist and hygienist yesterday. The one area of my mouth bled some when she cleaned it out but they think it looks pretty good. She also did a laser therapy on that area, which supposedly reduces the pocket size. It bled some more last night and this morning but I think or hope that this is normal after a deep cleaning. My mouth usually feels worse after a cleaning anyhow. They keep telling me what a great job that I am doing on my teeth and that Vera’s gums were much better from my flossing her daily.

Vera was very joyful when we left the dental office. She was thankful to me for bringing her there and she liked the ride in our car. Vera’s good mood continued when we came back home. She was up for a sensual date and we had a fun time.

I did not move Vera’s leg around at all this time and she did not complain of any pain there either. Vera had a nice and continual orgasm from spreading her labia apart to applying the lubricant to getting on her spot. Vera enjoyed my touch and had only nice things to say. I really liked putting my hand under her buttocks and my finger at the base of her introitus. Vera had some strong contractions when I began that position. I had not been doing that for the past few dates. Vera had a steady climb upwards and though it was not super intense it felt great the whole time and when I toweled her off she had some strong contractions when I wiped the clitoral area. She obviously got pretty high.

Vera had cold hands, and I had her warm them up on my hot member. Vera peaked me a number of times. I did not want to squirt so I ended by peaking myself a couple more times and had Vera use her thigh to press in rhythm against my testicle area.

Vera ate dinner afterwards with gusto. We had a nice evening watching first the basketball game, which the Warriors won and then some other programs. I fell asleep watching a show but Vera was still awake having napped earlier that day. I turned the TV off around 10:30 after I woke up. Vera said that she had to pee but was confused and I had to show her the bathroom. She did not have to pee and I got a little upset that I had to get up for nothing. About 15 minutes later she got up again on her own and went directly to the bathroom and did pee. Vera woke me up a number of times with different questions around midnight. She peed again later and though I woke up she did not require any assistance. Vera surprisingly got up early this morning and we took a walk around town after eating breakfast.

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