Love and Alzheimer’s: End of 2017

15 Oct

Sunday, December 17: It is now around 11AM. We got back from taking a walk to the Farmer’s market and beyond. Last night was another rough one. Vera was not sleepy and kept waking me up to ask me if I was her friend and if I loved her. I kept telling her that I do and did that many times in different ways but at some point I got upset with her at being woken up or kept awake and yelled at her. I felt bad and explained myself as best I could. She did not understand me and felt hurt. She forgot about it and started asking me the same questions again a few minutes later. This went on for most of the night. In between I did have some good dreams so I know I did sleep some. I did not feel too tired this morning and Vera got up easily too. I have to figure out a better way to handle this new conundrum and will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Tuesday, December 19: We both slept like babies on Sunday night. Vera must have slept for almost 11 hours and I got in 8 solid ones. Last night was different. The basketball game we were watching went into overtime and ended around 10:30. I was pretty awake still and so was Vera. I turned the TV off around 11 PM but Vera started with her questions again. It was not as bad as it was a couple of nights ago but I had more difficulty falling back to sleep. Around 2:30 after Vera had woken me up I noticed that she was still wearing her glasses. I took them off and she complained bitterly. I put them back on her but she still was moaning about how I could do that to her. I lost it for a few seconds and yelled at her to shut up. Then I grabbed her to me and hugged her in the bed. She did not like that either but we did finally fall asleep. Vera got up early in a pretty good mood and we ate some pancakes but it is now around 9AM and she is sleeping sitting up on the couch.

We had a fun sensual date too before dinner yesterday. Vera got off really well but repeated how it was too much a couple of times. I was touching her lightly and she was just feeling a lot. I would back off and start again and she would have intense contractions but not in full agreement with the pleasure her pussy was showing. She looked happy and smiling so I was a bit confused with whether to go on or not. I gave her a couple more short intense peaks and even when I toweled her off her contractions were intense. Vera wanted to do me too and I had a lot of pleasure as well. She really enjoyed touching my cock and seemed very happy afterwards. She really enjoyed dinner a little while later.

Wednesday, December 20: We both slept perfectly well last night. Vera did not wake up at all till this morning and she got up before I had to coax her out of bed. I did not even give her a Benadryl last night. It is after breakfast now and I think we will go for a walk. We did go for a walk and a second one after lunch. Vera walked well and did not complain. She is in a good mood so far today. I had to give her a few lollipops for her cough but that has been all.

Friday, December 22: We have not made out for a couple of days but we have been kissing and hugging frequently. There were a couple of hugs where we pressed our bodies together and I could feel Vera having an orgasm. It is now early afternoon. We just took a walk around the neighborhood after eating a bison burger from the Counter at home.

Vera has been fairly coherent and happy the past few days during the day and then a bit strange at night. I have been agreeing to her wearing her glasses in the dark when we are asleep because she gets upset if I take them off. I have been removing them early in the morning while she is asleep and she does not mind that. Last night around 12:30 I was asleep and Vera woke me up by sitting at the edge of the bed and asking me where her third one was? I did not know what she meant but she repeated it a number of times. Then she got up and went to the dining room and took the pillow off her chair and brought it back to bed. She now had 3 pillows and that was the third one she had meant. She went back to sleep and I had 5 hours of straight sleeping after that, way more than I usually get. She got up for breakfast and I put the pillow back on the chair.

I have been reading a biography about Leonardo di Vinci. I should have realized it but his last name was not Di Vinci. It just connotes that was the town that he was from. It is near Firenze or Florence, where he did his apprenticeship in a studio for arts and other works. He was a bastard but got on OK with his father. He was also left-handed and a homosexual. It seemed that Florence and Milano where he later lived and worked were fairly open minded about homosexuality.

Saturday, December 23: It is now 3PM. We just came back from our second walk of the day. Our friend Jillian came with us after sharing lunch, which was mostly sautéed green vegetables, with a little bit of grilled steak that I had cooked earlier. The vegetables included baby broccoli, kale, baby kale and Brussels sprouts. Jillian did most of the talking and I think Vera still prefers me without anyone else around for me to put my attention on.

We had a lovely sensual date before dinner last night. I started by rubbing Vera’s legs, as I was still standing at the side of the bed while Vera was already prone. She said that she was having orgasms while I was doing that and I could see her contractions. I got up on the bed sitting next to Vera and her orgasm continued with whatever touch I gave her. Vera told me that I was a true master and I felt that I was not even trying but just enjoying her. I did all the regular strokes after a while but before that I would just touch her around the genitals or her belly or thighs and Vera would have intense contractions. It was very fun. Vera wound up doing me too and squirted me after a couple of great peaks.

Vera was pretty quiet in the evening after thoroughly enjoying dinner. I turned off the television after the basketball game was over and Vera got talkative and I told her that I was tired but loved her so much. She talked for a little while more but eventually let me go to sleep. I woke up refreshed. After breakfast I made the bed and noticed that the bottom sheet had another hole in it. I then washed the new sheets and the ones on the bed as well. We made the bed together after our first walk and when all the sheets and pillowcases were dry.

Monday, December 25: It is Christmas day. I have never had any fond or wonderful memories or feelings about Christmas being Jewish and atheist. I do like Jesus and what he really said and stands for but celebrating his birth with all the craziness is just that …. crazy. I just gave Vera a shower and we washed her hair. She was wearing a skull cap for a couple of days and her hair looked all matted down before her shower but very much better afterwards. Vera almost always resists going into the shower when I suggest it. Today was just a minor resistance. She really likes it once she is under the water and takes a long shower. Vera is resting on the bed while I am typing here.

We had another fun sensual date yesterday before dinner. Vera kept on pestering me about what she could do. Finally I told her to take off her pants, which she did much to my surprise, being that we had just made out a couple of days ago. Her orgasm was not quite up to the cascading waterfall she had on Friday but it was a nice intense flowing orgasm just the same. It was easy and she started feeling more when I put my thigh between her legs while Vera was lying down and pressed it against her genitals.

Vera was joyful for a while afterwards and ate her dinner salad with gusto. After dinner she started with what she could do again and getting mixed up with reality and what was on television. I got her to come to bed with me to watch some more TV and we watched a couple of light comedy movies without any violence or car chases. Vera enjoyed that but did not want me to take off her glasses again when I turned the TV off around 10PM. We slept solidly till around 3PM.

Vera woke me up and she was upset because she did not know where her red bag was. I told her that she had a couple of red bags in the closet but they were empty and she did not need them in the middle of the night. Vera kept being upset until I showed her one bag in the closet. She stopped asking about it at that point and peed in the toilet. She must have had a dream about a red bag because this one in the closet is just an old backpack she hardly ever uses. She gave me her glasses at that point and went back to sleep. Vera did not remember anything about a red bag this morning. I am waiting for her hair to dry before we go out for a walk.

Thursday, December 28: Vera slept so peacefully last night. I could hardly hear her gentle breathing. She often snores or makes occasional loud noises or wakes me up but last night was very calm. We had another joyous sensual time yesterday before dinner.

Vera felt orgasmic for the whole date. It began when I started touching her and continued through to while she was watching me do myself. She had a number of intense peaks along the way. She really got off when I applied the lubricant to her introitus and labia. I could not tell how much she was feeling but she was making orgasmic sounds while I was getting off. I did not squirt but did leak a bunch. Vera was rubbing her legs against mine, as I was touching myself. Vera was so friendly afterwards and said nice words to me. She also cuddled up next to me for a few minutes before we got up to get dressed.

We had gone on Monday to Helen’s home for Xmas dinner. The food was great. Two of Helen’s kids actually ate with us at the table, which was the first time that happened. Helen was relapsing from a cold she had but so far we have not developed any symptoms.

I went early yesterday to get my blood drawn for routine hopefully testing. I got back really fast and Vera was still asleep. My upper leg or groin area made it difficult for me to walk for a couple of days but we still went out for our usual walks. I have been doing some new Egoscue exercises that seem to help and I feel a lot better this morning but still not 100%.

Saturday, December 30: I still feel my leg but it is slowly getting better. I also had a little blood come out of my gums for the first time since surgery last year. It also is getting better but not as quickly as I would like. Thankfully Vera and I had a lovely make out yesterday that made her and especially me feel a lot better.

Vera was so appreciative. I played with her pussy and thighs while standing up and then I put the top of my bald head against her crotch and could feel the pulsing of her orgasm. I gave her head so to speak. I use to suck Vera off but she seemed to get a breakout of a rash of some kind after I did that so I don’t do that any more.

I got into the sitting position and had my way with her pussy. Vera called me a master again and I was. She has been getting off so well as of late. I was turned on doing her, as my penis was between my thigh and hers and engorging. Vera had another great peak at the end, as I kept telling her that I was going to stop and she kept going for it. Just a few more strokes was what I said. Vera also did me afterwards to a strong squirt at the end all over her hand and my thigh. Dinner of a large salad with soft boiled eggs was delicious and Vera was hungry and ate it all up quickly.

We slept pretty well. I had to convince Vera to put her glasses on the shelf and she did so reluctantly. She also woke up once and said her socks hurt her feet and she took them off and went back to sleep. I gave her a shower this morning and she went in the tub willingly after resisting for a couple of days. I also shaved my head this morning and trimmed my moustache to the shortest that I remember.

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