Love and Alzheimer’s: Beginning of December 2017

8 Oct

Saturday, December 2: It is 2:30 in the afternoon. Vera is sitting in the armchair next to me once again. She is awake. Chad left this morning. Yesterday afternoon he was around the apartment with us. I asked Vera to take a walk a number of times but she was not interested and tired. Vera got depressed and started saying how sad she is. I went over to her and tried to make her feel better with little success. Then Chad said that he was going out for a walk. Vera got more receptive to my attention and I asked her to take off her pants and underwear, as she had worn them for a few days. She undressed and we cleaned her up with a washcloth. I then had the thought, which I had not been having before that, that it would be a good time to fool around in bed. I told Vera that it would be a short one. She agreed and since she already had her panties off she got up on the bed as I quickly put the towels and pillows in position.

Vera was receptive to my touch and I could feel her mood getting better and better the more I touched her. She had a big grin on her face. She had a nice orgasm, not too short but a perfect amount’s worth. Her clitoris engorged quickly and I got on her spot and gave her a couple of more than decent peaks. It was just amazing to me how her mood had changed from sad to joyful in a few minutes.

I was turned on and put some lubricant on my cock and started doing myself. Vera wanted to touch me too so she started stroking my cock and gave me a few really exquisite peaks. I did not want to squirt so I took over at the end so that I would only leak a little and then we were done. We both felt so good. Vera was up for a walk after that and we took a short route around the neighborhood.

After we ate an oatmeal breakfast this morning with Chad he left right after because we had a student coming over for a session. I really liked this new student. She had worked with Alzheimer’s patients before and seemed cool about Vera. Vera was tired and nodded off for most of the session. The woman got off better than I expected from hearing her story and was very appreciative during and afterwards. I felt productive and good about myself. Vera woke up after she left and we ate lunch and took a stroll around town after eating.

Tuesday, December 5: It is almost lunchtime. Vera is hovering over my shoulder. I prefer to write when she is sitting quietly or sleeping. I am feeling a bit annoyed, as she was acting dumb about pulling her pants up after peeing. She finally pulled them up after a few minutes of her asking me what to do. I was doing an exercise and did not want to stop to pull her pants up for her. I gave her a hug and feel a little better afterwards.

We had a sensual date yesterday. I did not think Vera would want to because I had asked her a couple of times earlier and she was not so inclined. Then before dinner she asked me what she should do. I told her she could have some fun with me in bed and she agreed. She asked me what I wanted and I told her that was what I wanted.

It was a perfect little orgasm party. Vera started to get off as I gently played with her pubic hair. Her body felt good next to mine and she responded to my advances on her genitals. I was using my middle finger to stroke her clitoris because I had a little cut on my index finger. I got on her spot and switched between very light and medium pressure strokes. Vera enjoyed all of my pressures. I used my index finger for the last peak because the tip of it was OK for a precise stroke on her spot. Vera went up to another level and I kept her going by telling her this was the last peak. I repeated that a couple of times and she kept on feeling and going higher.

Vera had cold hands and I love that on my hot cock. She took me for an orgasmic ride of my own after I had wiped her off with the towel. She squirted me fairly quickly but there were a few peaks involved. She had a big grin on her face and said that she was happy. I took a couple of photos afterwards and she still had a big smile lighting up her face. We had a nice evening. I fell asleep watching an old movie but Vera was still watching the credits at the end when I woke up around 11. She did not want me to turn off the TV but I did so anyhow. Vera was asleep within 30 seconds.

We had a good morning earlier with a walk to Trader Joes. Vera is sitting down now, as I had asked her to do that instead of looking over my shoulder. I feel much better again after writing here.

Sunday, December10: It is after 11AM. We got to a later than usual start this morning because Vera slept in. She slept very peacefully without snoring at all. We took a walk this morning after a pancake breakfast to the Farmer’s market. We walked downtown afterwards. It was supposed to be cool out but it already had warmed up and I felt a bit overdressed. We got home and Vera complained about something in her ear. I have no idea what she means by that and hopefully it will disappear like almost all the other pains she gets. I feel very impotent when she complains and I don’t even know where to begin.

Last night something amazing happened. Vera has been having a difficult time in communicating her thoughts lately, but last night she said something about getting done. I could not believe my ears and asked her a few questions about what she said but all her answers seemed to point to her pussy. Vera has not asked to be done in years and even though I was not in a very sensual mood, as we were watching boxing on TV and it was around 8 O’clock PM, I told her to take her pants off. Vera did so willingly and got back on the bed after I laid down a towel.

It was fantastic. Vera was getting off as I put my hand on her thigh and near her genitals. It continued to develop from there. I kept telling her how much I like it when she has appetite for sex. She was smiling and appreciative. I got on her spot with my middle finger and did a stroke more like pushing down and releasing the pressure over and over again more than moving my finger up and down or around. Vera was getting off well so I continued that for a while. I then shifted the stroke, as I put my bottom hand on the base of her introitus and lightly went up and down on her engorged spot with my index finger for a more regular touch. I did a couple of peaks like that. I then told Vera that I would give her one more peak. I used more pressure and sped up the stroke. She was feeling it and I repeatedly told her to go higher, feel more, last peak etc. in order to take her up. Vera followed my instructions and went for it. It was the best peak she has had in some time. By the time the peak was over my cock was fully engorged.

I teased Vera about wanting more but knew that she had enough. She got off some more on the way down with some strong contractions, as I toweled her off. Vera took hold of my cock after I put some lubricant on it. She did me really well and finally squirted me as I moaned so the whole building could hear me probably.

Wednesday, December 13: It is mid morning. We just came back from a walk to Whole Foods. Vera was walking well and did not get too tired. She did not complain at all. She is sitting next to me again on the armchair. Last night was a little emotional ride for her.

Our friend visited for lunch and stayed a few hours taking a walk with us around the neighborhood. After she left I offered Vera to have a sensual date but instead we hugged and I rubbed her genitals through her clothes. She was feeling orgasmic and I could feel her in my body as well. She did not want to go to bed for more but we hugged for a few minutes. We had done a similar hug a couple of days ago only I had my genitals pressed up against hers through her clothes and I could feel her orgasm coming and encompassing me. Then back to yesterday we ate dinner, which was our usual salad and Vera was so appreciative, telling me how great I was and how well I helped her. She was genuinely happy and really enjoyed the food too.

Later that night we were watching TV in bed and it was getting close to 11PM. I wanted to turn the TV off but Vera wanted to watch more saying that it was important to know all the news. The Democrat had just upset the Republican senator in Alabama but we had heard the story for a few hours already. I also had the sports news on and I know that Vera does not care who won or lost. I finally turned it off and she called me mean and said that I did not love her. I felt my pain body rise up but was aware enough not to defend myself and I stayed calm and only spoke a few words of friendship. A couple of hours later we both got up to pee and Vera told me how glad she was that I loved her and cared for her. Her pain body had gone away too because I had not fed it earlier.

Friday, December 15: It is a little after lunch. We had a bison burger from the Counter around the block from us. We brought it home as usual. We split a half-pound burger and add some avocado and gluten free toast. The girl Brittany, who takes our order, knows all the sides and there are quite a few of them. It makes calling our order in so easy. It was delicious. I am eating grilled onions again and love them on top of the burger. My reflux seems to be in check as long as I don’t eat too much. Vera is nodding in and out on the armchair.

Vera did not sleep too well last night. At least it seemed that way, as she woke me up almost every hour till about 3:30. She was friendly and was asking me if I liked her and how much she likes me. I told her that I love her each time that she asked but also told her that I don’t like that question because there should be no doubt. I probably could leave that part out.

We had a wonderful sensual date before dinner last night. It was fun from the beginning. My wrist had been hurting and bothering me for a couple of days but it did not bother me when I stroked her pussy. Vera had a steady medium intense orgasm. She was responsive and joyful. I gave her a real short stroke on her spot at the end for the most intense peak of the date. She got me engorged and was making happy sounds and moans. Vera rubbed my cock after she was done. She got me to the point of leaking and I asked her to stop. We then switched off a couple of times with Vera taking over after I gave myself a couple of peaks. I leaked but did not squirt. Vera enjoyed dinner soon after.

Around 9:30 last night while we were watching the end of the basketball game and also a movie on TV Vera decided that her earrings were bothering her. I took them off for her. I did a real swift and painless job of it and put the jewelry in a safe place on top of the chest of drawers. About an hour later Vera wanted her earrings back in her hands. I told her that they were in a safe place and I would help her put them back on tomorrow if she wanted but that I did not want to do that tonight, as my wrist still had some pain. Vera did not seem to understand and insisted to hold them that she did not want to put them back on. I got upset with her and told her that I would not give her the earrings then that they were safe and if she wanted them she could get up and get them herself.

I think I was tired and a bit cranky from my yearly physical at the doctors earlier in the day. She had given us a flu shot and my left arm was hurting too. Vera then got a little indignant and said to forget the whole thing and that I did not love her. She also started to make funny noises with her nose because it was stuffed and she could not breathe through it properly. I think maybe she had a reaction to the flu shot too. I got up for that and gave her another Benadryl, her second of the evening and some decongestant nose drops. It got better after a little while and Vera got friendlier and that is when she started telling me how much she loved me again etc. It was way after 11PM by then, which is late for us to go to sleep.

This morning I got up at my usual time around 7 AM and my wrist felt better and my flu shot arm was also better. Vera’s nose was clear and we went for a walk after breakfast. I told Vera that I loved her before she could ask me this morning. I gave her the earrings in a little box but she did not want to put them on. I put them on the shelf next to her side of the bed.

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