Love and Alzheimer’s: End of November 2017

3 Oct

Thursday, November 17: We both slept well last night while it rained steadily outside. We got up fairly early and drove the car to Trader Joes after a hot oatmeal breakfast. Yesterday was really sunny and we had taken 3 walks. Today it is still raining and since we both are at the tail end of our colds I did not want to aggravate them by getting wet. It is mid morning and Vera is sitting on the armchair.

Vera slept well on Tuesday night too but when we got up I was going to make the bed and saw that she had peed on the bed. I took it in stride but had to remove the hypoallergenic mattress cover as well as the sheets. I washed the pillowcases again too. I could not get the mattress cover over the mattress and I knew it was going to be rough sledding. I asked Vera to go to the other room. She stayed and got in my way a couple of times. I got a bit upset. I knew I would that is why I asked her to leave the room. We made up later and had a nice day.

I sprayed some odor remover on the mattress and it was not too bad. I also Googled how to get urine out of a mattress. It said to use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a drop of liquid soap in a spray bottle. I left the mattress cover off but put a towel under Vera last night. She did not pee in bed again. Hopefully it is just a one-time thing. I also googled how to put the cover back on and it is best to stand the mattress up first and then slide the cover over both sides at once. It is a very heavy Tempurpedic mattress and actually feels better without the cover. My back feels better without having to lift that mattress too. I may just leave it off. We got it a number of years ago when the allergist said Vera was slightly allergic to dust mites and I thought maybe that was causing her to cough. It did not help. Her cough is actually better with the cold not worse so far.

Tuesday, November 21: It is the middle of the morning. We took a walk earlier to Whole Foods. We just drank our daily Smoothie. It is still yummy each time. Vera is sitting on the couch a few feet away from me. We still have not kissed. It is two weeks since I started having this cold. I think it is almost gone but I still sneeze and blow my nose on occasion. Vera still coughs a bit deeper but not as deep as she did and still not too often. She also seems to be blowing her nose more than usual but not a whole lot more. We have been holding hands when we walk and hugging still.

Vera’s son Tim came down from Santa Rosa on Sunday by himself for a couple of hours. He was going to come last week for Vera’s birthday but we did not want to infect him. We took a little walk together and he held his mom’s hand walking. She had a little trouble with one curb but he straightened her out quickly and she did not fall. He is strong and a physical trainer. Vera held both our arms going up the front steps. I think she liked that.

We are supposed to go to a Thanksgiving party this afternoon at our daughter Helen’s home. This will be the first time over there since she moved in last spring. It is not far but she had wanted to fix it up some before showing it to us. I baked some brownies to take over. Vera and I finished the birthday cake yesterday. We ate a piece of cake almost every day for over a week. I am not sure how healthy it is but better than your regular cake, as it is gluten free and I added protein powder. We shared one piece with Tim and ate the rest between the two of us. It was so good.

We have not been feeling up to making out for this past week, with low energy but yesterday I felt better and Vera was more than willing. It was very fun. Vera enjoyed my touching and acknowledged how well I touch her. The orgasm started up right away, as soon as I brushed by her pubic hair. The intensity was pretty good and continued throughout the date. I used a very light stroke on her spot and Vera got off like she was plugged into 220 volts. I kept her going by peaking her with longer strokes and then getting back on her spot. She would go up as soon as I would touch it no matter how lightly. After toweling her off and washing my hands I put lubricant on my penis and had Vera put her leg up against my genitals at the same time. I was super turned on and I got up to almost squirting very quickly. I backed off and l just felt Vera’s leg rub up against me. I was able to continue with my orgasm for a number of strong peaks. I leaked but did not squirt again.

We slept well but Vera woke me up this morning a couple of times repeating the same sentence each time. It was, “I speak and I am Vera.” She then would go back to sleep until the next announcement. Vera also got up early before or at the same time that I did this morning. I gave her the Prilosec and made some pancakes before we took our early walk.

Friday, November 24:
It is mid morning now, close to lunch. We took a lovely walk to Whole Foods this morning after breakfast. It is Black Friday and the mall was filled with people before 10AM, which only happens a couple times a year.

The party at Helen’s home was pretty nice. She lives in a real quiet area, surrounded by a trail and is the last house on the block. Her friend helped her out and also brought her 14 year old twins. They were very friendly and I was impressed with the twins, a boy and a girl. They were much friendlier than our own grandchildren who hid in their rooms, while the twins ate with us. Helen also gave us some turkey leftovers and we have been eating them for the past couple of days.

Yesterday before dinner I asked Vera if she wanted to have a sensual date. She was willing and we had some fun. Vera got off again as soon as I opened her labia. Vera got off with everything I did, from the slow application of the lubricant to getting on her spot with a very gentle touch great pulsating contractions felt in my body to moving around from her spot to her lower clitoris and her labia in a quicker motion. I did not do her too long but did give her one bonus peak that she went up on even more and she was very grateful. Vera wanted to rub on my cock afterwards and she squirted me in practically no time. It felt great and I think she enjoyed that too.

We watched a couple of movies after dinner. One was called Anne of Green Gables on PBS and was about a really smart and cute orphaned red headed girl who has loving folks around her. It was quite touching. We fell asleep normally but Vera woke up around 2 in the morning and was brushing her teeth with the light on. I got her to turn off the light and come back to bed. We both slept in a little later than usual this morning.

Tuesday, November 28: It is the middle of the morning and Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair once again. We had an interesting night. First Vera woke me up around 2 in the morning. She seemed happy. Vera was talking about the number seven and how there were so many sevens that she has not counted them all yet. This went on for a few minutes, maybe 7 minutes and then she went back to sleep. About 3:30 she woke me up again but this time she was not so happy. She was complaining about something in her body that did not feel good. I think it was in her mouth. I offered her water but she refused. A little while later Vera got up and went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth. I offered her water a couple of times. The first time she refused again but then she drank some. She felt better and we both went back to sleep. I got up pretty early and did my exercises and put a load of laundry in. I let Vera sleep till 8:30.

We took a nice walk after breakfast and after putting the laundry away. Vera helped fold. The air was fresh and because it was later in the morning than usual the temperature was not so cold anymore and we were a bit overdressed.

I asked Vera a number of times yesterday if she wanted to have a date. She declined each time saying not now. I kept asking and later on in the day Vera asked me what she could do. I told her that she could have an orgasm and that I would love to give it to her. She said, “OK” and we went to the bedroom quickly before she changed her mind. Vera was fun, and we had a very nice time. I did not play around too much before getting to her genitals and put on the lubricant soon after we started, which Vera liked and responded with nice contractions. Her clitoris engorged quickly when I started stroking lightly on her spot. I could feel her focus and enjoyment, as I touched her and brought her up for a great first peak. I could see how it got a little larger on almost every stroke. I took my finger off and started another peak soon thereafter on her engorged clitoris. I used a little more pressure on the second peak and Vera responded to whatever I did to her with joy and full body orgasm. The third peak I moved my finger around more getting on her spot and then moving it to other areas of her clitoris and labia. I kept her going like that for a nice long peak using a combination of light and firmer pressures. I could tell that Vera almost had enough so I told her that I was going to do one last peak. I repeated the moving around of my finger dancing to the music that was playing. I do not know the name but it was a pretty voice of a young woman. It was a nice ending to a fun do and I toweled Vera off, which she also enjoyed. Vera wanted to do me so she got me off as well, fairly quickly.

I felt a lot better after and Vera looked way better too. It was dinnertime and I put together some Chinese noodles and shrimp that we had gotten on an earlier walk with some Kale from the Farmer’s market. We ate quickly and enjoyed our little feast.

Thursday, November 30: It is the middle of the afternoon. Our friend Chad came yesterday from Colorado. He is staying with us for 3 nights, as he is going to a talk in San Francisco. Vera is polite but does not relate too well with him so far. He and I get along well, maybe she is jealous when I talk with him. Vera and I took a nice walk this morning to the store. It was a pretty long walk but the weather was perfect for walking. Chad was around when we got home and I had Vera do the static back exercise on the floor. We also added a similar exercise with one leg on the chair and the other on the floor fully straight. She started to get quite a bit of pain in her right pelvis (the one she had broken in February) from that and must have mentioned it about twenty times. I felt bad for it was my wanting Vera to exercise that prompted the pain. I gave her a pain pill and we had lunch and Vera felt a whole lot better quickly and was ready to take another walk after eating. It was still lovely out and we took another walk albeit shorter. She has not complained of any pain since lunch.

Vera has slept well the past couple of nights and so have I. She did get up once again because her mouth was dry but I gave her some water and that helped. I have noticed with having a witness staying with us how much attention I do put on Vera and I do not think most people can understand how I do that but I am enjoying her desires and moods and would rather do what I am doing than anything else. We have been kissing again, as I think we are safe from passing on any virus to each other. It breaks up the walks nicely, especially when I notice that Vera is getting tired. Her lips are as soft as ever.

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