Love and Alzheimer’s: November 2017

26 Sep

Wednesday, November 1: I just wrote this for Vera.

I sing your song for my soul you save
Knowing when to perfectly behave
Your being rocks in a countless wave
Delicious delight I’ve gotta rave

It’s you I want it’s you I favor
Spirit and core for savory flavor
Vera I aver your beauty so brave
My luscious love it’s you I crave

Friday, November 3: We just had a tasty oatmeal breakfast. We got up a little late this morning but with the clock changing this weekend it was probably pretty normal. I want to go out for a walk though it is a bit drizzly outside. Vera was not ready so maybe in a little while. I gave her a Benadryl around 8:30 at night when she started a little coughing episode. She was perfect practically all day and I did not even have to give her a lollipop. Then around 2:30 in the morning Vera woke me up to express her profound love for me and asked me if I will love her always. I said that I do and would. She also had some congestion in her nose and wanted me to help her breath better. I gave her another Benadryl and a decongestant nose drop and it seemed to work. She went back to sleep but not before she again told me how much she loved me. She is coughing some this morning and I just gave her a lollipop.

Yesterday we took a walk in the morning. It was a nice walk but we did not get all the way to Whole Foods, as we almost got there but I could tell Vera had enough so we turned around. We had a sensual date before lunch, which at that hour is a pretty rare occurrence. Vera said OK when I asked her so I quickly got the bed ready and we took off our pants and had some fun. Vera responded to my touch quickly. It was not super intense but it was quite pleasant and gratifying. I did her by pulling back on her hood with one hand above and my doing hand gently stroking her clitoris or her labia depending on what I was feeling back from Vera. For the last peak I did put my second hand under her buttocks and got her up higher with concentration on her spot. She enjoyed herself on the way down too, as she had some strong contractions when I toweled her off slowly. We did me together afterwards and I got off quickly, leaking but not squirting.

Lunch was extra tasty afterwards. I sautéed some kale and collard greens with mushrooms and a few Brussels sprouts. We had avocado toast with some greens and turkey breast and a sliced apple. Vera was happier and more attentive after getting off. It lasted for a couple of hours. We took another walk after lunch before a friend showed up for a visit.

Monday, November 6: We changed the clocks back over the weekend so I got up a little earlier again. I would prefer if they just left the clocks one way or the other. Vera just woke up so I won’t be writing long here. Last night Vera woke up a couple of times to pee. She knew where to go to pee, which was good but when she came back she said, “Where are we? Each time. I told her that we were in bed in our bedroom. That seemed to answer her question and she would fall back asleep.

Yesterday was chilly but a sunny crisp day and after the Farmer’s market we took a walk around town. Vera’s daughter Catia and fiancé were supposed to come by after lunch, definitely after 2 she said, so we took another walk. When we got back home they had been here earlier than promised without communicating that they were on the way. They went out to eat some food first and came by afterwards for at most a half an hour. We had not seen her for over 6 months and only staying for half an hour felt weird. They are from Santa Rosa and his house burned down but he already bought a new one and a new Bentley. I do not feel sorry for them.

Tuesday, November 7: Vera woke up yesterday while I was writing here. I think I was finished anyhow. It is around 9AM and I just got back from Trader Joes. Vera wanted to go back to bed after having some oatmeal and fruit and she did not want to take a shower either so I told her that I would walk by myself. I got back within a half an hour and who should met me at the door but Vera. She had woken up and found nobody around and was glad to see me. After I put the groceries away she went back to sleep again.

Vera did not cough much yesterday but did start around 9:30 at night so I gave her a Benadryl. She slept straight until 6:30 this morning. She woke up a bit confused and after peeing she started spitting in the sink. Not much came out but I did give her a glass of water and she drank the whole glass.

The weather has turned cooler and I finally turned on the new heater. It makes just as much noise if not more than the old one. I was expecting a quieter version. Vera was cold around dinnertime and I put the bedroom heater on and it warmed her up quickly. I just put another layer on and felt warm enough. I sent a proposal to another publishing company a couple of weeks ago. I am cautiously optimistic.

My walk this morning was invigorating. I have not gone out for a walk by myself for a number of months. I walk very quickly and when I am with Vera our pace is not so quick. I got a good workout, and may even have broke a little sweat.

Wednesday, November 8: It is around 8:30 in the morning. I felt invigorated almost all day yesterday with extra energy perhaps from my early morning workout walk. I had plenty of energy to go for two more walks with Vera and to have a fun date in bed before eating dinner.

Vera was feeling my touch with fine orgasmic response right away. The intensity was quite good. She did start to do that coughing thing so I gave her a lollipop and that worked well. By the time I got to her clitoris she almost had had enough already. It was not that long a time but she felt that she had plenty of orgasm already. I teased her a bit and drew out the orgasm for a few more peaks on her clitoris. The orgasm sensation would rise up quickly but I could tell it also faded quickly so I took a bunch of breaks. She really got off on the towel wipe as I very slowly worked it up over her clitoris. Vera said she wanted to watch me do myself. I enjoyed her attention and I got off well, leaking but not squirting.

We both felt high after getting off and were hugging in the kitchen while I spoke to a couple of friends on the telephone. Vera told me how wonderful I am and how kind I am to her. After putting together a thick soup for dinner that we both enjoyed I could feel that my throat felt a little scratchy. I took a few of those Yin Chiao pills that often stop the sore throat and oncoming cold. It did not seem to help too much and my throat was sore all night and this morning.

I wanted to sleep in but Vera had other ideas; took off all her clothes and wanted a scrub. I had her get into the bathtub and gave her a shower where she scrubbed herself real well and washed her hair. She complained that her hair and face were sticky afterwards because I had put on some conditioner and some face cream. I knew that the stickiness would go away and tried to explain that to her. We had breakfast a little after that and Vera went back to bed shortly after that. I can still feel some throat soreness but it may not develop into a full-blown cold. I am more worried that Vera does not catch any cold virus, as that could make her cough come back with a vengeance.

Thursday, November 9: It is around 7AM. My throat felt pretty awful for the rest of the day yesterday. I even took some ibuprofen but it did not help. I am not as nice to Vera when I am feeling lousy. I don’t want to kiss her because I don’t want to contaminate her. I got angry with her a couple of times but took it out by banging on the wall briefly. I did not hurt myself. We had a pretty good first part of the night, both of us asleep around 10:30.

Then Vera got up around 3:30 this morning and started waking me up, asking me, “Where is it?” I tried to find out what she meant but she just repeated that question. She also took off her panties. She may just have wanted to know where the toilet is but I first yelled at her to shut up and then showed her with a flashlight the way to the bathroom. She then started coughing. I was feeling worse again but held it together. I told her yesterday that it hurts for me to talk but she of course does not remember. I gave her a lollipop and some Yin Chaio anti cold pills.

She then started this sniffing thing with her nose. I gave her a tissue and then got her to squirt some decongestant up there. It seemed to do the job, as she went back to sleep and is still asleep now. I had a nice dream after that but woke up early this morning, as I have a client who wants me to call her this morning but I was not sure if it was 9 Eastern or Pacific Time. She finally emailed that it was the later time. I still could not go back to sleep so I did my coconut oil regimen. I also drank a cup of warm water and did some exercise before writing here. My throat is still sore but I think perhaps a bit better.

Monday, November 13: Vera caught whatever I had. I am not sure when she started having it. I had ben giving her some Yin Chiao pills to prevent her catching my cold. She may have had it as long as I but she did not start coughing until last Thursday. Her cough is deeper perhaps in the bronchi and I can tell the difference from her usual shallow cough.

It was really bad on Friday but we still went out for a walk. On Saturday she still had the cough but not as often and we took a couple of walks in the sunshine. Yesterday Vera went back to bed after breakfast. I took a walk to the Farmer’s market by myself. I got lots of Kale and grapes. I then grilled some salmon on the grill outside. Vera continued to sleep.

After lunch Vera had a little more energy and agreed to take a walk. It was warmer and sunny outside. She was walking OK for most of the way but towards the end she ran out of steam. She was shuffling her feet, not lifting them off the ground and leaning forward too much. I kept correcting her and holding her tight. I did not want her to fall down. We made it home although I had to help her up the stairs. Once we got home she sat in the chair and felt better.

We watched TV in bed till about 10:30 last night. The last show we watched was Curb your Enthusiasm and I had a few good laughs and it was a good way to fall asleep. I like that show and missed it the couple of years it was off the air. Vera had some spasms and shaking in her left hand last night for about 5 minutes. She gets these usually in her feet. I told her that it will go away soon and it did. It is some kind of neuropathy but the doctors were not concerned about it when we mentioned it previously.

It was Vera’s birthday yesterday. Her son Tim was going to come down to see her but I let him know it was best to come when she was feeling better. On Friday I did bake my delicious gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate protein powder and extra cocoa added. I also use vanilla almond milk instead of water. We had a big piece for breakfast on Saturday along with some greens and a protein drink. I gave Vera a couple of pretty cards with my two poems included. I read them to her at breakfast yesterday. She liked them. Our friend Diane did show up to hand deliver some flowers and a pretty birthday card. Two out of her 4 kids called her up and wished her a happy birthday. The other two are in my doghouse, metaphorically speaking.

Vera is sleeping now, while I write this around 8AM. She has had a pretty good night and has slept quietly for about 10 hours now with only a couple of coughs.

It is a few hours later now. Vera did get up, ate breakfast and we took a walk to Target, which is not too far away. She did not stumble or shuffle her feet. Her cough is still there but also is not too frequent. So far my fear of her catching a cold has been worse than the actual cold.

Tuesday, November 14: It is the middle of the afternoon. Vera is watching TV. We had some fun yesterday. There was a small window in the middle afternoon where Vera seemed to be in better shape. I asked her if she wanted to have her pussy rubbed and she said that she did. We had a couple of obstacles on the way to pleasure. First I had to clean Vera up a bit and that went quickly and smoothly. Then once we were in the normal position her leg at the hip joint bothered her so I had Vera put her leg up in a more vertical position, bending at the knee. It looked sexy that way too and Vera felt better. She had a nice get off, especially stroking her clitoris this time. Her clitoris engorged and the touches felt quite intense. Vera enjoyed herself and vocally was more positive and enthusiastic. I did not want to overdo so after the second long peak on her clitoris I asked her if she had enough. She said that it was a lot. She got off some more with the firm pressure of the towel wipe. I got off quickly too without squirting.

We then each ate a piece of chocolate cake that tasted extra good. We had dinner a couple hours later, maybe too much food for Vera, as she had some digestive pain when we went to bed. The pain did not last too long. I slept really well. I was in the middle of a dream having slept straight for about 5 hours, which is unusual for me. At 3:30 Vera woke me and was standing at the side of the bed. She said that she wanted to wash her hair because her hair was dirty. I touched it and it felt fine. I told her that I was still tired and would wash it the first thing in the morning after we got up at a more reasonable hour. She did not give up easily but I finally got her to lie down and she fell asleep right away. I fell asleep again too but not so quickly. Vera then slept for another 5 hours until breakfast. She no longer wanted her hair washed. I got her in the shower before lunch this morning and washed her hair and the rest of her body. We also took a couple of nice walks in the sunshine today. Vera seemed to walk with more strength and better posture.

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