Love and Alzheimer’s: End of October 2017

15 Sep

Tuesday, October 17: I was right. I asked Vera a bit later yesterday afternoon if she would like to make out. She smiled and said that she did not know. I told her that I did know and it would be soon. I fixed up the bed and then hugged and kissed Vera and I could feel her turn on. She took off her pants after she saw that I took mine off first. It was one of those electric orgasms. She started contracting right away and the contractions were fairly strong. Applying the lubrication felt magical, as Vera responded with pleasure to wherever I touched her. She told me that I really know what I am doing. I kissed her left knee each time that I took a break. I had her going in a strong but steady orgasm. I got on her clitoris and again whatever I did or whatever part of the clitoris I touched Vera went for her pleasure. This was a lot more orgasm than the past couple of times. I told her a couple of times that this would be the last peak. For the final peak I took my bottom hand away from her introitus and stroked her engorged clitoris with my finger pulling up on her abdomen with my left hand. It was a strong sensation and Vera took it up another notch.

My penis got engorged and I kept her going for a couple more minutes. I felt she had had enough and stopped. It was the perfect time, as I left her wanting just a little bit more.

Thursday, October 19: It is around 2PM in the afternoon. I have not been writing in the early morning like I did for much of this book. Vera is resting peacefully on the armchair right next to me.

A couple of old friends Francoise and Sheri came by yesterday for a visit. They both were trained by Vera and myself years ago and are sensuality teachers themselves now. They were very attentive to Vera and Vera enjoyed their friendly and loving attention. I think Vera responded the most at the end when they both hugged her a couple of times. Vera had a big grin on her face. Vera also did not cough once while they were here for at least three hours and was pretty much cough free all evening and night as well.

We were able to take a walk this morning even though the sky was gray and the air was cool. I asked Vera if she wanted to go for a walk and she said no. Then I gave her her shoes to put on. She put them on and forgot that she did not want to go out. We dressed up snugly and Vera did not complain of any pain the whole time that we were out. She even did a little static back stretch on the floor once we got back home. She had asked me what she could do and I told her to do that.

Sunday, October 22: It is a little bit before noon. I am getting hungry and will make a salad soon. Vera is resting on the couch. We slept in this morning. I did my mouth coconut oil swirling early but fell back to sleep. Vera did not get up until after 8:30. I had vanilla pancakes with blueberries and raspberries waiting for her to start our day. We went to the Farmer’s market after breakfast and bought some nice fruits and vegetables. We then walked around town some more. It was cool but the sun was out and the sky was real clear. It has been like that now for a few days. It drizzled a little on Thursday night and the air got cleaned and smelling better.

Another friend Shawn dropped by on Thursday soon after I wrote the last journal update. She is Sheri’s sister and happened to be in the neighborhood. This was the happiest that I have see Shawn. She met a new man recently and they have really hit it off. Another friend Jillian came over yesterday and had lunch with us. She is very appreciative of my salads and we took a nice walk around Walnut Creek after lunch.

On Friday Vera was tired after our walk to Whole Foods and then to the florist where I purchased a birthday card for her. She won’t remember so I had her pick it out. It was a little bit like a kid’s card with different animals drawn on it. It was still quite attractive though probably not what I would have chosen. We were trying to stay away from our apartment for a couple of hours because maintenance was installing a new furnace in our apartment. We got back a little before they had finished and walked around the building and talked to our manager till they finished.

In the afternoon Vera went to bed to take a nap. I did some reading, exercise and then looked at some porn on the computer. I was quite turned on. Then I heard Vera get up from the bed. I got up and gave her a hug with my member noticeably hard and erect. I asked Vera if she wanted to have a sensual date and she surprised me and said that she did.

Vera got off great. She loved the way I touched her and was verbally responsive. It was the best orgasm that she has had in a while. After teasing her and applying the lubricant, which was fun and with lots of contractions to give Vera some strokes on her clitoris but not to stay on her spot for too long a period at any one stretch. This seemed to keep her wanting more and she seemed hungrier for me continuing than she sometimes is. My erection became less erect for most of the time that I was rubbing but I could still feel lots of pleasure. The last peak I got up in her spot and she really went for it. I became erect again and the peak really flowed getting higher and more intense. I did not stay on her spot but I went back there more often than in the earlier peaks. I could feel Vera in my whole body and her body was all aglow. She got off more again when I toweled her off. We did me together and I fantasized about Vera’s legs and the woman’s legs in the porn video. We both had a great time and felt more alive and joyful. Vera was no longer sleepy and stayed up late.

On Saturday morning Vera got up early around 5:30AM and wanted to wash her body and her hair. I would have preferred to wait until a little later but also like it when she has appetite for a shower and did not want to let it pass by. I got up, set up the bathroom and Vera happily got cleaned. Vera went on the bed for a while afterwards while I prepared breakfast. Vera even made the bed before eating, which she used to do regularly. I seem to have taken over making the bed for the most part. Vera still likes to smooth out the covers after I finish. She also likes to straighten up the towels in the kitchen when they look disheveled.

Thursday, October 26: It is 7:30 in the morning. Vera is still asleep. It is interesting how on some days she gets up early and on other days I have a hard time getting her up. I want to get her something nice for her birthday but have not found it yet online. We have been watching a lot of basketball and baseball this month. Vera seems to enjoy it as much as other things on television. It is nice to have her watch sports with me. The past couple of days we have taken nice walks in the morning and then again after dinner after it cools off a bit. After a full week of social interactions with visitors last week, no one has been around so far this week.

We had a fun sensual date on Tuesday. It was earlier in the afternoon than usual. Usually we have dates after 3 or 4PM. I did not expect Vera to say yes but once she did I could not say maybe later. She felt a lot. The only problem was that she would do this coughing sound while she was getting off and it was distracting. Maybe it was too soon after lunch. I asked her a few times to make a different sound but she kept doing that till the last peak, which was better without the sound effects.

After wiping her off with the towel that felt exquisite with more contractions I moved to the side of Vera to lie down parallel to her. I started to self-pleasure with Vera’s legs around my legs. It felt amazingly good and the visual image of her sexy legs was very stimulating. She was also moving them in and out toward my genitals, which also felt terrific. Then she took over and gave me a number of peaks with her hand. I went up even more, surrendering to her touch. I was really hard and turned on for a long time. I did not squirt and I was surprised that I did not leak either. It has happened before but that is not usual. We both felt in better spirits afterwards.

Sunday, October 29: We just took a walk to the Farmer’s market and then walked our usual loop around town and home. Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair. She has been doing pretty well lately. I have been giving her just one Benadryl at night or none at all. A few years ago Vera would fall asleep around 7:30 after watching Jeopardy. Now she is up close to 11 O’clock and the pill is useful to quiet her down for sleep. She naps occasionally during the day but not for long usually.

Vera got her hair done in Lafayette on Friday. She has been going to the same hair stylist for many years now. Vera looked beautiful when I picked her up. The only problem was that she ate a cookie there and I had told the woman before not to feed the animals. I did some self-pleasuring and I leaked this time. I asked Vera if she wanted to have a sensual date later on and yesterday too but she was not too interested. Because I had gotten off I did not have much appetite either so maybe later today.

My personal stocks we own were going down recently but had a big rebound on Friday. Someone on Facebook said it was the luckiest day of the year. At least financially it was the biggest day this year for us. We also sold a couple of videos online to boot. It was a quiet week socially after a busy one the week before. We continue to watch a lot of sports as it is baseball playoffs and the World Series now plus the beginning of the basketball season and football is somewhere in the middle of their season.

I ordered a number of clothing items from Nordstrom and Athleta online and a pair of shoes from Joes New Balance for Vera’s birthday, which is in two weeks. I used gift cards and special deals for all of the items.

Monday, October 30: We got up a little later again this morning. It was cold and windy outside with gray skies. We had gone to sleep later than usual too because the World Series game went into extra innings. It was an exciting game although the Dodgers, the team that I was rooting for, lost 13 to 12. Vera was half asleep I think while watching the game. I kept switching to another show because I get too emotional if I watch continuously. Vera was speaking to me in her sleep in Russian again. I did not know what she said but I said the phrase in Russian Ya lu blu tevia (sp?) that she had taught me. It means I love you. Vera repeated the phrase back to me and then stopped talking and let me fall asleep.

As I wrote yesterday I thought we might have a sensual date later in the day. We had come back from a walk, where we had a nice kiss by one of the fountains. We lay down on the bed and I asked Vera if she wanted to make out. I was a bit tired and so was she. She said later maybe. I started reading in bed and Vera started to cough. I gave her a lollipop. She stopped coughing and I asked her again if she wanted to have a date. She said, yes after she finished sucking the lollipop. I went back to my book and Vera fell asleep for a few minutes. Vera woke up and she was ready. We took off our pants and I started to touch her body after we got into our usual position of Vera lying perpendicular to me, while I sat up against the wall. She felt receptive but not too intense at first so I spread the lubricant on earlier than usual and the response improved. She started having stronger contractions as I got on her clitoris but she started that coughing thing she had done a coule of times before. I had stashed a lollipop by the pillow and gave it to her. It worked really well and the cough abided and the orgasm continued. I saw that her clitoris was not that engorged so I gave her some more direct strokes there and it got redder and grew in size. The coming became easier and more fun and I played around on and off her clitoris and kept her going for an intense peak. There was one spot where I took my finger off of her clitoris and then put it back a couple seconds later. She picked up right where she had left off and I could feel her in my body especially my penis.

Vera said that she had a lot. I gave her one more peak. I told her it was the way down and it felt like a sweet rolling wave of pleasure. I wiped her off and she continued to get off on that. I started doing myself. It felt good but not great. Then I put Vera’s hand on my cock and the intensity went up exponentially. She gave me a great peak and brought me right up to squirting. I leaked some fluid and told her she could start again. I went up quite intensely and quite quickly to my surprise I squirted all over Vera’s hand and my leg.

I made a salad for dinner. It is a really good salad that I always make and Vera does not often say how good it is but this time she mentioned how good it tasted about 3 or 4 times. She also had another lollipop later on while we were watching TV and she again remarked how good the lollipop tasted. Those orgasm neurons must be near the taste bud neurons in the brain.

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