Love and Alzheimer’: May, 2019

25 Dec

Thursday, May 9:  It’s been one month since my operation. Vera is napping on the couch just before lunch. She is doing OK. She is still as sweet as ever. She was not interested in having a sensual rub last week though I did get her pants off. She said that it hurt. She had some contractions but it was not fun for her or me. I did do myself and she watched and that was more fun. I was disappointed. I have not had much appetite anyhow but will continue to see if I can give her pleasure down there.

I did have some good news. My surgeon said that I was healing better than most and don’t have to come back for a year. I still have some discomfort but it is not too bad. She said to get another colonoscopy in a year. Pam Glassoff came by for lunch last week and was fun to have around. I called her yesterday by accident and she was in the hospital with Danny who had tachycardia but they were able to microwave the troubled area and he was going home the same day.

Wednesday, May15:  It is a bit after 11AM. Vera is sitting next to me asking silly questions and saying she has nothing. I’m not sure what she means. I asked her if she wants something and she says I don’t know. We took a nice walk around town a little while ago and had some tea and chocolate when we got back. It was raining earlier but we walked while there was a break. Rainy for California in May.

I had a client on Sunday, Alicia from Spain, who says that she is a lesbian. Margaret came to assist me and did well. We had burgers together first. Margaret switched to basically an all meat diet because it saved her son’s life who had to eat only meat and mostly organ meats at that. He had tried every other diet and this was the only one that worked. We talked to Alicia for quite some time and got her to feel relaxed in her body. I enjoyed rubbing on her and she responded better than I thought she was going to. She left in a joyous mood. Vera popped in once while I was doing Alicia and asked if I would do her some time. I told her that I always say yes to doing her. 

After Margaret left Vera asked me again about doing her and she wanted it for the first time in so long. Vera took off her pants and panties without resisting. Vera did not say that it hurt this time and I gave her a few peaks that were good and better than in a long time. She did not want too much and I brought her down and she had a last few strong contractions with the pressure of my hand and the washcloth. I did myself quickly too. Both orgasms were a surprise present. 

Jillian came by on Monday and spent 7 hours here. She had lunch and dinner and a hot tub and walk. She was grateful.

Monday, May 20:  It is before breakfast. Just want to report that I am feeling better and less tired. Vera is doing OK but has not wanted to make out since last week. We have been listening to Esther Hicks who channels a spirit guide called Abraham. She or they are very good. They speak about being a vibrational being, taking responsibility and attention on positive things to enjoy life more. Feels uplifting after listening. We sold two videos yesterday, which is unusual. 

I wanted Sandy to listen to her to take her to a higher level but she was too into herself. I don’t want her coming over too often, definitely not every week or at least stop her from talking about her problems. She drains energy when she does that.

The Warriors have been playing pretty good, specially in the second half and led Portland 3 games to zero without Durant. Curry and Green are playing at a high level and the role players are jumping right in.

Sunday, May 26:  It is the middle of a rainy afternoon. Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair listening to music on the Jimi Hendricks Pandora station that we both like. We had a fun date yesterday in bed. I had taken some CBD oil in the morning but it takes a long time for me to feel high. Sometime in the afternoon I got a good buzz going. We had gone to the library earlier and picked up a book called Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I really got into it. It describes all the flawed ideas that people have. Basically it describes that to have joy is your goal is our purpose and that the only way to do that is by aligning your physical self with the source and your non-physical self. Of course the source includes our physical selves. Then I wrote a few lines of love poetry to Vera. Vera was in the bathroom at one point and I decided to change her pants and panties, as they were a bit smelly. 

So Vera was naked on her bottom and I asked if she would like to get off. She responded more positively than usual. I set up the bed and we first kissed and I could feel some turn-on. I asked Vera to lie down on the bed and I lay down next to her. I played with her abdomen and her thighs and she enjoyed that. I could feel some contractions and I played some with her genital area too but not directly stroking her but just using different pressures. She responded with joy to my offerings.  I then sat up at her other side and played with some lubricant on her pussy. She did not seem too thrilled with this but I got her to relax and to feel again and she started to enjoy herself. She began to have more and stronger contractions and had fun but also when it got intense she got a bit apprehensive. We took a number of breaks and I got her to agree a few times to one more peak and we had fun. I was engorged for most of this time. I then toweled her off and she liked that and asked for a second swipe with the towel.

I then lay down next to her again and started lubricating myself. Vera got up to go to the bathroom. I was having a good old time with my self and Vera came back and watched me. I asked her if she wanted to touch my cock and she did. She stood at the side of the bed and began doing me. It felt great. I really surrendered and I peaked a few more times and then had a big ejaculation. 

Last night I fell asleep watching TV and did not take a Lorazapam for the first time in years, which I impressed myself with. I slept pretty well. I woke up and worried I would not fall back asleep but I did. I woke up fairly refreshed but a bit tired. I walked to the Farmer’s market before Vera woke up. I felt better after breakfast and afterwards we took a walk together around town before the rain began.

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