Love and Alzheimer’s: June 2019

17 Feb

Wednesday, June 5:  It is the afternoon and hot outside. I just Facetimed with my brother. He is visiting his two children and their children in Hamburg. He looks a lot better, rested when not working. I went swimming yesterday for the first time since last year and plan to go again in s short while. The water was warmer than I had expected and although it was tiring it felt great. I also had done a little cardio the day before in the exercise room downstairs. Swimming is more fun. I did not have any specific sex with Vera the past few days but I did rub on her thru her cloths on the bed and she seemed to like that. I did get off a couple times on my own. I’m reading a well written novel; a good story written by Diane Setterfield called Once Upon a River. It is about small English towns and specifically around Radcot on the Thames using the river as a metaphor for these people’s lives. The Warriors won game 2 to tie the series and game 3 is tonight in Oakland. A lot of the team is injured and the bench is playing well.

Friday, June 7:  I felt like writing this morning because we had a fun sensual date yesterday. It really was not a date, as it happened kind of spontaneously. I was looking at some porno on the Internet and rubbed myself through my clothes. I then gave Vera a hug and could feel her turn-on. I asked her if she wanted to have some fun in bed and get off and she giggled and said maybe. I quickly lead her into the bedroom and started rubbing her through her clothes and she was enjoying that. We got on the bed and I lay down next to her. I got her pants off and rubbed her through her panties and she continued to get off and feel. I both used pressure without rubbing on her crotch and then stroking her up and down and interchanging the two activities. After a number of minutes I removed her panties and put a gob of lubricant on her introitus. I rubbed around her labia and in between them for some time and Vera enjoyed that too. I then gave her some strokes on her clitoris and Vera went for some more intensity and pleasure. I was very happy with her responses to my touch and told her so. I gave her a number of peaks, sometimes just on her clitoris and sometimes longer strokes including more on her labia. I felt it was enough but Vera did not say yes or no. I wiped her off and that felt good too. I played with myself but I was not getting too high. I asked Vera if she wanted to touch my penis but she declined. I tried a little more but it did not get too intense. I asked Vera again to touch me and she wanted to this time. I got really engorged quickly and it felt great. She rubbed me for a short while and I put her thigh between by legs and that combination just exploded the ejaculation out of me.

Saturday, June 8:  It is 8AM. Vera is still asleep. Last night we were watching Outlanders and there was a scene where the hero was outside in a beautiful scenery with the heroine and he was rubbing her pussy area and she was getting off. They did not show anything specifics but she was making orgasmic sounds. When we turned off the TV and lights Vera started to moan. I played with her abdomen and genital area through her pajamas and occasionally under them. Vera was having fairly strong contractions and continued to moan for fifteen or so minutes. She never said a word, good or bad. I enjoyed doing it and could feel pleasure in my own genitals while she was getting off. I had some trouble going to sleep so I took a half mg. of Lorazapam that worked. I had taken a pill for years but had stopped cold turkey a couple of weeks ago. I felt proud that I stopped and a once in a while use would be OK with me. I will not use it tonight. When I first stopped taking the pill I did not sleep too well but then I was sleeping pretty good the past week or so.

I gave Vera a shower yesterday afternoon. She was game about it and smells great again. The depleted injured Warriors lost the past two games at home. They still have a chance if KD comes back and plays well. Otherwise the series seems over.

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