Something Different

12 Sep

I have not been writing in my Love and Alzheimer’s journal as frequent as I used to. There are still a number of months that I have written but have not added here that I will get to in time. I have been writing a book with the working title of Orbit for the past 6 months. I started writing Orbit a number of years ago and put it aside. In the beginning of the book there was a viral pandemic that wreaked havoc on much of the human population on our planet. Because of the appearance of the covid 19 pandemic, I thought it was time to continue to write about what could happen. The book has turned into a romance between the two heroes and gave me a chance to incorporate some good sensual techniques in the second part of the story. It was a joy to write and hopefully a joy to read. I am currently looking for a publisher or a literary agent but so far no one seems interested. Just like the heroes in the book I will not give up easily.

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