Love and Alzheimer’s: End of August, early September 2017

28 Aug

Friday, August 25: We just had a nice walk to Whole Foods. Vera walked well, quickly and assuredly. She walks up and down the curbs much better now. I have not given her very many Benadryl as of late and none before we walk, which I think is beneficial to her walking. Vera told me last night that I have been so nice to her. I have been. It is true. She also woke up with me this morning and made the bed while I cooked the oatmeal. I got a notice in the mail that Honda is recalling my car to check its battery. I made an appointment here in Walnut Creek. I also called the Honda place, where we bought the car a year ago in Berkeley to make an appointment for a free oil change and first maintenance. I expected the maintenance request to show up on the car screen somewhere but it never did. Because it is over one year they said it is time to change the oil etc. I will bring Vera with me and we will have a little adventure next week probably.

Saturday, August 26: It is the middle of the afternoon. We just spoke to Vera’s son Tre. We had not spoken to him for a few weeks. He asked Vera how she was and she responded by saying that she was very happy.

We took a walk early this morning because it is about 100 degrees this afternoon. It is nice and cool inside our apartment because I left the windows open last night and it cooled down to about 71 degrees. It is only 75 now. After we got back I took Vera with me to the garden and we grilled a piece of salmon filet and some chicken sausage that we ate for lunch later on. I first gave Vera a shower and washed her hair. She looks and smells fantastic.

We had a sensual date right before dinner last night. Vera was a little slow to feel much until I got on her clitoris and then she took off for a nice ride. Sometimes it is best to skip the preliminary teasing and go for it. The short and gentle quick stroke on her spot brought her out of her doldrums into ecstasy. I could feel her in my crotch and she was howling with pleasure. When I rubbed her thighs before touching her clitoris I could not feel much pleasure but after I did Vera for a few minutes just touching her thighs and pressing up against them with my hands and arms was a highlight. I could feel the fun and aliveness that they were feeling and it echoed into my body. Vera did me afterwards and I was peaking at a high level for quite some time. I stopped Vera from continuing to rub a number of times very close to squirting but not going over. She would start again after I came down a little and bring me back up quickly. We enjoyed dinner and the rest of the evening. Vera slept well and was easy to get up this morning.

Tuesday, August 29: We took a walk this morning to Whole Foods, which is now Amazon. A few of the products that we usually buy like avocados, apples and bananas were selling for less money. We had a cool morning and it was nice to get out after a bunch of days over 100 degrees. It is supposed to get back up there again in a couple of days. We had our student show up for a session on Sunday morning. We had gone out for a short walk to the Farmer’s Market before she got here.

Vera greeted Margaret our student warmly and asked her to sit next to her. This was unusual, as I like to sit next to Vera on the couch and have our students sit on the chair. I used this as a teaching tool to explain how to take control with agreement, as I sat in the chair. I think that the heat made Vera tired because she feel asleep shortly thereafter and at some point I switched back to sit next to her. Vera continued to sleep quietly while the student and I discussed a number of interesting topics including appreciating and acknowledging more to keep the communication up to date. I took our client to the bedroom and we had an excellent session. Vera was still asleep when we had finished but woke up to say good bye to our grateful student.

Yesterday I gave Vera a small piece of edible marijuana chocolate fudge and took a small piece myself. It took a little over an hour to start feeling the buzz but I got quite stoned and it lasted for hours. Amazing on such a small piece. Vera got the munchies and ate every thing that I gave her with added appreciation and desire. I asked her a few times if she wanted to make out after lunch but she kept on saying later. Vera seemed to be remembering some stuff more than usual. Her daughter visited for a few minutes, had a salad lunch with us and Vera remarked how she always had great hair. Vera also did not want to share her salad with her daughter so I made her one from scratch. Vera would usually not mind sharing but the munchies were powerful.

I wrote some in my regular journal. My favorite line was, “The best way to a laugh is not always a straight line.” I put it on Facebook with a photograph that I took of Vera laughing. I took a bunch of nice photos of Vera yesterday, where she has a smile to a big grin in each of them.

I took a swim around 3PM and I felt so alive in the water. The cool water against my skin felt so refreshing and pleasurable. Vera was hanging out in the bedroom while I was downstairs. We ate a banana after I got home and then got Vera to take off her pants. I had a really fun time touching her body, especially her thighs. I lay down beside her at first and we kissed and touched one another. Then I got into the doing position and started playing with her pubic hair. Vera was enjoying what I was doing and I was really having fun. I got on her spot and she went up with that first stroke like she realized that this is a fun thing to do. I could feel her in my genitals and that touch began a quick engorgement for both of us. Vera had 4 nice and intense peaks and then had enough. We did me together and I leaked a lot of semen along the way. Vera’s legs were really turning me on, visually and physically and I had a great time.

We had a dinner of sautéed baby kale and shitake mushrooms on an open faced sandwich of avocado and turkey breast and a handful of grapes. Vera ate quickly and we had a coconut ice cream bar for dessert.

Saturday, September 2: It is the middle of the afternoon. We had lunch with an old friend who just left. She hung with Vera while I went swimming before she left. Vera is now lying on the couch while I type asking if it is OK if she goes to sleep. I washed Vera’s hair and gave her a shower because she asked me to this morning before we had breakfast. I like that. It has been over 110 degrees for a couple of days now. The mornings are warmer than usual but still nice enough for us to take our walks. Forget about walking later in the day. I still have been giving Vera only one or at most 2 Benadryl a day and the coughing has been in check.

We did drive to Berkeley on Wednesday to get the car serviced for its free first time maintenance. We walked around San Pablo Avenue while we were waiting. We found a nice restaurant cafe called Leila. We found it by asking around the neighborhood till someone actually had a good answer. We had an excellent salmon salad. We enjoyed walking around because the air was fresh and a lot cooler than back home. By the time we got back to the car shop they had finished the job and we drove off, stopping in the Berkeley Whole Foods before going home.

On Thursday we drove again to San Ramon in the afternoon to have the crown put on my implant. It looks good. It seems a bit tight because it rips the floss but the dentist said that tight is good and that it will loosen up some. It also feels strange but that too should go away soon. Vera came with me and watched while the dentist did his arts and crafts.

We had a lovely sensual date yesterday before eating dinner. Vera responded quickly and I decided to not do the regular short stroke on her spot but just touch her on and off the clitoris and see how much fun we could have. It worked well and I kept her going for a nice amount of time. I got off too; not as much leakage as Monday but it was a lot of fun. For dinner because it was so hot we just ate some sugar free So Delicious vanilla and chocolate coconut ice cream and split a banana not a banana split.

Wednesday, September 6: It is the middle of the afternoon. Vera is sitting next to me. I was just meditating and the phone rang. I was almost done feeling refreshed but still felt annoyed nonetheless when the phone rang. It was an innocuous call so I decided to write. I usually write sitting on the large gym ball but today I wanted to sit on the office chair. I banged my toe against it and felt more annoyed. I did not want to write in that condition so I went back for a few more minutes of meditation. Only this time Vera kept asking me questions. I answered one and then told her to leave me alone for five minutes. She did not listen to me so I decided to be as nice as I could without answering her. I felt a little better again and then got up and hugged her. She had nothing to ask me at that point. So here I am.

We went to see an endrocrinologist yesterday for Vera. It took months to get to see her. The doctor was on time for the appointment, which is unusual for doctors, as you know. Vera had an osteoporosis test weeks ago after she broke her pelvis. They found that most of her bones were in pretty good condition but she had a stress fracture on her lower spine. The doctor sent us for a blood test to the lab downstairs. That was a mistake because we had to wait over an hour (results were negative). There are better labs nearby. The doctor also thought that Vera should take this drug given by a shot once a day for two years or another drug that was not as good but only one IV a year. They both have potential side effects. Since Vera has no pain or debilitation at her spine I am inclined to do nothing.

We went to Whole Foods by car on the way home and that was more fun. Lunch was good and even though I was not feeling great, I asked Vera if she wanted to have a date later in the afternoon and she said she did. That was a good idea. We both felt and looked much better after.

Vera had a really nice orgasm. She started quickly as I played with her pubic hair and then pressed her lower abdomen at the same time. She continued with strong contractions as I applied the lubrication on her perineum slowly and then quickly up and down her labia. I got on her spot and she went higher and had a long peak that felt great. I could feel her in my penis that was pressed up against her thigh and engorging to her orgasm. I asked her if she wanted another peak and she did. It was another long one and Vera’s face became even more beautiful and rosy. She looked real happy and acknowledged more than usual. I stopped and it was the perfect time.

I had Vera move a little down the bed and I lay down next to her. I applied the lubricant on my already engorged penis and we did me together. I had many intense peaks too and Vera was getting off along with me. We had a smoothie and then went out for a walk to the library. It was our first walk of the day around 5PM. We came back and I made us a sandwich and some sautéed greens.

Friday, September 8: It is early in the afternoon. We just ate a delicious salad. Vera ate the whole amount, which was quite large. I was just thinking yesterday how Vera’s cough had been so much better lately. Then this morning before she even got up she started coughing and spitting. I was cooking a new batch of steel cut oats. She kept coughing until we ate and then it subsided. I did not give in and did not give her a Benadryl.

Last night was pretty amazing. Vera usually sleeps either in pajamas or with her clothes on. She decided last night to imitate me and take her pants and panties off and sleep like that. I noticed her sexy legs next to me of course and started touching them sensually. They felt very smooth and delightful to touch. I also put my hand on her crotch because I figured maybe that is why she took them off. It felt very pleasurable and I just left the full palm of my hand resting up against her genitals and noticing her orgasm brewing. I took my hand away after a few minutes and thought she was done.

Then Vera touched my hip with a light touch and then moved to my lower abdomen. I have a strong connection there and started to get turned on. She was doing rhythmical pressing up and down and getting closer and closer to my crotch. Finally she got to my penis and pressed on that too with a rhythmical pressing motion. It felt great and she kept on doing it as I got really engorged. I asked if she wanted to use some lubricant and she did. I told her where it was and she put some on and continued to give me an extraordinary hand job with a number of peaks. Vera really had a fun time being cause and I squirted and moaned loudly for an intense orgasmic conclusion. I was admiring Vera’s legs while she was doing me plus there was some women playing tennis at the US Open in sexy shorts on the television at the same time that added to the fantasy.

A couple of days ago I had an interview with a woman who was writing an article about female orgasm for a new magazine called Goop. It was supposed to be for fifteen minutes but lasted half an hour. Vera was sitting nearby and I could see that she was getting upset. I tried to kiss her while the conversation continued on the phone but Vera did not want that either. She put her hands over her ears because the conversation was on the speaker phone. I turned off the speaker phone and finished the conversation in that quieter mode. Vera seemed a little more contented but not happy. After I hung up I had her give me a big hug and she forgave me quickly and became her usual happy self. I guess she got jealous that I was talking to another woman for a long time and was not included. At least Vera was clear in demonstrating her emotions.

Saturday, September 9: We took a walk this morning to Whole Foods. It was a lovely walk, as the temperature was not hot and not cold. Upon our return to our block we were crossing the street and there was a man and his dog blocking the lowered part of the curb where we usually step. This dog once had almost attacked me so I was being vigilant. Vera had been walking well but tripped over the high part of the curb again. Luckily I was holding her hand and pulled on her as she was falling down. She landed softly because of that and was able to get up quickly. She said that it hurt but less than 5 minutes later by the time we got home she no longer hurt. I put some arnica ointment on her thigh in any case. It is 3 hours later now and Vera has not mentioned any pain. It had been over 6 months since that last fall when she broke her pelvis. Dog be damned next time we will cross where we want to.

Wednesday, September 13: I am driving Vera to the podiatrist this morning to razor cut down her corns and cut her nails. Vera complained a couple of weeks ago about one of the corns and we used a toe separator to prevent any pain. It worked. I called to make an earlier appointment but the one we already had made was the earliest they had. Yesterday we went to the dentist and he fixed Vera’s tooth that he had put a filling in a few weeks ago. There was a little extra piece that required a couple minutes of filing down work. Vera is like the princess and the pea.

We had a very fun make out on Monday before dinner. I had just gotten out of the pool and was feeling invigorated. Vera said yes and got on the bed quickly. She started feeling pleasure, as soon as I put my hand on her thighs and pubic area. I open her labia and could see some wetness. I played with her pubic hair and she enjoyed that. I applied the lubricant and she really enjoyed that combining with her own juices. I had the light on so I could see her steady engorgement and contractions when I got on her clitoris and gave her a steady short stroke. Vera was having fun and was acknowledging that. She also did me after she had had enough. I had a number of intense peaks and then told her to go for it as I squirted all over her hand.

Yesterday morning we took a walk to the store. On the way out of the parking lot Vera followed this Asian woman who walked to her car and then loaded her groceries into her trunk. Vera started taking off her little back pack to put into the woman’s trunk also. I told her that we don’t know that woman but Vera insisted that she did. I don’t think the woman even noticed our conversation right behind her. The woman got into her car and drove away. I teased Vera how easily she traded me in for anyone with a car. On the way home Vera had forgotten about that incident and told me how much she likes to be with me.

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