Love and Alzheimer’s: August 2017

20 Aug

Tuesday, August 1: It is around 7:30 in the morning. Vera is still asleep but I did give her the Prilosec pill a few minutes ago. We have been being and doing well the past few days. There was little new to write about or I just did not feel like writing here. We did have our student come back yesterday for another session. Vera looked funny at me when I told her that I wanted her to do the demonstration first before I worked on our student but got into agreement quickly and said, “Yes”. It is really beneficial for the student to see how easy Vera can get off just by opening her labia and feeling me enjoying the application of the lubricant. Vera came through like a champ again, having strong contractions from just spreading and looking at her pussy. Our student appreciated it and felt her own pussy and clitoris in response. When it was her turn to be touched she mimicked some of what Vera had done so it was a good lesson. Vera also seemed more alive and happier after getting off, which is usual but always nice to see.

Vera came with me to the pool yesterday afternoon as well. She had been staying upstairs and been waiting for me to return each time that I left though I think she sometimes forgets about me until I do return. She wanted to come this time and I was thrilled to have her join me. She did not go swimming but seemed content to watch me swim.

It has been hot out and is going to be even hotter the next couple of days but I have been keeping the windows open at night so the cool air stays with us inside for most of the day. Our pattern has been that we walk early and then again in the early evening after eating dinner. It is
a lot cooler when we go out in the morning, as the heat lingers into the evening.

Wednesday, August 2: Vera went back to bed yesterday and this morning after breakfast. I walked to the store each time by myself. I really go fast. Both times I got home and Vera had just gotten out of bed and did not seem to miss me yet. We did not walk in the evening either last night as it was too hot. Vera did just come downstairs with me while I grilled some salmon and chicken breast. We are having a friend join us for lunch around noon. I went into the pool while the food was cooking and Vera sat in the shade. It was still nice outside for that. Vera has been in a good mood and has numerous times acknowledged how well she feels taken care of and her love for me. Vera does not like to talk on the phone and does not answer it at all and will only say a few words into it to answer someone’s question. She is a lot more verbal and demonstrative with me alone. Yesterday she asked me to take a photo of her. I am not sure why but I like doing that anyhow so I obliged.

Thursday, August 3: We got back upstairs and Vera asked me what she could do. The first thing that popped into my head is that we could have some fun in bed. I answered her question with my brilliant thought and Vera said, “OK.”

Vera took off her socks, shoes, pants and panties and lay down on the bed perpendicular to me. She responded from the first bell and was off to the races once again. No one was here to witness her but she seemed to be perfectly happy to get off with just the two of us. I separated her labia and pulled them apart fairly wide and she reacted with pleasure and strong contractions. I just kept my hands there for a while and Vera kept feeling her pussy and kept on coming. Again everything that I did seemed to have her respond with elation including the lingering stokes up and down her left labia as I applied the lubricant to getting on her spot of her clitoris and dancing there to the music of Leonard Cohen with my finger. I gave her an extra peak after she thought that I had finished. Vera jumped back into high intensity right away. Vera also had very strong contractions, as I slowly toweled her off gently but firmly. I got off as well and we both enjoyed my orgasm too.

Our British friend showed up for lunch shortly thereafter. We had some tea a couple of hours later with some chocolate. When the woman left Vera did not feel well and told me as much a number of times. She mentioned going to the hospital but I did not think that was a good idea. I think the chocolate and tea on top of lunch was too much and she had some burps and gastric pain. I got her onto our bed and she relaxed and quickly started feeling better. I did not give her any dinner and a couple hours later Vera felt fine and was telling me how much she liked being in bed with me. She lately has been saying that she was the first to ever be in our bedroom and likes to point out the photograph above the TV where we are kissing. She told me how glad she is that we are together.

This morning Vera got up fairly early and we took our walk to Whole Foods together this time after eating breakfast.
She did not get too tried or at least did not complain about being tired or having any pain. I did not give Vera any Benadryl today so far and it is already 3PM, and only one pill late last night. Her coughing seems to be a lot less often and I am so grateful for that.

Monday, August 7: Vera is still asleep a little after 7AM. It is nice and cool outside and I just did my ankle flexes etc. on the floor, breathing in the cool air, as the sliding glass door is open and has been all night. I have been opening the door late at night all summer so that the apartment cools down. Vera does not seem allergic to anything in the air at this time of year. I did give her a Benadryl last night and I think she slept more soundly. I slept well as well.

On Saturday morning I took a small bite of edible chocolate marijuana and gave Vera a small amount too. It takes almost two hours to start to feel a buzz but after lunch I felt it in a light but full buzz. Vera was friendly and saying nice things to me again about how well she feels taken care of. I wrote a bunch of poems in my journal and in my gratitude journal as well. We had a sensual date that we both wanted. Vera seemed quite eager.

Her body felt so good to touch. I had given her a shower earlier and she had a clean and a sweet scent about her. I had put some body cream on her and her skin felt smooth and soft. The orgasmic intensity did not seem as intense as it had in our recent dates but Vera seemed to be more appreciative. We did me together and that was more intense than usual. Vera put her foot and leg against my thigh and up to my crotch area and I stroked my cock for a number of intense peaks. Vera was moaning like she was getting off and I was moaning too. Her thighs and legs were so sexy and I was getting off just by the visual. I leaked quite a bit of semen and almost squirted but was able to rein it in.

I went down to the pool afterwards and had a very enjoyable swim while Vera stayed upstairs. I came back a short time afterwards and made a delicious tasting dinner of baby Kale and avocado on toast with turkey breast and turkey bacon. We had a nice evening in bed holding hands and watching movies.

I had no hangover or slowness that pot can sometimes affect me on the next day and we took a couple of nice walks around town. The temperature was finally cooler and it was more fun to walk. Vera seemed a bit tired so we did not go too far. I feel more in love with Vera than ever.

Wednesday, August 9: I was feeling a little tired yesterday. We only took a short walk in the morning. In the afternoon after lunch I was still kind of tired but decided to go down to the pool. I put Vera in the static back position before I went downstairs, where she is lying on the floor with her legs resting on a chair. That way I thought she would not get into any trouble. I was right and glad because when I returned she was still in that position.

I also got a burst of energy from swimming so after having shared a snack of a banana and a piece of chocolate we went out for a walk. It was really nice out, not too hot or too cold, Goldilocks temperature. First we walked downtown and behind this restaurant on Mt. Diablo Blvd. There is a lovely garden setting and at the end they have a pond for large catfish and Koi. They even had a couple of large turtles sunbathing on a rock. There is a new store on South Main Street that open up to this area. We went in through the back of the store. It is a Capital One bank but because it is an online bank they have no tellers, just ATM machines and a coffee shop. It used to be the Gap for a number of years before this. They gave us free sunglasses as a promotion for visiting. We came out the other side of the building onto Main Street. Vera liked our little adventure so we continued.

We then went next door to the new Anthropology store that used to be Barnes and Noble. They fixed it up very decoratively. I used to browse and read books inside and on the balconies on the second floor. Vera and I had a little romantic tryst on the balcony, as no one was nearby. They now sell houseplants, garden plants and pots for plants there. We kissed and held hands and had a fun time. The front balcony overlooks Main Street and we could see the property across the street, where they have dug a huge hole and will eventually be putting up a new Apple store. We took this really broad staircase upstairs but on the way down we took a slow moving elevator, where we had a long and lovely kiss.

We got home and still had some energy left. I asked Vera for a sensual date and she agree quickly without any resistance. She got off easily and intensely, much more intense than the last one. I kept her labia spread open for a couple of minutes and reported how beautiful her pussy is and she liked hearing that. Vera told me how amazing I am a number of times and of course I love hearing her say that. More because it means that she is conscious of the truth because I am amazing than because I need to hear that I am amazing.

I got off also but not as well as when I was stoned the last time. I was thrilled with how Vera came and did not even have to have my own orgasm. I then put together a delicious salad and Vera ate the whole amount. The past couple of evenings she had not finished all of her dinner.

It is now after lunch again. Vera is sitting next to me. We took a long walk this morning to Whole Foods after I gave Vera a shower. It feels like a big accomplishment when I give her a shower and wash her hair. She resisted at first, which is normal for us so I told her we could take a walk instead and then she decided that a shower would be easier than a walk so she got undressed. Once she is in the shower she is happy to be there. It is just getting her in there that is sometimes not easy. I dressed her in some new clothes that we had gotten from the Athleta online catalog and Vera looked and smelled great. The sun came out for us, as we were leaving for our walk, which was after Vera’s hair had mostly dried. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Sunday, August 13: It is early in the afternoon. I feel under the weather or something. I have not felt this bad since last summer but I have felt really well all year. I have chills and aches and feel tired but nothing too bad. We took a little walk this morning to the Farmer’s Market. We had our client come by yesterday morning after I gave Vera another shower. I was already feeling a bit tired but we all had a fine time. Vera first did not want to get done but then quickly changed her mind when I asked her a second time.

Vera got off right away and did a good show. The intensity climbed quickly and I gave her one major peak on her clitoris. She was moaning enjoyably and our student was appreciating the show. The student had a fun time after that when it was her turn. After lunch Vera and I took a medium length walk to the bank and back home. I took some ibuprofen for the first time in a year, as I was already feeling achy. Vera feels tired too even though she has not taken any medication.

A couple nights ago Vera asked me if I was OK. I was OK at the time and told her so. I asked her why and she told me that she cares and protects me. She so loves me.

Thursday, August 17: It is the middle of the afternoon and Vera is sitting next to me. We went to the dentist yesterday. Vera had a little filling put in, which only took a few minutes. They filed the excess down or whatever they do and asked her how it felt. She said OK and that she would not complain.

I had a dental cleaning and then they took some impressions for the crown that will fit over the implant. I have been feeling a little better each day but that took something out of me, as I had trouble sleeping last night and took a sleeping pill for the first time in a year. I did sleep well after that.

This morning Vera said that the tooth bothered her, that it felt funny to her tongue. I called the dentist and made an appointment for tomorrow. What about not complaining? She complained a few times this morning. She has not complained about it for a couple of hours now and I just asked her how her tooth is and she said that it felt fine. I will see how she feels tomorrow if we can cancel the appointment.

We just spoke on the phone with her son Tim and Vera was able to have a little bit of a two-way conversation. She had not talked that much on the phone in quite a long time.

Friday, August 18: Shortly after writing here I asked Vera if she wanted to have a sensual date. She opted in and we quickly took our clothes off and got on the bed. Vera was quick to arouse and she started having strong contractions when I applied the lubricant up and down her introitus and her labia, especially the left labia. I got on her spot on her clitoris and she engorged some more and the contractions kept on increasing too. I did one peak with really a really slow short stroke and could feel her in my penis. I then went back and forth between slow and fast and each time I peaked her she would go up some more. I told her that was a good peak and she asked me what a peak was. I said you know what you just had. Vera had a big happy grin on and enjoyed me bringing her down too. I started to rub myself and it felt wonderful too. I had not felt like having any touching for nine days so I was obviously feeling better. I asked Vera if she wanted to touch my cock and she did. It felt so good and I surrendered to her touch easily. The only thing was that I squirted rather quickly once Vera took over and that was that. I think it took a little bit out of me, as I felt a bit tired after.

We only had a smoothie for dinner because we had a big bison burger and salad for lunch. I did sleep well last night. No Ambien was needed.

Vera got up early with me this morning and watched me cook the steel cut oats and cut up the peach etc. It was nice not having to wake her for breakfast. We then took a walk to Whole Foods after I had called them up and found out that they had a shipment of Hannah sweet potatoes come in. They were not there yesterday when we took the car. I also called the dentist to cancel Vera’s appointment because she said her tooth felt fine.

Monday, August 21: Yesterday I asked Vera if she wanted to have a sensual date. She declined, saying something about not being worthy and low energy. I had not set up the space and was just probing, not feeling much energy for sex either. Vera continued relating how she wants to find another woman and that she would help the other woman but did not want to be the main one. I thought that her statements were interesting in that she was putting sentences together and making some sense but I also believed that she was spouting bullshit. She would not look and did not really want to find any other woman to help but I let her talk just the same. Vera accepted dinner and really enjoyed the greens with the sandwich that I created. She forgot all about her previous conversation and was very appreciative of me and my creative cooking skills.

This morning we had a normal yummy oatmeal breakfast with a cut up peach and grapes and blueberries mixed in. Vera was willing to take a shower afterwards without any resistance. She took off her clothes and got in the tub. It was also the morning of the total eclipse. It was only about 70% total where we live but they showed it on TV in other states where it was total. It was also cloudy this morning so the effect here was muted. I did not want to go out this morning because of the eclipse and the lack of sun and Vera was happy to stay in.

After doing some exercise and reading my book I asked Vera with a bit more intention if she wanted to have a sensual date. She kind of giggled and said maybe. I then set up the space and Vera took off her clothes again and I pleasured her. She had a fun time, maybe not quite as intense as some of the recent times but definitely fun. I got off very easily and used Vera’s leg to rub up against at times. I leaked, did not squirt and felt more energy not less after finishing. Vera did not mention that other woman.

We took a walk to the library and park after eating lunch, as the sun came out. The bridge over the creek is romantic and we had a nice kiss there. Then we looked over the side into the creek, which was sparkling electric from the sun shining through the leaves of the big trees surrounding us. The birds were chirping and it was a beautiful moment. It is now the middle of the afternoon and is pretty quiet. Vera is sitting on the armchair next to me but has not talked for a while, as I type here.

Wednesday, August 23: It is now a little after 4PM. I just took my first swim in over 10 days this afternoon. I feel much better and the temperature is warmer again. The pool felt great. I was coming back upstairs and lo and behold I opened the downstairs stairway door and Vera was on the other side in her socks. She was looking for me. I had been gone at the most for twenty minutes. We kissed and I took her back upstairs. She said that she was all alone and wanted to find me. I may have to bring her with me next time or put her on the bed before I go downstairs.

Last night she woke up around 3AM and took off her long sleeved top. She went to the bathroom but put the top back on because it was colder out of the bed. She also put the bright light in the bathroom on and I asked her to turn it off, as I put a little light on instead. She turned it off but then she turned it on again. I asked her to turn it off a couple of times but she left it on. I raised my voice and she finally turned it off. She asked me what she should do and I told her to lie down and go back to sleep. She did and so did I after awhile. We had a nice morning and Vera hung up her jacket all by herself after coming home from our morning walk. Yesterday she had forgotten how to do that. She also remembered where to put her toothbrush after brushing her teeth today, which she usually asks me to do. It’s hard to figure out what she will remember but I am going with the flow wherever that is.

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