Love and Alzheimer’s: End of July 2017

6 Aug

Friday, July 21: Well we did not do it again the next day or this whole week but we did have two lovely sensuality clients. One of them was the woman who was supposed to come by on Monday with her partner but he could not make it. They both knew about Vera’ condition and Vera responded to both of them with her loving attention. Vera did not fall asleep this time and joined me in the bedroom to help train these women who were very grateful for her presence. Both women plan to come back next week for some more training. We all had a fine time. I would like to get Vera to do a little demonstration for each one but I will do what feels best when the time comes.

I went swimming every day but once this week. Vera stayed upstairs and she was in a good mood each time I came back. She only seemed to get upset the couple of times a few weeks ago when I went with a friend and then she felt I left her alone. Maybe I stayed there longer, I am not sure or just the fact that it was with someone else.

Vera woke up around 5AM this morning having to pee and was a bit confused. She opened the front door but closed it again. I got her back into our bed and she is still asleep now a bit past 7AM. She asked if the kids were all right a couple of times and where were they like she thought they should have been here. She also said her foot hurt but a couple minutes later this pain disappeared.

Saturday, July 22: Wow Vera had this amazing orgasm again yesterday. It was even better than the one on Monday and that one was a sheer blast from the past. I don’t know what has opened up again or if this week is a fluke but it was so much fun doing her before dinner. I put my finger along her closed up labia and moved it slowly up and down and then in more of a rhythm and Vera kept on going higher and higher. It felt so easy, so exquisite. I was not going for any specific spot just touching for my own fun and the orgasm just started so spontaneously and kept on going. I would play with her pubic hair and she would go up on that. I would use more pressure and Vera would go up on that. I eventually put on some lubricant and got on her spot and whatever I did seemed perfect timing and with such pleasurable consequences.

My cock was pressed against Vera’s hip and upper thigh region and became engorged from the beginning and stayed that way for the whole time. Vera kept on feeling and I gave her a one-finger pull-up at the end, which was also filled with strong contractions in her whole pelvic area making all my other fingers jealous of the one inserted. I put some lubricant on my cock and asked Vera if she wanted to play with it. Vera said that I should do it but she would help and used her foot and leg against my thigh and body and it made all the difference in the world changing my pleasure from good to fantastic. Vera was pressing against my upper thigh with her foot while I stroked my own penis and I was leaking for a number of minutes in pure ecstasy. It felt like she was controlling it from her touch.

We then had some of my delicious blueberry smoothie and the leftover Chinese Chow Fun with added sautéed Kale to make it even better. We chowed down in fun. Vera did not want to go to sleep or hand me her eyeglasses later that evening but finally did around 11PM. She got up for breakfast this morning but went back to sleep afterwards so I walked to the store. She talked to me in Russian last night too and this morning made up some words that I never heard her say before but seems better after I gave her some more of the smoothie just now. She is awake now and sitting in the armchair next to me, as I write.

Sunday, July 23: I wrote a poem today.

I want to go where you are going
Be where you have been
See what you are seeing
On the outside and on the in

I want to give you energy
With an eternal supply
Trigger signals synergy
So together we can fly.

I want to sing in your choir
Dance free while holding you tight
I want to go higher and higher
And to feel your ever delight

I want to place you above me
Then together at the same height
Feel you as you surround me
Then straight and fly towards the light

I want your face on my retina
Your eyes smiling in full sight
Like the force of Mount Aetna
Turned pure for its glorious might

Your image is so beautiful
In color or in black and white
You make life quite interesting
With the emphasis on quite

You don’t care to argue
You do not care to fight
You keep things so peaceful
With no wrong and with no right

I want to hear your breath and heartbeat
Touching each day and every night
I want us to see life as a treat
And then to take a big big bite

Thursday, July 26: It is the early morning around 7AM. I just gave Vera her Prilosec. She can sleep another half an hour while I type. We slept well last night. I turned Vera on her side at one point because she was making snoring and other strange noises. She was perfectly quiet on her side and I slept for almost 4 hours straight.

We had a lovely client come back yesterday for a second session. I wanted Vera to participate as much as she can and she did so royally. Vera did a little DEMO and started off really fast with strong contractions as I separated her labia. I had our student put her hand on Vera’s lower abdomen to feel the contractions. She said that she could feel them in her pussy too. Vera responded intensely when I spread and applied the lubricant to her labia. When I got close to her lower clitoris the intensity of the contractions zoomed up even more. I spent some time climbing up and down on both sides because it felt so good. I gave Vera two peaks on her spot and on her lower clitoris. The intensity was there and I stopped before Vera said anything about stopping. Our student had a fun ride when it was her turn and learned from having watched Vera, as she started up quicker than the last time.

Later in the day Vera asked me what I wanted to do. I said we could have a sensual date and Vera said that she did not know. I think she had forgotten that she had gotten off earlier although I did remind her and I got her to come to bed again. We had a lovely kiss first before getting on the bed. Vera did not start up as quickly as in the morning and really had the most fun when I got on her spot. It went up as soon as I put my finger on it and I could feel the electrical connection amplified as I did so. I kept it short again, as Vera had had enough quickly and I think my main objective was my own orgasm, which was quite intense.

We had a really nice elevator kiss in Nordstrom on Monday before buying Vera a couple of panties and soft white do towels. The past couple of days Vera has acknowledged me a number of times saying how well I take care of her and how glad she is for all that I do for her. That feels really good when she says that. She has not talked about her dead mother or brother in a long time and I am also grateful for that.

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