Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle of July 2017

29 Jul

Thursday, July 6: I did not have a good time to write since Tuesday but I did want to get in that last sensual date. We actually had another date later on Tuesday. Vera agreed to going to bed to make out before dinner quite avidly. She was holding and touching my cock while I was touching her. She seemed to be more interested in doing that than in her own orgasm but I did not let her skate completely and made sure that she got hers too. I enjoyed peaking her directly on her spot this time and she was howling with pleasure from getting me off and from getting off herself. We were pretty much in synch, as the intensity fluctuated similarly in both of us. We had not done this mutual orgasm for a long time.

Yesterday morning Vera did not want to get up but I had already cooked the oatmeal and wanted her to eat with me. I promised that she could go back to bed after eating. She reluctantly agreed. She enjoyed her breakfast but she did go back to sleep after. I took a walk by myself and got a few items at the nearby Target store. Vera woke up about an hour later and I thought we could walk to Whole Foods together and then have lunch out at a place that was near to the store. The walk was all right though the sun was pretty strong by that time. We walked on the shady side as much as possible but the sun was pretty much overhead. We did go to that restaurant and they had samples one could try. I did not like the samples that much and Vera did not seem to care for it either so we never sat down and left and had a delicious lunch at home. We both took a nap after lunch.

Before dinner last night Vera was rearranging the pillows on the couch, especially the one large cushion that is used to sit on. It is heavy but she was able to move it around. I interrupted her to have dinner. We ate but after eating Vera returned to the couch to finish the job she had started. I was surprised that she remembered what she was doing before and seemed to be so focused on that job.

Lately Vera has been making these strange intermittent snoring sounds while asleep that wake the both of us up. I finally got her to lie on her side again and it stopped. I wake up enough on my own and the added wake ups are not what I would prefer. It is now 7:30 in the morning and I will wake up Vera to give her the Prilosec pill that I have continued to give her every morning before breakfast.

Monday, July 10: It is early afternoon after lunch. Vera is taking a nap on the chair right behind me. I am sitting by the computer on the large fitness ball that I always use. We had a nice weekend. It was hot but I went into the pool before lunch on both days to beat the crowd, which developed later in the afternoon. On Saturday after swimming I was much revived, as it was quite hot and the pool is great for having me feel refreshed. I asked Vera if she would like to have a sensual date before lunch and again she surprised me by saying, “Yes”.

We both had a lot of fun. Vera was quite present and enjoyed everything that I did to her body. She acknowledged her good sensations and did not complain about anything. I spread her labia and she started to get off. I put some pressure over her lower abdomen and she contracted some more. She really liked it when I applied the lubricant to her labia and had a couple of great peaks before I ever got to her clitoris. I got on her spot with a slow very short stroke and she went up some more. I could feel the intensity rise, as her clitoris engorged and folded over so that I had easy access to her spot. I gave her some quicker and some longer strokes too and she responded to whatever I did with enthusiastic sensory responses. She liked it when I played with her lower part of her clitoris on my way to her upper left side and I included both those areas in a rhythmical cadence and tempo.

I got off too after toweling Vera off to more of her sexy contractions. Lunch was fun and tasted great after both swimming and orgasm for appetizer. We saw a friend on Saturday afternoon and Vera’s son Tim showed up on Sunday afternoon for a short but sweet visit, with his wife and daughter. His daughter had a soccer game in the area. She is already about 6 foot tall and getting very pretty. She will only be 14 in August.

We walked to Whole Foods this morning and for the first time in over a month they had bulk cinnamon. I have been checking frequently for it and was so pleased to see that it had arrived. Vera did not cough and only had one lollipop this morning. I did not have to give her a Benadryl until we had been back home for an hour. Vera walked strongly and did not complain about pain or being tired.

Friday, July 14: Our business seems to have picked up as of late. A woman called on Wednesday and came over the next day for a session. She claimed to be very orgasmic but had not read our books and just read about us in Regena’s book and happened to be in the area. Right before she came over two of our friends came over to visit, one without calling first. We can go for days without anyone visiting but here we had a little party going.

Vera was tired and when the client arrived promptly fell asleep on the couch. The client had second thoughts because she had not disclosed what she was doing with her boyfriend. I made her feel comfortable and she decided to stay. I had told her before about Vera’s condition so at least she was not surprised about that.

I probably would not have seen her because she had not done any sensual training before only she bragged how much she could feel and I was willing to work with her. I was actually surprised at how little she did feel. I see why Vera went to sleep before it started. The last client felt so much and Vera was totally awake. I don’t think it was a coincidence. It was OK just not an intense orgasm like I was led to believe. She never had been done like this before and I think she learned quite a bit. Another woman is coming with her boyfriend on Monday and by herself on Tuesday and another woman is coming the following week plus a couple other prospective students have written me. It was one of my goals to have more students a few years ago and I am glad that this area is picking up even though it is a wee bit later.

Vera has been pretty tired this week in general and I felt a bit slowed down as well. We have been able to take at least a little walk each day and I am feeling more energetic today. I sent a proposal to a publishing company in San Francisco called New Harbinger that seems to publish books of this type. I am more hopeful than before but it will take a couple months at least to hear back from them.

Sunday July 16: We had not had any genital touching for a week. We or at least I felt a bit grumpy and kind of quick to get pissed off. I think Vera was the same way or she just mimicked my mood. I decided it was time so before dinner yesterday I set up the bed with the towels and pillows etc. Vera said yes right away when she saw the bed.

It was fun and easy. Vera felt from the first stroke on her pubic hair. It was so hot out and inside it was still hot but not as bad. Anyhow Vera was wearing shorts and her legs looked great. I had fun touching her thighs and caressing her legs lustily. I went back to her pussy and squeezed the hood and Vera responded with some more contractions. I put the lubrication on lightly and with a quick stroke up and down her labia after first applying it slowly to her perineum. I got on her spot and she had stronger contractions. I could really feel the little crevice on her upper left side. Vera was rolling but then she said that she felt some pain on her clitoris. It felt good to me but I took a break and then gave her another peak but used less pressure. The pain went away and she had some more contractions on the way down too when I toweled her off.

I got off too. I used my hands but Vera’s sexy legs as she put her legs over mine and intertwined them. Her body felt exquisite next to mine as I had a very nice and extended leaky orgasm. I felt a lot nicer after that and have been slower to get upset.

It is the afternoon now after we just had a tasty lunch of salmon and vegetables. Vera is starting to cough now for the first time in a couple of days. I may have given her too much to eat? We saw two George Cloony movies on Friday and Saturday evening. The endings were not great but similar. In both of them he does not get the girl. In the American he falls in love but dies in the last scene as his beloved is waiting for him. In the Up in the Air film he falls in love with a fun lady but it turns out that she is already married and thought he understood that they were just fooling around. I wonder if those movies influenced him to get married in real life.

Monday, July 17: It is 4 O’clock in the afternoon, not a time I usually write. Vera is sitting next to me on the armchair. She was sleepy this morning and I went out after eating breakfast together to Trader Joes. That is not why I am writing here now. The reason is that I just gave Vera a fantastic orgasm and she was so present and appreciative.

We had a couple scheduled at 1:30 but did not hear from them. I checked my emails and the woman just wrote that they had some family emergency and could not make it. Instead of getting upset at this poor communication I took it in stride. I was just reading in Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now book and it helped me to stay focused, present and being in the now of course. I offered to use the time and space, since I had already set up the bed to Vera and she said yes again to my amazement. I should not be so amazed anymore.

She took off her shorts and panties and got on the bed. I joined her quickly. The song “I’m Your Man” was playing on Pandora. I touched her and not a big reaction. I then told Vera that she should pretend that the couple is watching us and she has to get off like she is being paid big bucks. I don’t know if she understood me but she must have because she then started with strong contractions that did not lighten up till I finished. It was her best orgasm in some time. I really enjoyed applying the lubricant to her labia with all kinds of strokes; fast, slow, gentle and firm all had Vera go higher like a new peak with each change. I then stroked her clitoris, which triggered a new avalanche of intensity but instead of staying there like I usually do I went back to the labia and then up to the clitoris and back down again over and over and she was wailing with pleasure. I gave her a couple peaks at the end directly on her clitoris and then brought her down with pressure and then the towel.

I was not sure how much I would feel and I put the lubricant on myself to find out. It started slow but then I put Vera’s leg and foot against my legs and cock and she pressed my legs in a rhythmical fashion. It took me up stupendously fast and with so much feeling of yum. I had a great orgasm too, as I was moaning and leaking for quite a while.

When we finished I said to Vera that I would like to do this again sometime. She said, “When? Tomorrow?

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