Love and Alzheimer’s: end of June to July 4th

26 Jul

Monday, June 26: The heat wave was finally over by Saturday. It was like over 100 degrees for 6 days in a row. I still have gone swimming the past couple of days even though it has been cooler. It is easier to walk outside now.

Vera and I walked to Whole Foods this morning and had to wear jackets, as we left the house pretty early, around 8:30. We got back and I did a little exercise and Vera sat in the chair. She then started asking me a few times about what she could do. I finally said that we could have some fun in bed and she was agreeable to that idea.

Vera was showing signs of orgasm right away, as I lightly put my hand over and barely touching her pubic hair. She was really getting off but said that I must love torturing her. I continued touching her very gently and agreed with her, as I spread her labia out. I got her to say that she liked it and I then applied the lubricant to her labia. I got on her clitoris with a very very short stroke barely moving my finger and Vera started to feel more and more and the intensity started getting higher and higher. It felt like her clitoris was seeking out my finger and she was moaning with pleasure. I then varied the stroking to a longer stroke and then the shorter one again to keep her slightly off balance and to want me to continue. I told her one more peak and she was ready for it. It felt like she was a magnet and my finger was iron and was zapped into place on her spot on her clitoris. Her contractions were strong and she was making sounds of pleasure from her throat. I finished the peak just before she had enough and brought her down by toweling her off.

I lubricated myself next, as I was still sitting up next to Vera. I asked her if she wanted to put her hand on my penis. She did and her cool hand felt great on my hot member. She took me up for three peaks, where I started leaking. Vera was stroking gently and her butt and legs were up against my body and my scrotum. It felt sensational. I was doing the moaning now but I could also hear Vera moaning because she was getting off as well. At the end of the third peak she kept on stroking while ignoring my plea to stop and took me over for a very fun squirt.

It is now in the middle of the afternoon. We had a friend over for lunch who just left and Vera is sitting in the armchair once again while I am typing here. We all enjoyed the lunch of salmon, chicken sausage and a host of vegetables in the chicken and bone broth topped with avocado and olive oil.

Thursday, June 29: It is almost 10AM. Vera went back to sleep after eating breakfast with me. It was a beautiful morning so I went by myself to walk to Trader Joes. Vera was and is still asleep. She did not sleep too well last night. She kept on waking me up by snorting or sporadic snoring. I finally moved her so that she lay on her side. That worked. She was quiet and both of us slept better but it was already after 5AM so I don’t think the numbers added up to our usual 7 or 8 hours.

Vera has been very friendly and has been a good girl. She has been listening to what I ask her to do and been very appreciative of what I do for her. I say good girl because she is so much like a daughter to me. I never had a daughter but Vera is certainly a good one.

I took her to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned yesterday. She did not cough at all, which she sometime does when the dentist plays in her mouth. As a matter of fact, Vera hardly coughed at all yesterday. I still give her an occasional Benadryl but not as many as I was and not one Lorazapam for months now.

Friday, June 30: It is close to dinner time, which we eat around 5PM. We just took a little walk to the library to return a few books. I had gone swimming right before that and that gave me a second wind. Right after I was writing yesterday Vera woke up and was in a questioning mood. She asked me what she could do and using my new response to that question responded with a “we can make out.” answer. Vera said OK.

We got on the bed and Vera was feeling pleasure right away. The only problem was that she was using her coughing or throat clearing to assist with her orgasm. I found that to be distracting and told her to just feel without the noise effects. She did that and it was much better. I did not stroke her too much but her face got more relaxed and she could smile widely when I asked her to. She wanted to pleasure me too and she did. That was really fun to me, as I gave up control and let her do her thing. She squirted me and it felt great.

Tuesday, July 4: We had a really fun sensual date on Sunday before dinner. Vera started having contractions when I spread her labia apart. The highlight for me was just applying the lubricant. I put some lube at the outside of my middle knuckle of my left middle finger. I eased it up into the introitus between Vera’s labia. I did a light rocking motion. Vera would respond to every little movement that I made with her whole body going into an orgasm. The contractions around my knuckle were intense and went up my whole arm and into my body too. When I rocked the knuckle up to the bottom of her clitoris from between her labia the intensity would magnify with each rocking motion. I have to attend to Vera now.

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