Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle of June 2017

21 Jul

Saturday, June 10: I got up pretty early this morning and finished my exercises and Qigong. Vera is still asleep and I plan to drive to Trader Joes while she is still asleep. She woke up around 3:30 and started to cough. I gave her a Benadryl and that helped but will make her want to sleep in probably.

We took a couple nice walks yesterday. In between I offered Vera to take a shower and to have a sensual date. She said yes to the shower after our first walk and smiled each time I asked her about making out. She would say things like “not now but maybe later” and “in a little while” each time I asked, which must have been 4 or 5 times. Then she surprised me and said, “Yes” after our second walk and after I had taken a shower.

It is the afternoon now and Vera is napping on the couch. Yes I did go to Trader Joes by car this morning but was back within 17 minutes. We had delicious pancakes for breakfast and then took a nice walk in the beautiful morning air.

Okay, back to yesterday’s fun sexy event. I used a little reading light so that I could see Vera’s pussy better. Vera’s body looked beautiful. I put on the lubricant fairly quickly and the pleasure intensified. Vera verbally acknowledged how good it felt and I could see her labia engorging, as I quickened the light stroke up and down and up and down her labia from the perineum to the bottom of the clitoris. Vera mentioned something about my penis inside of her and I told her that if she wanted it I would be willing and grateful, but that I did not feel that desire in her. She did not mention it again.

I put some lubricant on my thumb like the last time and Vera responded to that with more intensity and contractions as I stimulated her introitus. I got my index finger on her spot that I could plainly see with the better lighting and Vera went up for a jet propelled peak. I could feel the little crevice of her upper left quadrant and kept my stroke very short in that pocket. Vera was moaning quite loudly and enjoying my attentions there. Her clitoris engorged quickly too. I then peaked her by rubbing a long stroke down over her whole clitoris and the upper labia and then back up again. I started the next peak with a little lighter and quicker stroke and Vera went for it again turbo charged this time. She was in orgasm heaven. It felt real easy and effortless. I gave her a couple more peaks that I stayed mostly on her spot and she kept going for it. I stopped before she said that she had enough but I could tell she was about to say something to that effect. I toweled her off and felt like her hero once again.

I was engorged so I put some lubricant on me while I was still sitting perpendicular to Vera. I kind of rubbed my body against her thighs and buttocks. I mentioned if she still wanted me inside of her but she did not respond to that. It felt so good, as we did me together, taking turns touching my penis and then rubbing it against her lower leg, as I leaked semen but without squirting. So like James Comey I am a leaker.

Monday, June 12: We just ate breakfast. I cooked some steel cut oats and added my usual protein powder and flax seeds with almond milk and stevia and some xylitol plus some cherries, peaches and blueberries. It was pretty much the same as we often eat but Vera exclaimed how this is the first time she has eaten this. I told her that I added the cherries and peaches but it is the usual oatmeal breakfast that we eat almost every morning. I don’t think that she believed me and said something like maybe you do. Vera went to lie down in bed after eating so I have a small window to write here.

We took a walk on Saturday with our friend in the afternoon. She was talking almost non-stop about some negative things. Vera turned around at the stoplight and told her to “knock it off.” She continued and Vera repeated herself and it became much more peaceful. I thought it was a perfect response by Vera and was so glad she did it. I also see how she responds to the energy more than to the actual words.

Yesterday was a quiet day. I was reading The Golden Compass out loud to Vera. She enjoyed listening but did fall asleep after a while. We both slept well last night.

Tuesday, June 13: We had another good night of sleep last night. At some point, probably around 3AM Vera woke me up by speaking a mixture of Russian and English. She sounded almost like she was in an ecstatic trance. She was using the Russian word for good (horosho), which is one of the few words that I know. She was also saying about some people that found me and her and other things to be special. She used that word special in a number of ways. She was a bit giggly almost and seemed to be extremely joyous. I wanted to go back to sleep but I also wanted her to stay joyous so I responded only a bit by mostly agreeing with her even though I really was not sure what she was saying. She finally went back to sleep but did not remember any of it in the morning. I got up a bit later than usual and did not get to write here until now, which is after lunch, with Vera sitting next to me on the armchair.

Yesterday morning after Vera went to lie down in bed after breakfast and I wrote in this journal, I slipped out and bought a few items at Target. Vera was still in the same curled up position on top of the made up bed when I got back. She got up a bit after but we did not go outside till after lunch. It was a nice cool and sunny day and we had a pleasant walk around town. I read some more after we got back and then Vera wanted to do something. I offered to have some fun with her in bed and she said “OK” to that.

It was another fun date. Vera told me again how well I touch her and how good I felt. I got her going into orgasmic sensation pretty quickly from the first touch. I got on her clitoris in less time than usual and she went for more intense pleasure immediately, as I touched her with a very light stroke on her spot. I did not use the reading light this time but could feel the pocket easily and kept Vera going by peaking her right before she had enough each time. There was one peak that felt exquisite. I started slow and then got quicker with my stroke, still touching gently. I told Vera that this was the going to be the last peak and she started to go higher in her intensity and I could feel more engorgement and a tingle go up my arm, as she blasted off.

I did one more peak at the end where I was on the lower part of her clitoris and upper introital area and she responded with a burst of intensity and vocal moaning. It felt really slick and fun to touch there even though there are supposedly less nerve receptors there. It is best to touch wherever it feels good and this area felt better than anywhere else at that moment. I think Vera was using this touch to come down with but had some of her strongest contractions, as I stroked there. I could tell that she had come almost all the way down because the usual toweling off afterwards where she has strong contractions was minimal.

We had a delicious salad after I also got off. We then watched the Golden State Warriors win the NBA title in an exciting game. No wonder Vera woke up in ecstasy.

Saturday, June 17: It is the middle of the afternoon. Vera is on the armchair once again about a foot and a half from my back while I type. It has been real hot the past few days and is supposed to get even hotter tomorrow. We have been walking in the mornings and staying in for the real hot afternoons. I have swum every day this week. Vera has been staying in the apartment when I go to the pool. She has been in a pretty good mood and is happy to see me when I come back, which is within a half an hour each time. She is usually sitting in the chair and is still there when I return.

She has been coughing a bit but it is tolerable and not as bad as it was a couple of months ago. I have not given her a Lorazapam in a long time but continue with the Benadryl every few hours, as needed. Vera said a couple of times this week how nice that I have been to her. I like when she says that. Not only is my ego stroked, but also it is true and when she says these nice things about me I feel that she is being present.

I have been reading to Vera from this picture book about the Norse Gods. It is like I am reading to my kid and we both seem to enjoy this activity. A couple of women called while we were out. They both called at the same time only about fifteen minutes apart about doing sessions. I find the timing to be fascinating, being that they are the first people to call in a few months. I called them back when I got their messages. One is for next week and the other is for the first week of July. I think that I will include Vera as much as I can if she is willing at the time.

Sunday, June 18: It was already over 90 degrees at 9AM this morning. We went out to the farmer’s market early, bought some greens, peaches and apricots and came right back home. Vera is sitting next to me again.

I went swimming yesterday afternoon and even though it was very hot out I became invigorated from being in the cool water. The water actually was a lot warmer than it has been and I did not have to go into the hot tub Jacuzzi first. I came back upstairs feeling great. I offered to have a sensual date with Vera and she went for it.

I think she was a lot sleepier than me from the heat and was not able to feel as much as she had been feeling for the past month or so. Vera complained about my cold hands and that I was pulling on her pubic hair. She still had a couple of good peaks and a nice frame was when I opened her labia up and stretched them apart. She started contracting and my hands felt a buzz coming from her. I got off afterwards and it felt great. Vera said that she felt better too and was more awake and lively.

We had a delicious salad for dinner. We watched a show on TV, a documentary movie made in collaboration with the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It included a number of famous self-help writers who described the secret, which is not really a secret at all. I found it quite materialistic and simple minded but a number of the ideas such as having more gratitude and having more positive thoughts and feelings were a friendly reminder to the path that I am already on. We slept well on top of the covers for most of the night but did cover up in the early morning hours.

Wednesday, June 21: I got up earlier this morning for the first time in a while. It is about 6:30AM. It was a little cooler last night. We went to sleep above the covers. Vera woke up moaning around 2AM that she was cold. I had both of us go under the covers and she went from unhappy to verbally acknowledging how happy she was and thankful to me for getting her warmer. That was an easy one.

I don’t really believe in the “Secret” but I did sell 3 videos in 3 days since watching it. This has happened before but maybe there is something to it? If only I could create world peace.

We took a fairly long walk yesterday morning before it got too hot after staying home all day on Monday. Vera said she had some pain walking but I think she meant mostly that it was not easy. She seems to be walking quite gingerly. A friend came over to visit yesterday and Vera was smiling and happy to see her. We then went to the pool for about 15 minutes while Vera stayed upstairs. Vera was upset when we got back saying that it was the first time in her life that she was left all alone. Vera got over it rather quickly and enjoyed dinner. I gave her one of the chocolate covered coconut ice cream bars for dessert. She loved it but I think it induced some coughing but not too badly. We fell asleep around 11PM after watching the last episode of Genius on Einstein. Vera woke me up a couple of times about if I loved her and then fell asleep until she was woken up by being cold. She felt loved after being warmed up and is still sleeping now.

Thursday, June 22: Yesterday was an interesting day to me. The reason was that I did not give Vera any Benadryl until 2:30 in the afternoon. I gave her a couple of Sudafed before breakfast. They seemed to do the trick because we took a long walk to Whole Foods and back. Vera complained less about pain or of being tired. She was somewhat tired when we got home and rested easily but not as much as usual. We just had breakfast this morning and Vera is still sitting at the table while I composed this reflection.

It is warmer this morning than yesterday and I am expecting a client later this morning. I don’t suspect that we will go outside except to pick up a Bison Burger from the Counter that is around the corner for lunch.

Friday, June 23: It is now a bit before noon. I just went swimming before lunch. Vera is sitting next to me listening to music by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen that I put on for her. Vera woke me up a few times last night. The only words that I can remember her saying were that I was nice to her. I don’t mind waking up to hear that. Vera also got up early with me this morning. We had our oatmeal and were out the door a little after 8AM to take a walk to Whole Foods. I did not give her any Benadryl before walking and she hardly coughed. She started to cough a little when we got home so I gave her a pill before I went swimming.

The client yesterday, our new student was a woman from the South Bay. She was 15 minutes late and I was getting impatient. She finally showed up. She was very tall and very attractive. I got in a better mood right away after seeing her. Vera was up to helping out this time. She actually was quite amazing. She agreed to do a little demonstration and got off quickly. I had the student put her hand on Vera’s lower abdomen to feel the abdominal ridging. I gave Vera one strong peak and wiped her off. She responded orgasmically to everything that I did.

Vera told the student that I was really good at this. I liked hearing her say that. I had told the client beforehand that Vera had Alzheimer’s and may or may not participate. She was lucky to get the full addition of Vera. The student felt from the beginning too and was very wet. She kept feeling more and more and I was pleased with how good she felt. I just kept my finger on her clitoris just kind of feeling her without hardly moving it for one of the peaks, as she contracted and came over my finger with waves of pleasure. It was a very fun experience for me. She also felt and contracted on toweling her off just as Vera had demonstrated. She was a good student.

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