Love and Alzheimer’s: First week, June 2017

12 Jul

Thursday, June 1: The weather was near perfect yesterday and today. We walked to Trader Joes yesterday morning. We shared a banana on the walk home. Vera is walking well and fairly quickly. I have not walked by myself for a while. I did go swimming in the afternoon. Vera stayed upstairs, as she said that she was tired. I got invigorated again from the swim. Vera still did not want to take another walk afterwards or to have a sensual date, which I asked a number of times. It might be time to set up the space and ask her to take her pants off but when she is tired like that it is less fun to seduce her. She did seem to get into the refrigerated chocolate bar while I was swimming because there was a rubber band around it and some pieces missing. I never put a rubber band around the chocolate, which was the proof. She was not coughing much so I felt it was okay.

To my surprise Vera was up to walking to the library with me after we ate dinner. It’s been a few times now that we have gone out after eating so I probably should not be surprised anymore. Of course Vera had to go poop once we got to the library. Luckily they have a bunch of toilets. We first checked the two private rooms but both the men and women’s toilets seemed to be covered in some diarrhea. I took Vera to the main bathroom down the hall. It was a larger room just for women with two stalls but no one was in so I joined Vera inside instead of waiting for her outside because she prefers if I do that. The room was fairly clean and Vera did her thing. I feel like I am breaking the law being in the women’s room but I think all bathrooms should be unisexual. It was just starting to cool down a little but the sun was shining on us on our way home. It was a nice outing.

We both slept well last night. I got up a little later than usual and did not write this morning. It is now around 2PM and Vera is on the chair next to me napping. We had another lovely walk to Whole Foods this morning and shared a chocolate protein bar on the way home. I had made a new batch of cooked cut up Granny Smith apples with cinnamon before breakfast and our place smelled wonderful when we got back from our walk, as the apples were sitting out to cool. We shared some of my delicious smoothie when we got back. I also made a new batch of that plus cooked a delicious lunch of greens, chicken sausage, Cannellini beans, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes in some chicken and bone broth with ginger, turmeric and fresh basil as flavoring. I added some olive oil and sliced avocado to garnish it. Life is good.

I just asked Vera to have a sensual date. She said yes to my surprise again and we did. I will write about it later.

Friday, June 2: It is the next day, almost 24 hours since I posted last. Vera said yes yesterday but I was asking her to make out actually expecting a no so I had to get into the mood myself. I gave her a full mouth to mouth kiss starting gently and absorbing her scent of wonderfulness. We pressed together closer and I was instantly flashed into being in the mood. We both got undressed and Vera climbed onto the bed without much prompting. I gave her some light strokes on her pubic hair but she was not responding the same as the last time so I got some lubricant and started applying that to her labia and introitus and she instantaneously started to have strong contractions and go into a full orgasm. I played with her on her labia for a few minutes, as each time I did she went on a peak of pleasure and I did not have to move on to her clitoris. Finally I put some of that lubricant on my thumb of my second hand and placed it at the base of her introitus and wiggled it about some and Vera continued to moan with total body pleasure and strong contractions. I finally got onto her clitoris and it engorged quickly, as I used a light slow stroke at first to gain footing. Vera’s face looked so into it and she was acknowledging her pleasure too, something she has not done much of lately. I gave her another peak of quicker strokes directly on her engorged spot and took her for a rocket ship ride to the stars. Actually she was the rocket and I was the astronaut and the ride was smooth without any gravity so we were able to go up and up. Coming down was fun as well as she responded with strong contractions as I wiped her off slowly and firmly with the small towel. I got off quickly afterwards, which was also easy and almost frictionless.

We took a short walk after dinner, which was delicious of course. I put some of the sautéed baby kale, arugula and mushrooms on top of the avocado toast with cucumber and turkey breast. We ate some more of the greens on the side plus a little fruit salad of raspberries and a peach cut up with the cooked apples and cinnamon.

After walking we watched the first game of the basketball finals, as our home team the Warriors demolished the Cleveland team. We then watched the 6th episode of the show about Albert Einstein called Genius on the National Geographic station. I really have liked this show each time that we have watched it. They make him out to be quite expressive and he has his ups and downs emotionally. I had always thought of him as cerebral and mellow. We slept well and Vera woke up this morning early. I gave Vera a shower and we then took a walk to the store in beautiful sunny weather.

Sunday, June 4: The past couple of days have been pleasant. We have been taking a long walk in the morning and a shorter one in the early evening after eating. Vera has been very friendly and willing. She usually responds with, “Whatever you want to do.” It has been a little hot in the afternoon so we have been staying home. I swam on Friday in the pool and Vera napped in the chair. She did not even get up to hunt for chocolate or bananas. Last night I woke up almost every hour. Each time Vera seemed to be awake or talking in her sleep. I wonder if she woke me up some of those times. She would ask me if I still wanted her? I repeated that I love her and yes I wanted her always and now. She seemed to be satisfied with my answer and would go back to sleep and then an hour later we would repeat this scene.

It is now about 8 AM. Vera is asleep but she did get up a few minutes ago to go to the bathroom. She hugged me like everything was normal. I finished the Telegraph Avenue book. I am reading a fantasy book by Phillip Pullman called the Golden Compass that Michael Chabon recommended. It was made into a movie but the book is better of course. We have not had any visitors, family or friend for this last week, which went just fine. Hardly anyone has called either but I have touched base with some of our friends. We had a couple of inquiries about sessions but nothing is firmed up.

Monday, June 5: Vera was pretty sleepy much of the day yesterday and so was I. I did get her up and after breakfast we went to the Farmer’s Market and to Target, which is a block away from the Sunday market. I got some beautiful apricots, lots of arugula and some green and red cabbage and carrots to make some coleslaw. I returned my old phone to dispose of at Target but did not really want to be there. We walked out the door with 2 bananas and did not pay for them, as the lines were too long. I like sneaking on them because they seem like a sneaky operation for some reason. Rationalization.

I was kind of sleepy too and after a tasty lunch and having done a bunch of push-ups, I lay on the couch and Vera sat in the chair. I took a nap for the first time in a long time. I assumed Vera did the same. She woke me up after a few minutes asking if I wanted to kill her. I would have preferred to sleep a bit more but it was not worth killing over. She must have been dreaming something but it startled me awake. I went over to her and hugged and kissed her and told her that was a silly question.

I went down to the pool and Vera wanted to come with me and be my lifeguard this time. I had a lovely swim and that really woke me up. I felt like a new person. I made the coleslaw and also some pancake batter for the next day. We then went out for a nice walk around town. I made a big salad and we ate it while we watched the basketball game. The Warriors won again. Vera kind of recognized some of the players. We watched a scary movie afterwards that Vera was not too happy with. When the news came on she felt better and wanted to stay up and watch it. She said they were all good people, even Trump. That maybe so, compared to the villains in the silly movie.

We slept fairly well. Vera did wake up early this morning around 3AM and wanted to take a shower. I told her to go back to bed and I would help her with a shower in the morning. She came back under the covers and has been sleeping ever since.

Tuesday, June 6: It is shortly after lunch. We took a long walk to Whole Foods this morning. It was beautiful outside and my enthusiasm got Vera up to eat some great pancakes this morning and then to go out and walk. Yesterday started off differently except for the pancakes.

Vera went back to bed after having breakfast and quickly fell asleep. I walked by myself to Trader Joes and then did some exercises and read in the Golden Compass book. It is a good story so far. I also wrote a pretty funny poem about Trump.

Vera woke up and we ate a tasty salad that I had prepared. It was too hot to walk outside so we hung out together in the living room and I read some more, some of it out loud so Vera was included. I wanted to go swimming but there were a few kids by the pool so I thought that I would wait till later. I then asked Vera if she would like to have a date and she smiled and said something like “of course”.

We went to the bedroom, got naked on the bed and I put my hand over her pussy. I just kept it there with light but probing pressures and I could feel Vera respond to my manual suggestions with contractions of pleasure. I kept my whole hand on her pussy and pressed up with a couple of fingers above her clitoris over her lower abdomen. I pulled and pushed this area and she liked it all. She responded with more contractions. This was fun, as everything that I did, Vera would respond to with ecstasy. My penis was engorged and up against her thigh as I was sitting very close to her body. I put some lubricant on her labia and this took her even higher as I slowly went up and down spreading and sliding along the lubricant that covered her labia. I quickened my pace and this was even better.

Then I put some lubricant on my left thumb and slowly played with her perineum and lower introitus until I got it into a steadier position. I started stroking her spot on her clitoris with my right index finger and I could feel the strong electrical impulses into my finger and up my wrist into my body. I gave Vera 3 peaks of varying speed and pressure and she was gobbling up whenever I changed the stroke to a new and seemingly better one. There was one stroke where I took my extra fingers off of her and just stroked with my index finger and anchoring with my thumb that triggered an explosion of energy. I gave her one last peak by pressing on her abdomen firm yet lightly with the base of my palm and stroking her with my middle finger on her clitoris. Vera was not expecting another peak and she got into it and went on an intense and rising climb, crowning to the tip of Mt. Everest. I then wiped her off and she got off on that too with words of approval. She told me that she could tell that I liked doing that to her. Yes I do.

I put some lubricant on my already erect penis and gave the controls over to Vera who took me up very quickly with both her hand and leg against my cock rubbing it synchronously. I could not resist her sexual advances and I squirted all over her leg and hand and myself.

By the time we finished the pool was vacated. Vera came down with me and watched me swim above and under the water with my goggles. I felt super great. We then went back upstairs and I showered. We ate some cooked greens and an avocado, turkey, cucumber sandwich and some of the cooked cinnamon apples with sliced pear and a sliced peach. By then the temperature had cooled down so that we could take a walk and we went out feeling wonderful. We got back and watched some TV. It was a great day despite Vera sleeping in.

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