Love and Alzheimer’s: End of May 2017

9 Jul

May 22 7:30. It has been hot the past few days. We have been taking a walk in the mornings before the temperature gets too hot. I went swimming on Saturday late in the afternoon, as there were a lot of kids and folks in the pool and I was waiting for them to leave. Yesterday there were another bunch of kids and they were hogging the pool. I decided that Vera and I could have some fun in bed and made her an offer that she seemed agreeable to and turned on.

We kissed and it felt sensual and provocative. I set up the bed and called Vera in to the bedroom. She was now more reluctant. She did not want to take her pants off but I kissed her some more and seduced her into taking them off. I let her keep her panties on and she got onto the bed. I sat beside her and pulled off her panties. She then complained that her belly button felt scratched. I could not see anything but I got this large Band-Aid and put it over the area she complained about. It seemed to do the trick and I started feeling her cool thighs against my arms and hands, which felt fantastic. Vera did not start off as orgasmic as the past few times but then I gently squeezed her clitoris between my two fingers and pulled on it some. She started to feel more. She liked the quick strokes that I applied the lubricant with to her left labia having strong contractions. I gave her a few peaks. She was showing that she was feeling a lot of pleasure but she did not say anything about how good it felt. I did however. I kept the peaks short and kept her attention there. I gave her one more peak a couple of times, again keeping it fairly short. I stayed on her spot fairly consistently and she went up quickly and then I wiped her off before she said enough. She felt the wipe off too with some more contractions. She was in a better mood and did not mention her belly button again. I had her put her cool hands on my hot penis. It felt divine but she said that I should do myself and she would watch. She seemed to be more present than she usually is and enjoyed it as I got myself off too.

I thought I might swim afterwards but decided to make dinner instead. She absolutely loved dinner being way more vocally appreciative of the food than the sex. I made the open faced sandwich with avocado smeared on toast. Then I added some warm arugula and baby kale with mushrooms that I just sautéed and topped it with a couple slices of turkey breast. I put some more of the greens on the side with olive oil plus a small salad that Vera did not finish at lunchtime. We had a nice night though Vera did start coughing a bit after dinner probably because I had not given her a pill since 10 in the morning. She stopped after I gave her a Benadryl. We slept well.

Wednesday, May 24. The past couple of days have been pleasant. There have been no unusual incidents. Vera came down with me to the pool and hot tub yesterday afternoon. She did not go in the water but sat in a chair close to me. I read her a little from the Telegraph Avenue book that I am reading about Oakland while I heated up in the tub. I don’t know how much she understands but she seems to enjoy my reading to her. It was nice to have her with me, the first time this season that she came down with me. I don’t have to worry if she is getting into any mischief while I am downstairs and she remains upstairs. I really like swimming and I feel so invigorated each time that I go in. The pool was warm enough that I did not have to go back into the hut tub afterwards, so my body smells less chemically.

We had our friend Jillian over for lunch yesterday too. She speaks mostly with me but I like to include Vera as much as she is able to. Jillian and Vera go way back and are both 81. They have probably known each other for almost 50 years. We took a walk in the morning for the past couple of days. The heat wave is over today so we do not have to walk so early this morning. I am letting Vera sleep in, as it is 8:15 already.

This morning Vera asked me while we were in bed and I think that she was still asleep if I liked her food? I told her that I did, that I liked almost everything about her. She was a great cook at one time so I did like her food. I am not sure what she was referring to in this case.

Friday, May 26: We slept well again the past couple of nights. The days have been cooler and we have been walking a bit in the afternoon as well as the morning. Vera has not complained of pain in her pelvic or hip area or bely button recently either. I have been holding her hand as we walk most of the time, especially across streets so that she does not trip again on a curb. She seems to walk about the same as she was before her injury.

I have been playing some John Lennon and George Harrison music on Pandora the past couple of days too and Vera is listening and smiling while she does. Her foot is tapping to the beat as she listens. Her mood in general has been very pleasant and her coughing has not been too bad. We have not made out but we have been kissing quite often. Yesterday I forgot my backpack upstairs and we had to go retrieve it after we walked out the building door. We took the elevator both up and down and had a really sexy kiss in each direction.

Sometimes Vera has to ask me where she should go pee and other times she goes straight to the bathroom and does not have to ask. She also has been going to the refrigerator again. She did not go there when she was injured. She got a piece of chocolate to eat yesterday and I did not intervene. I have been eating more chocolate as of late also. My reflux seems better. I even ate grilled onions from the burger joint yesterday with no ill feelings.

Saturday, May 27: We fell asleep a little later than usual last night, as we were watching the TV show Bosch on Amazon Prime. It is a well-done cop show. Vera woke up around 3:30 this morning and walked out the front door. I heard the door open and got up quickly. She was in the hallway looking fine perhaps a bit confused. I was naked but told her to come back inside. Luckily no one is up at that time in the morning. She said something about someone cleaning up her house. She came back inside willingly and then we both peed. Vera got back into bed and we had a little kiss and she fell back to sleep and so did I. She is still sleeping now at 7:30.

We had another great day yesterday topped off by Vera having a delightful orgasmic experience. We had gone out for two walks earlier in the day and Vera was kind of tired. She sat in the chair while I read to her and she got a second wind of energy. Around dinnertime I asked her if she wanted to get off first. I was not sure she understood me but she replied that she would like that. I was happily surprised and we kissed first and it felt encouraging.

She took off her pants and panties without my asking. That in itself is unusual. We got on the bed and I started touching her gently on her thighs and then up and down with one finger over her inner labia and introitus. She started going for her pleasure with intense contractions for an extended time. It was so intense and so good I asked her if she had had enough or if she would like me to put some lubricant on. She opted for the lubricant and was vocally appreciative of what I did from then on. As I have been reporting Vera had not been very acknowledging when she was being orgasmic lately but this time it was the total opposite and she made me feel like a “hero” with her earnest praise and appreciation. She got off for a number of strong peaks with lots of approval and a glowing and smiling face. It really was wonderful. I asked her if she wanted another peak after she had just gone higher than she had in probably years. She said if I wanted to that she would be happy with it. I did and we went for one more intense shorter lasting peak. It was a perfect ending and I stopped right before she had enough. The toweling off was fun too, as Vera had strong contractions as I brought the towel very slowly up over her labia and then her clitoris. I relaxed the pressure and the contractions got less and then I finished wiping with some more intention and a slight shift in angle and Vera had another few seconds of intense contractions and pleasure.

I was totally thrilled with her response and especially with her verbal one. She wanted to rub on me too and did so with some more verve and attention than usual. She did not talk but I was moaning and she got me to squirt after a short and intense orgasm. We had listened to Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra present a lecture on the Internet yesterday about presence and titled Who am I. I wonder if that influenced anything?

We then had dinner; a large green salad with all kinds of colorful summer fruits and berries. Vera ate it all. I asked her after we ate and had watched some TV in the living room if she wanted to take a walk or go to bed. Vera replied that whatever I wanted. I was kind of tired and opted for going to bed. I was again surprised that she would have taken a walk outside, which would have been very late for us and was tempted.

Sunday, May 28: We had a quiet pleasant evening last night. This time we did take a walk around town after supper. It seems so quiet in our apartment but when we got outside there was a lot of motion going on. There were lots of cars on the roads and lots of people walking on the streets. Many of the restaurants were filled up with diners. We came back home and it was quiet and peaceful again.

I drove Vera and myself to Whole Foods and Target in San Ramon. It was a nice traffic free drive but I did run a red light after I got off the freeway. I am not sure what got into me (probably wanted the number on the gas mileage to stay high) and was glad that there weren’t any cops around.

Vera spoke to me twice last night I think while she was still asleep or partly asleep. The first time she was giggling and told me that she was thinking of something funny but did not want to laugh. I told her that she was laughing now. The second time she said “I look so great”. I agreed though I was not sure if she meant herself or me. Then she said, “You looked great the last time I saw you.” Again I agreed that we both looked great. She went right back to sleep after both occurrences.

Monday, May 29: It is the middle of the afternoon on Memorial Day. I am not remembering much. I got up a bit late this morning. We had a nice night. Vera did not wake me up with any statements or questions. I made pancakes from the old batter in the fridge but the consistency was too thick and I did not bother to fix it and they crumpled a bit in the pan. Vera did not want to get up for breakfast today till later. I ate a couple of the pancakes by myself. I did not like eating without Vera besides me. Maybe it was because the pancakes were ugly but more probably because I felt alone. I ate quickly.

I had given Vera a banana to munch on in bed because I had already given her the Prilosec and for it to work properly one should supposedly eat within the first hour of taking it. Vera did get up out of bed on her own, eventually, and I fed her some oatmeal. She appreciated my efforts and we took a walk soon thereafter in the middle of the morning. It was quiet out, being a holiday and the sun was shining although a bit cool still.

We got back home and we both had some of the blueberry smoothie that I always have handy in the refrigerator. I then gave Vera a shower. The shower went quite smoothly with little resistance. Afterwards Vera wanted me to put her earrings back on. She had taken them out last night because they hurt her ears. I struggled with the little piece to secure the end but finally got them on her. I wanted a break then. So we lay in bed and watched a little TV before lunch. I did not feel very productive at the time but looking back I think I am doing just fine. We watched a show on Lin Miranda last night, who created Hamilton the play. He is so productive and creative he makes me feel like a slacker and so lazy. This afternoon is quiet too so I decided to write a little here.

Wednesday, May 31: It is a little after 7 AM and I just did my coconut oil swoosh in my mouth and my foot exercises on the floor at the same time. I like sticking to this routine, as you may have guessed by now. I took Vera to see Dr. Cynthia Mullin yesterday. She is a gastroenterologist and I liked her when I met her last year when I went to see her. She basically told us that we were doing exactly right and to keep giving Vera the Prilosec pills each day. She also said that just because the allergist did not find any specific thing that Vera was allergic to that people still respond to what they call irritants. Vera has a sensitive airway and that is why she coughs when it is irritated by numerous causes. The worst of the allergy season is over now and Vera’s cough seems more manageable. I have not given her any Lorazapam in weeks but I still give her a steady diet of the Benadryl.

The doctor also said that to get a colonoscopy is riskier when a person is older and Vera could come back in a year and a half for a stool test. If that were positive then a colonoscopy would be warranted. She also said to bring Vera in if there are any other digestive problems.

I did not actually get Vera into bed but I did rub her pussy through her clothes for a minute or so. She was able to experience orgasmic sensation and I could sense her pleasure as I hardly moved my hand and just felt her there. She did not want to go into bed for more and this little bit seemed enough.

We took a nice walk to Whole Foods again before we went to see the doctor yesterday. It was the sunniest part of the day, as it got cloudier and breezier afterwards. Vera walked fairly quickly and steady. She did not complain of being tired or about any pain. It was her best walk so far since her accident. Vera seems to be the most talkative with me. Whenever a friend shows up like yesterday afternoon, she is fairly quiet.

Vera looks out the window from her chair and there is a parking lot in the distance behind the garden in the back. Vera sees the rear lights of the cars parked there and when the sun shines on them she thinks they are some special things and she repeatedly asks what those are. I tell her over and over that they are just rear break lights on some cars in the parking lot and yesterday I took her downstairs to show her exactly what she is seeing from our apartment. I don’t mind her asking and it was just an excuse to get her out of the chair and move her body a little. We slept well last night.

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