Love and Alzheimer’s: Early to middle May 2017

1 Jul

May 9. I have not written in a few days again. I just went in to give Vera a kiss good morning like I often do, as she just got up to pee and she said not now. She usually responds to my kisses more friendly and I will try again a little later. She wants to sleep some more. Last night Vera was so friendly and kissed me a lot. We had a really nice kiss when we took the second walk to Nordstrom yesterday and kissed in their elevator going up and down. I could feel my erection elevating both times.

We had a sensual date before dinner yesterday to keep the flow going and Vera got off really well again. It was amusing because she was sucking a lollipop while I was doing her and was making comments about how her stick broke in two and then how the candy came off the stick all together. She did not mention her pussy or how good it felt but she was getting off the whole time with lots of intensity. I continued to pleasure her and then myself. I was not sure how conscious she was of having the orgasm but it seemed to make her happier and put her in a better mood.

Vera kept telling me afterwards at dinner how amazing I was and how wonderful I am. I believed her of course because I think I am too. We were lying in bed after eating, watching the Warriors sweep the Utah Jazz in basketball. Vera was very sweet and told me how she could not have done any of this without me, that I have been so good to her. She was chock full of acknowledgements. I like when she is positive and it feels that she is present and with me when she does. She was no longer sucking her lollipop and had stopped coughing.

We had taken 2 fairly long walks yesterday without hardly any complaints of pain. I was impressed with that. We crossed the street in the middle at one point and there was a curb that Vera started to stumble over but I was holding her hand and made sure that she did not fall.

Since Vera wanted to sleep in this morning, I took a brisk walk to Trader Joes by myself. She was still asleep when I got back. I tried giving Vera another kiss when I woke her up for her Prilosec Pill, which I had started giving to her again a few days ago. So far the bowels have not been too loose. She still was not ready for my lips. When the chocolate protein pancakes were ready for our breakfast I got Vera awake and she had a big smile on her face and kissed me back like she had not seen me for a week. It was nice to be reunited.

It is Friday May 12 around 7AM. Vera was coughing almost all morning and early afternoon yesterday. Her coughing had been a lot less the past few days and it still unnerves me when she keeps doing it. We took a walk in the morning a bit later, as it was chilly outside and I waited till the sun came out. I had taken a walk again to the store by myself way early yesterday and returned home before Vera had awoken. I think the coughing may have been due to the chocolate pancakes that tasted great but after eating them that is when it started. The coughing finally stopped in the mid afternoon and just went away and stayed away. We had a quiet evening and fell asleep around 10PM. Vera started coughing just a little around 4AM this morning and I gave her a Benadryl to nip it at the bud and that seemed to work.

I had gone in the pool for the first time on Tuesday afternoon. I was tired and it refreshed me like nothing else does. I really enjoy swimming even for just a few minutes. It was the last of several warm days and the pool though still cold was warmer than it has been. One of the main reasons that I would move would be to a place with a warmer pool. Vera stayed upstairs and took a nap while I went downstairs to swim.

I worked on the cover of this book yesterday and the day before on the Create Space website and it is looking pretty good.

It is the next morning around 7AM. I have curtailed my early protein drink breakfast as of late. I am still doing the coconut oil swooshing and the Qigong. Vera hardly coughed at all yesterday. I was grateful for the break. The oatmeal for breakfast seems to be better for her than the pancakes. We were able to take a walk to Whole Foods again yesterday. We took the bus back part of the way and that seemed the right amount before Vera could complain of any pain. Vera was up for another walk after lunch and we went pretty far as well.

We even had a sensual date before eating dinner. It was very pleasant and Vera was not sucking on a lollipop during it and seemed to be paying more attention. Vera was feeling from the first stroke onwards. The intensity was good and increased with each peak. Vera responded well when I told her that it was the last peak, which I said a couple of times. I got off too as we did me together. Vera was making orgasmic sounds while she was feeling my orgasm.

I have to tell Vera almost every night where she will be sleeping and that it will be with me. She is always happy when I tell her that we will be together. We watched some weird and scary movie after the basketball game. Vera woke up a few times during the night to pee. I had not given her a Benadryl last night either. She woke me up each time to ask where she could pee. She had closed the bathroom door each time so I got up to show her. I got her to come back to bed each time and to go back to sleep. She is sleeping now for the past few hours, as it is 8AM and the last time she was awake was around 3. I was able to fall back asleep each time too.

Monday, May 15. It is early morning. Vera is sleeping. We had a quiet night. Vera’s daughter came over on Saturday with her fiancé to celebrate Mother’s Day, as to my suggestion. Sunday is just too busy and crazy to go out. We had lunch at the Yacht Club in downtown Walnut Creek. The food was good and we also had a smoothie before lunch because they were running late as usual. Vera’s son Tre and his wife Jen also came over to our home afterwards to continue celebrating mom. Vera was friendly but not very talkative in either circumstance. She was not coughing much and we had a nice time with both of her children. We watched the newest Jason Bourne movie on HBO. It was OK but there were too many and they were too long as well car chases, which I can do without. Vera watched with me holding each other’s hand.

Sunday was a regular day. We took a couple of walks and went to the Farmer’s market. Our friend Sandy came over and I watched the Warriors win a poorly played game in the last few minutes. We then took a walk with Sandy. She always wants to hold Vera’s hand on the other side but it makes Vera uncomfortable so we did not walk for very long. Vera started to cough before dinner but it stopped after eating.

May 16. I just gave Vera a shower and washed her hair. She is resting in bed now and I am glad that she can take regular showers again but it still is work for me. She did not resist taking a shower either so I have to count my blessings. I am a bit down this morning. I am writing to see if this will help with that.

Yesterday I was starting to feel less than my stellar self. I went out to Target while Vera slept in for just about twenty minutes there and back. I felt like maybe I had an allergic reaction to pollen or something that the wind was blowing around, as I was sneezing more than usual. My eyes were itchy too and I was blowing my nose. It stopped after I got back home. Vera and I went for a walk after breakfast and I only had one sneeze and my nose stopped running. I did take an allergy pill in between my walks. I have not been sneezing today so far but I have not gone out yet. The allergy season is supposed to be really bad because of all the rain that fell this winter and spring.

We stayed home in the afternoon yesterday. I was still feeling somewhat down and got Vera to say yes to a sensual date. She got off really well again. The only thing is that she does not report how good it feels only if something hurts. If she was a student I would be stopping and talking to her but I know that she does enjoy my touches and I like touching her and talking will not do much good. I got off after Vera and I felt much better. Vera looked glowing.

I then had an appointment with Ginger my editor but she forgot and did not answer my Facetime call. Vera and I then had dinner and it was a salad that tasted great. Vera ate it all again. After dinner I got a message of apology from Ginger and we rescheduled our appointment. I am also unsure of the format that this edit will take and I am having second thoughts about having the editing done. My editor can always edit out this paragraph.

Vera has not pooped in a couple of days at least that is what I think. She does not have any pain there so I think it is just a matter of time. She also could have pooped and I just missed it. She is still peeing a lot but not as much as she was though there are some times where she goes five minutes after the last time. I am feeling better after putting those feelings down on paper or really on the computer screen as often is the case. I will go join Vera now and see how she is being.

May 18. It is pretty early on Thursday morning. Vera is still asleep. I last wrote on Tuesday. Vera pooped twice on Tuesday and again yesterday, so that is going fine. Talking about poop, Vera has been pretty poopy in the morning lately but we have been going for nice walks the past couple of afternoons.

Ginger sent me back her first edit and I was alarmed that it would not fit on the self publish website called Create Space that I use. It is part of Amazon. I got up around 4:30 yesterday morning to see if I could figure out how to upload and how to change her document format back into MS word. I was able to. It looks like I will be using an 81/2 by 11 instead of the usual 6 by 9 inches for the size of the book. (You must have noticed by now). Otherwise it won’t fit properly. That is fine with me and I felt so much better by 6AM when I had finished with this conundrum. I went back to bed and fell asleep peacefully for a couple of hours with Vera after getting up with so much energy and angst.

I felt great most of the rest of the day even though the stock market took a big dive because of the shenanigans coming from the White House. Vera was in a good mood but she did cough some after walking in the afternoon but not too bad. It stopped after I gave her a quarter of a Lorazapam, which I have been giving her as little as possible. After dinner I got the mail. There was a notice from the health insurance company that they were not covering the ambulance that Vera took back from the hospital. I called them up and it looks like they will pay for it. They said that it was the hospital’s fault and once I get the bill to call them back. I felt better after talking to the customer service guy. There was no way that I could have taken Vera home without that service so it seems outrageous that there was even a question about it. Once I was relaxed again, we watched the show about Albert Einstein, called Genius that is airing on the National Geographic station. We both enjoyed watching it and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Vera slept quietly. I on the other hand had a dream where I was walking in this cavern that was connected to a house. Someone had left the front door open and a wild dog had gotten in. I saw the dog and screamed for it to go away. It did. The problem was that I really screamed out loud and woke Vera up. Luckily we both were able to fall back to sleep.

Friday, May 19. Yesterday was one of the best days that I can remember. I let Vera sleep in but once she got up she was awake and friendly and we kissed a bunch. We took a long walk to Whole Foods. The temperature was in the low 70’s and only a gentle breeze. It had been windy the past few days. Vera hardly coughed at all during the walk. I gave her a Benadryl on the way home and the timing on that was perfect too, as she did not cough the rest of the morning. We had a late lunch but it was a delicious salad, with all kinds of berries, as the berry season is ripe. It got warm in the afternoon and we stayed home. I read the Michael Chabon book Telegraph Avenue. I love the metaphors he continues to use and the way he describes things. The story is not the best but the style is. It is about Oakland so has a lot of the local flavor.

I told Vera that I wanted to have some fun with her in bed a little later in the afternoon. She seemed willing but I made her wait a bit and then I reminded her again. I set up the bed with the towels and pillows and music and had Vera join me. I helped her get her pants off and once they were off she knew what to do and got on the bed. She looked beautiful and was receptive to my hands as I moved her right up against my body. Vera was getting off before I even touched her genitals and continued to when I lightly stroked her pubic hair and started squeezing the area around her labia and clitoris. She had a few fairly intense peaks without touching her clitoris directly. She even said that she was done. I told her that I was only getting started and would be applying the lubricant next.

I slowly applied the lubricant first with just some pressure on her perineum and then slowly over her labia into a rhythmical stroking pattern and Vera was gasping with pleasure. I placed my thumb by her introitus per usual and had her feel that for a while before I started stroking with the fingers of my other hand on her clitoris. She really enjoyed that. Finally I got my finger on her clitoris on her upper left spot and moved in a very short pattern very lightly at first. I teased her by taking my finger off and then putting it back. Vera was getting high with sensation and her face was glowing and she was moaning with pleasure. I kept the peaks short so that she would not terminate this pleasure and told her one more peak a few times to keep her interest going. Everything I did felt perfect and right. Bringing Vera down was a lot of fun too as she had some strong peaks in that direction as well. She lay beside me as I was still sitting up against her and my cock was engorged. I put some lubricant on it and played with myself while Vera rubbed different parts of my body like my legs and arms. We both got off some more doing this.

Afterwards Vera came up to me and told me how nice I have been to her and wanted to thank me. I appreciated her words but I think I could have responded with more gusto at that point. I really like it when she says kind words to me and I could express myself more at those times.

We both fell asleep around 10PM and had a peaceful night. I got up at 6:30 this morning, which seems to be my regular time now and completed all my routines. I have not been having an early breakfast but still do the coconut swooshing, the Qigong and the foot flexing stretches on the floor. I will be getting Vera up soon now as it is close to 8AM and she has a podiatrist appointment this morning.

May 20 early morning. We slept well last night. Yesterday the podiatrist thought that Vera’s feet were in fine condition, probably because she had not walked as much as usual while she was recovering from her pelvic fractures. Vera’s blood pressure was not as low as it was the past couple of times, maybe because she has been drinking tea and smoothies regularly. I think she put on a couple of pounds back too at least according to the scale at the doctor’s office.

Vera had mentioned in the middle of the night early morning while probably more than half asleep before we saw the podiatrist that her shoe was broken. I was not sure but I thought she meant her foot hurt. I told her we would see the doctor in the morning and when she woke up she responded that she felt fine.
It was too hot to walk in the afternoon for Vera plus the air felt heavy. We did take a short walk to the hamburger place around the corner and picked up a delicious bison burger and salad for lunch. I did go into the pool and had a great time. Vera was sleepy and stayed on the chair upstairs until I got back. It felt safe to leave her alone for a few minutes. I felt so invigorated too after my swim. I had done 50 push-ups for the first time in how don’t remember how long earlier in the day. I feel that I am in better shape than I have been in a long time. I would like Vera to join me more in some of these physical activities but she has little desire for that. I have wanted that for a long time with only little results. At least I am in a good mood and can take care of her better.

She talked a little about her parents again after a salad for dinner that she enjoyed and asked me where they were. I told her that they were in heaven. She stopped asking about them after that, which is way better than the constant questions about them. This morning in bed Vera had me feel her right hand. I told her that it felt good and she liked hearing that. I think she was at least half asleep again.

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