Love and Alzheimer’s blog 3

12 Jun

May 1, 2017: Vera slept well without having taken any walks a couple of days ago. Yesterday we took two medium length walks and Vera did not sleep well. There is no relationship between her walking and sleeping. Vera kept on waking me up with silly questions. I would answer them as best I could and then tell her that it would be better if she asked me questions when it is daylight or daytime. A lot of the questions have to do with the red light on the TV, which means that it is turned off and the red lights on the clock. They seem to be bothering her so I turn the clock around so the red lights face the wall and pull the plug on the TV. We both sleep in this morning again. I get up around 7 and feel refreshed. I get Vera up around 8 and we have breakfast together and I am really having my first breakfast, no smoothie. Vera wanted to lie down after breakfast and I take a brisk walk alone to Trader Joes. Vera wakes up a couple of minutes after I get back. She now is ready to walk and I am willing to go out again, so we just walk around town. Her cough is in check most of the day so far with a couple of Benadryl and a few lollipops. I am writing this in the afternoon after lunch while Vera is sitting in the chair right beside me, awake but quiet. She has no questions today so far.

It is a couple of days later. Again it is in the afternoon and Vera is siting in the chair next to me. She is coughing more today.

Our old friend Jillian came by for breakfast yesterday but was over a half an hour late, which is par for the course for her. We started to eat before she got here. It kind of threw our morning off though, as we got out of the house late for a short walk and it already was getting hot outside. Vera did not enjoy that walk very much. We stayed indoors the rest of the day as we both had low energy anyway.

I got up around 7AM this morning and Vera asked me who I was and what was I doing here? I told her that I was her Prince Charming and I was there to kiss her, which I did. She went back to sleep and I walked over to the library quickly before she woke up again to return the Moonglow book by Michael Chabon. I really enjoyed reading it. It is about the author’s grandparents who seemed like fascinating but totally dysfunctional people at least relationship wise. I felt way more energetic this morning compared to yesterday. I got Vera up for some steel cut oats. She seemed to know who I was again and breakfast was good till she sipped some water and started to choke on it. She got over that and we took a walk to Whole Foods. It was pretty early for Vera to be walking but it promised to be a hot day and I wanted to take her out while the weather was still pleasant. I enjoyed the walk and Vera did not complain too much, though she was having frequent coughs. On the way back we took the Free Ride bus that circles the city. We only rode for a couple of blocks, and we walked the rest of the way. I thought this way Vera would not have those extra steps when she may start to have pain. It worked almost the whole way home until the last half of a block when she said that her pelvis hurts.

We shared a blueberry protein drink when we got back and had a Bison burger from the Counter for lunch. It was yummy and Vera ate every morsel. She started coughing again after lunch but I was able to persuade her to take a shower and wash her hair. She did not cough while doing that for about half an hour but started coughing again after she finished bathing. She finally has quieted down and the peaceful sound of the fan is relaxing now that I can hear it.

It is the next day. We both slept well, no wakeups or weird questions. I gave Vera a small piece of a Lorazapam for the first time in a while before eating breakfast. It seemed to keep her coughing at a minimum but she was awake enough to take a walk with me early. I did the same before lunch after her orgasm and again she is responding better without coughing or getting too sleepy.

I was feeling cranky this morning after our walk even though Vera was not coughing and figured it was time for both of us to have orgasms. Vera did not resist and got into position easily on the bed. She was very orgasmic from the first touch of her pubic hair and my left arm softly touching parallel to her left leg felt good to the both of us. She got off before and during the lubricating of her vulva and whatever I did felt just right. It was the Goldilocks effect of manual stimulation. The same held true when I got on her clitoris. It was engorging quickly and Vera was moaning pleasant sounds, as I stroked her first really light then really slow. We did 3 peaks and I told her I will give her one more to which she responded “if you think that it will be good.” It was great not just good, as her intensity was demonstrable and worthy of her years of training. I could feel the reverberations all the way up my arm and into my body. I even gave her another peak resting my palm and wrist on her lower abdomen and stroking with my middle finger instead of my index. Vera went higher again climbing on the second stroke more than on the first and continuing in this fashion for a couple of minutes. Her abdomen was undulating with contractions under my palm and it was a great way to finish the orgasm. I then told her that was enough and wiped her off. I got off also without squirting this time and my crankiness was a thing of the past. Vera was a happy camper and finished every bite of lunch again afterwards with relish. It is over an hour since eating and no coughing so far. Knock wood

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