Love and Alzheimers Journal (2)

29 May

April 21:
It is the next morning. We had a very peaceful rest. Vera did not wake up once, not even to go to the bathroom. I took 2 walks yesterday. After breakfast Vera wanted to lie down back in bed and I hustled to Trader Joes and back. It was energizing and I did a bit of jogging and deep breathing. I was back in less than 30 minutes and Vera was still in bed when I returned. Vera was eager to take a walk after we ate lunch. We walked to Ross, which is about as far as Trader Joes, a little less than a mile. We walked slowly and held hands almost the whole way there and back. I got a great deal there on some Under Armor socks. I always like getting new socks. I have a draw full of them but a lot of them are old and have stained bottoms from walking around without shoes in our apartment. Vera said that she had to pee a number of times while we were walking but each time that I offered her to go to a restroom she declined. She wound up waiting till we got all the way home. It was a nice and perfect walk to take.

I spoke to Ginger, who I sent the manuscript to a couple of weeks ago to see if she would edit it. She really liked it and we seem on the same page about maybe even making two books out of it. She will get back to me in another week with some details. When Hunter House published our books they sent it to me with all their corrections and additions directly on the manuscript. Then I would fill out what they asked for and send it back. They would retype the whole thing. Since I probably will be self publishing I do not want to have to retype it myself so I told Ginger to adjust what she sees fit and to submit a list of ideas with page numbers that she thinks needs modifications. I also remembered after talking with her that I was at her birth about 27 years ago, the only birth that I have witnessed. I only saw her once in the past 20 years but I was a good friend of her parents at one time and we are friends on Facebook.

I got up at my now usual time of around 6:30. Vera was awake and wanted to have me talk to her but I had already put some coconut oil in my mouth and was swooshing it around and I could not talk. I kissed her and gave her a Benadryl, as she coughed a little. She went back to sleep. I did my floor exercises and drank about a half of my smoothie. I gave Vera a half of a banana, as she wanted me to read to her but I think she meant feed her. She went back to sleep again. She was up a number of times at night and woke me up numerous times too. It was not as bad as two nights ago but worse than the night before, which was so peaceful.

I have stopped giving Vera Prilosec for a few days now. I think it was the cause of her loose and explosive bowel movements and I will give it to her in a few days perhaps. She has an appointment with the new gastroenterologist at the end of May and I will bring it up with her.

We were both low energy yesterday even though we had the peaceful sleep. We felt a bit better before lunch and went to the Chinese restaurant and picked up some Chow Fun. We brought it back home and I added some baby kale and broccoli to it to make it a little healthier meal. We both felt worse after eating the restaurant food and stayed in the rest of the afternoon. Vera lay down on the bed for an hour or so. During that time I came in and rubbed her gently thru her pants. She was getting off very well. I did not feel like taking off her pants and felt this was probably enough. I could feel engorged pleasure in my body while I rubbed on her. She liked it and felt better after.

We had a healthy small dinner and I asked Vera if she wanted to take a walk. She was up for it so we went a few blocks. Our apartment is very quiet and it was surprising to see all the hustle and bustle going on downtown after 6PM. Lots of the restaurants were filled up and people were all over the place. Vera did not complain about any pain and we went to bed after we got back and watched some TV together.

April 25: I woke up a bit earlier this morning. Vera wanted to drink some water after peeing and I gave it to her. She was appreciative. We both fell asleep before 10 last night and had a full night’s sleep with no interruptions thank goodness. I did not even have to give her a Benadryl, as she was sleepy and was not coughing. I did give her one this morning, as she was starting to cough. She fell back to sleep while I did my exercise, drank my protein drink and am writing here.

We walked to Whole Foods on a beautiful sunny morning. Vera walked well but complained that she hurt, especially on the way back. Once we got home she seemed fine. Vera only ate a little more than half of her salad for lunch but I did give her some of the protein smoothie drink before and after lunch and she ate all of her dinner including the leftover salad. I would like her to gain a few pounds back like I did.

Saturday afternoon April 29. I got up later this morning and skipped drinking my smoothie. Now that I have regained the weight that I lost I do not feel that it is so urgent to have an extra meal. I got up late probably I think because Vera woke up sometime around 4AM and said some weird stuff. I don’t remember her exact words but it was to the effect of, “What am I doing here?” She said it in a loud voice and it startled me out of a nice dream. I calmed her down, and she was able to go back to sleep. I cuddled her in the spoon position. We use to do that all the time but have not done so for quite a while.

On Friday I drove Vera to Lafayette to see Lisa-Marie who has been her hairdresser for quite a few years now. I leave Vera there and then pick her up when she is done. I vacuumed the apartment while Vera was away so that she would not have to breathe the dust. I first vacuum up some cinnamon and baking soda that I deliberately put on the floor so that it smells good. I pick Vera up and she looks great. Lisa-Marie told me that Vera had a cup of coffee and a brownie. Lisa-Marie also said that Vera had not coughed but just started to. I really do not want Vera to drink coffee or eat sugar or gluten but all I can do is ask Lisa-Marie not to do that again. Anyhow I give Vera her Benadryl but she is pretty much in her coughing mode. We pick up a tasty Bison Burger salad from the Counter and have a good lunch. Vera stops coughing while we eat.

She is willing to walk with me to Trader Joes after lunch but it is windy out though it is sunny and warm. Vera takes a big loose poop while at the store; the first time she had loose bowels since I stopped giving her Prilosec. She also starts coughing again on the way home probably something in the air being stirred up by the wind. The rest of our day goes OK and we fall asleep very lovey dovey until Vera woke up with that outburst.

Vera remembers nothing about waking up and is in a good mood this morning. Regena our old friend and student and now a star in New York came by in the morning and wanted me to show her new boyfriend some sensual strokes. That goes well and Vera is with us for most of the session. We then have lunch together. They are in town to go to a friend’s wedding and have to leave.

Vera ate all of her salad for lunch that I made. She does not want to walk with me to the library so I go there but return in less than 15 minutes. It felt good to get out and walk fast again. I decide I want to give Vera an orgasm too. I tell her that I want to give her some pleasure. She is up for that and we have a really nice time. Vera is having contractions as soon as I put my hand on her pussy. She feels receptive and her body looks great. Vera is turning me on while I am stroking her so I let her play with my cock after she is done getting off. She really seems to enjoy that and squirted me again to her gratification as well as mine. She has not taken a walk at all today but she deserves a break perhaps.

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