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Love and Alzheimer’s: January, 2018

22 Oct

Tuesday, January 2, 2018. We slept well the past couple of nights. Vera even let me take off her eyeglasses last night. It is mid morning and a new year. I got a rental car for our trip to Florida at the end of the month for a good price, which made me happy. My […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of 2017

15 Oct

Sunday, December 17: It is now around 11AM. We got back from taking a walk to the Farmer’s market and beyond. Last night was another rough one. Vera was not sleepy and kept waking me up to ask me if I was her friend and if I loved her. I kept telling her that I […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: Beginning of December 2017

8 Oct

Saturday, December 2: It is 2:30 in the afternoon. Vera is sitting in the armchair next to me once again. She is awake. Chad left this morning. Yesterday afternoon he was around the apartment with us. I asked Vera to take a walk a number of times but she was not interested and tired. Vera […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of November 2017

3 Oct

Thursday, November 17: We both slept well last night while it rained steadily outside. We got up fairly early and drove the car to Trader Joes after a hot oatmeal breakfast. Yesterday was really sunny and we had taken 3 walks. Today it is still raining and since we both are at the tail end […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: November 2017

26 Sep

Wednesday, November 1: I just wrote this for Vera. I sing your song for my soul you save Knowing when to perfectly behave Your being rocks in a countless wave Delicious delight I’ve gotta rave It’s you I want it’s you I favor Spirit and core for savory flavor Vera I aver your beauty so […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of October 2017

15 Sep

Tuesday, October 17: I was right. I asked Vera a bit later yesterday afternoon if she would like to make out. She smiled and said that she did not know. I told her that I did know and it would be soon. I fixed up the bed and then hugged and kissed Vera and I […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: October, 2017

10 Sep

Sunday, October 1: Yesterday was Vera Day. It is every September 30. Vera told me about it years ago and said that it was at least as if not more important than ones’ birthday in her old country. She does not really remember that any more but she liked that I kept mentioning that yesterday. […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: Middle to late September 2017

1 Sep

Saturday, September 16: We just ate a tasty salad for lunch. I’ve been getting up a bit later than usual this past week or so but still around 7AM. I woke Vera up after my morning exercise to swallow her Prilosec pill as usual. We had delicious blueberry protein and gluten free pancakes for breakfast […]

Love and Alzheimer’s: End of August, early September 2017

28 Aug

Friday, August 25: We just had a nice walk to Whole Foods. Vera walked well, quickly and assuredly. She walks up and down the curbs much better now. I have not given her very many Benadryl as of late and none before we walk, which I think is beneficial to her walking. Vera told me […]