Love and Alzheimers. New book coming soon

10 May

I recently completed a book that I have been writing for over a year. It is being edited now. It is the story of my reflections of living together with Vera over the past several years. Vera has been losing her memory for perhaps 9 or 10 years and it is now at the point for the past couple of years where there is very little of it left either short term or long term memories. Her being is still here with me and I have been learning from our new way of relating.

The book that I have titled Love and Alzheimer’s describes the emotions that I go through almost daily from joy to anger, from victim to enlightenment and from love to more love. I received a great deal of catharsis and clarity by being able to write down my feelings on almost a daily basis. After what I thought was being finished with the book at the time developed into an on going journaling of what Vera and I were going through. A friend of mine suggested having the book printed up at some point and continuing the journaling as a blog for my own benefit and for any readers who want to be kept abreast of what was happening.

In the upcoming days, weeks, and even months I will most probably be doing that. I will also let you know when the book is published in both print and electronic versions. I would love to hear your feedback. Since the comments link has been turned off please send me that in an email.Thanks, Steve

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