Review of Succulent Wild Love

13 Mar

I have a friend who speaks highly of an author and spiritual teacher who calls herself SARK. I went to her website and saw an offer to exchange writing a blog about her book and getting the book. In order to get a free copy of this book that I wanted to read I offered to write a review here on my blog site. As I just said the book is by a woman SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) but also by her fiance’ Dr. John Waddell. It is titled Succulent Wild Love (SWL). I loved that name as well, so the extra desire to read it. I got an email back from her publicist stating that I did not seem the normal fit but gave me a chance to make my case. I wrote her back stating that though our website might seem scary (extended massive orgasm etc.) that we were really about loving and being loved, just with a dash of orgasm thrown in.

Interestingly I had just finished reading Milan Kundera’s book The Unbearable Lightness of Being (ULB). One of the main themes of that book was the flawed idea or debate between life being light versus heavy and that because we only get to do life once, we can never know the right decision to make so it does not matter and that life is therefore unbearably light. ULB is really heavy in its ideas and I mention it here because SWL demonstrates how we can learn new ideas and grow with them and learn from our experiences and lack of them and how to pass them on to your loved ones.

Dr. John writes about his previous relationship with his wife Jeannie, who had passed away. She was the one who taught him about perfection and basically how to have a great relationship. Susan or SARK had had a difficult time with relationships in general and John was able to transfer a good deal of his relationship skills to her. SARK was an expert at self-love and was indeed a good counter balance to the making of a wild and succulent love relationship.

The book goes into detail with lessons of using your self love or Inner Wise Self as SARK likes to call it to become more creative in ways to love yourself as well as your partner or anyone else for that matter. There are exercises in the book such as making a list of your negative thought patterns that they call Inner Care System. Besides just listing them there are ways they explain how to acknowledge and allow them to become less charged and more loving. In our training as in scientology we were taught to express our negative thoughts as withholds, usually verbally but sometimes by writing them down and then destroying them, to reduce the charge on them. This works to some extent but this book will give you new and enhanced options on how to find the love on the other side of your negative feelings.

There is also a whole chapter plus additional coaching on the subject of one’s Inner Critics. When you hear the word should it is an alarm that someone’s inner critic is making an appearance. We are not our inner critics but we all have them. They are vestiges from our younger selves and our years of growing up with mom and or dad. SWL will give you the tools to transform your inner critics into harmless thought patterns that will no longer have the power over you and that you can dismiss by sending them elsewhere in an imaginary construction.

Susan is very artistic and the book is filled with her drawings and cute yet profound sayings. Her paragraphs are in different colors and in a handwritten style while John’s viewpoints are depicted in typeface and one solid color throughout the book. The habit of Joyfull Solutions is perhaps the cornerstone for a great relationship and they discuss this tactic thoroughly. There is always a way to solve any issues without having to compromise or sacrifice if one is willing to be creative and think outside the relationship box. It works best if both partners are creating joyful solutions but even one of the partners can do this to solve any relationship issues.

One of my favorite paragraphs in ULB describes flirtation as the behavior leading another to believe that sexual intimacy is possible, while preventing that possibility from becoming a certainty. It is a promise of sexual intercourse or sensual activity without a guarantee. This SWL book not only flirts with the reader but I promise or guarantee that if you read it with an open mind that your love-making will be put in an advantageous position. ULB is a great book, however the characters in it would have benefitted greatly if they had read Succulent Wild Love and so will you.

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