The Joy of Women

13 Sep

I’m asking women to please turn it up. It almost feels like I will be accused of rape or sexual harassment for expressing those feelings. It would probably sound better coming from another woman but alas I am what I am. Yet I am willing to take the risk because I believe it is so important.

    Being in the pleasure business I’ve been around lots of women who have professed to want more pleasure in their lives yet feel that the light coming from them is so dim that I wonder how true their desire really is. The turn-on can be increased with their supposed loved ones and partners as well as with the general world.

   You are the source, the spring of elation and delight yet you so often keep the cards so tight to your chest as if you are playing poker and do not want anyone to see what you have.


I think Columbus proved that the world is round and it does not have to remain so flat. Yes, men have been jerks in the past and probably still are a good part of the time but it is not a good enough reason to cancel your own light. I do not think that you are going home to your own space and then letting the light shine brightly there. If you are doing that, it would be one thing, but you are not. You have turned down the dimmer switch and it is hurting you as much and probably more than any other potential beneficiary.  Guys have been and still are quite dumb when it comes to realizing your wonderfulness and have caused a lot of negative misogyny toward you throughout written history. It would still be better for you to forgive them and include them in your potential brightness.


    It is just so enjoyable to both men and women to be in the proximity of a joyful woman who knows who she is and the power that she can exhibit. A woman who is genuinely smiling can turn someone else’s day around from being glum to being thrilled with life and they probably won’t even know what caused it. I do a lot of walking and I am usually with my wife Vera when I am which makes it safer and less risky for a woman to express her joy; yet it still is a rather rare experience to pass upon a joyful woman.


       It probably takes at least as much energy to be miserable or even to give off neutral vibes than it does to show joy or if the cost is a little higher to express joy going in then the benefit on the way out will outweigh any cost. The reward is immediate for yourself because you have to feel joyous to look joyous. You cannot fake it without some of the real good stuff coming through. People will smile back at you and you will start a whole chain reaction. Now I think men can go around smiling more too and being more present but they are not the source like you are and their effectiveness at creating joy in others is not as powerful as yours.

    I am not asking you to turn it all the way up but perhaps just a little bit so that your light emanates from you and brightens the path. You can do it. I know you can because I have had glimpses on occasion which demonstrate that it is possible. A friendly smile, a gracious wave, an affable hello coming from you all have at one time or another made my day that much more brighter.     

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