My First Novel

20 Oct

The story of EMO the Novel is told through the voice of Joseph Smith, not to be confused with the Mormon prophet of the same name. It is the sexually coming of age story of this young man as he grows from adolescence into a young adult. Joseph grows up in Manhattan in the 1990’s and has an older brother Buddy who is a talented young musician.

Joseph and Buddy are real close and have a strong bond between them. Buddy has a girlfriend named Maybe who is the granddaughter of famous sexologists. While Buddy is busy with his music career he gives Joseph the gift of having a sensual relationship with Maybe. Joseph and Maybe have amazing fun together. The bond they form is intensely erotic, but he can only see her on occasion. They have wild and exotic dates all over New York and even in Europe when Maybe and Buddy are living there. Joseph moves upstate and goes to high school and then college but he is not interested in any other girls. He continues to have a fantastic time with Maybe when they are able to get together. Joseph does date a lot of girls in Maybe’s absence and learns to become quite talented in pleasuring them. No one else comes close to being as much fun as Maybe until he meets the girl of his dreams in graduate school. Joseph is totally in love with his new girlfriend Keri but still has strong feelings for Maybe. Once Joseph is involved with another woman, Maybe decides she wants him too. She is willing to share Joseph with Keri but will Keri feel the same way about Maybe? How will Joseph handle being in love with two women at the same time? How will the two women get along with each other? Will the grandparents of Maybe who are former teachers in a sexual school have the answers that he is looking for? What lessons in pleasure and living will the three of them get from the widow of the guru of the sex school?

Chapter 2) Call Her Maybe

The links are meant to cross the space
She winks to show she wants you baby
She drinks iced tea, she’s quite thirsty
She thrills your Id, is therefore Maybe.

When I was in 7th grade and Buddy was in 10th we both skipped 8th grade in what was called the SP program, Buddy met a girl. Her name was May and she was in the same class with Buddy. May had just moved to the area from New Jersey. Her last name was Beckett. Her family and everyone else called her Maybe. Maybe was actually the opposite of her name as she knew what she wanted from an early age, did not doubt her choices and went for her desires without skipping a beat. She saw in Buddy what I saw; that is what a great guy he was and immediately decided to make him her boyfriend. She was very cute, sexy and extraverted and Buddy fell head over heals over her too. She liked me a lot too and would often call me St. Joseph; guess a joke about my being the baby of the family and baby aspirin analogy. She said I was a Saint and though I did not see myself as one; I thought the nickname was endearing. She and Buddy included me in many of the activities that they did and we became almost a threesome. I excused myself when they started to neck and kiss each other. They did tell me some about sex as my dad did not have that conversation with me. At around the age of twelve my body was changing and I was developing hair in places that I did not have any before. My voice was getting deeper and I also started to have nocturnal emissions. Buddy told me about masturbation and I tried it out. I used my saliva as a lubricant and would usually go to the bathroom and relieve myself straight into the toilet. We had some girly magazines and even some naked women in National Geographic magazines turned me on. I was mostly attracted to women’s shapely legs and would get off to pictures of different women or girls, whatever was available to look at. Buddy even had some wrestling magazines and I liked looking at the lady wrestlers and would often get off looking at their strong thighs. I used the bathroom quite a lot in those days and progressed to masturbating in bed also. I also had fantasies about Maybe as she was so cute and would often wear sexy outfits. She actually looked sexy to me no matter what she was wearing.

Maybe had very light brown almost golden hair. It was thick, medium length and pretty straight with a little bit of curls at the end. She had beautiful green eyes and a fantastic smile. She was already pretty full grown when I first met her, which would make her about 5 ft. 7 inches. She had a shapely and strong physique but not overly muscular like some of the women in the wrestling magazines. She was curvy in the right places and was totally sexy. She had a sweet voice when she spoke and laughed deeply into her belly, which was quite often. She was very quick witted and knew what I was usually thinking which was not that difficult considering how sexy I found her. Maybe was also artistic as she played the violin and liked to paint.

Maybe came from a big family and my parents adored her and she liked them as well. She spent more time at our home than at her own. My mom had always wanted a daughter and now she had one ready made. Maybe’s parents had so many kids that they did not seem to mind her being gone most of the time. My mom made a little room for her in the alcove and she stayed over many a night. My parents were cool with the fact that Maybe and Buddy had sex. Bud and Lu were both products of the sexual revolution and were open minded when it came to sexual matters. Buddy was precocious and so was Maybe; so my mom did not see any problems. Maybe had previously lived for a couple of years in California with her grandmother and step grandfather; who were relationship counselors. I think Maybe got a lot of her free spirited ideas from them. She also learned a lot of sexual stuff from them too as they were experts in giving and receiving pleasure and had written some books about the subject. They discussed things openly with Maybe and though they did not actually show her any specific techniques she obviously picked up a lot of great sensual information from them. Maybe had read their books and knew a lot about giving pleasure. Maybe appreciated their love and attention and stayed in touch with them after coming back east. She could no longer stay with them as they had gone on a world wide tour to promote their books and to teach their techniques and information to people all over the planet or at least to places that either spoke English or had translated their books which were quite numerous. She felt closer to her grandmother than to her mom who had her hands full with the other children anyway. Maybe was surprised at how her mom did not pick up all that great sensual information from her grandma but she realized that everybody has their own path. Maybe was the one who told me about the water hose in my parent’s bathroom. Maybe’s grand parents last name was Danbosky and the books they wrote were on how to have a more fulfilled relationship and how to have a more gratified sex life and specifically how to extend the orgasm, especially in women. I read those books when I was in high school and college and they were very helpful in my becoming really good at pleasuring girls. Maybe thought my mom was great as my mom was more open minded than her mom and more similar to her grandmother.

My mom’s parents were both from Germany and had escaped Hitler and the Nazis by coming to the United States when they were in their teens in the late 1930’s. Both of her grandfathers were killed in concentration camps. Her parents met in New York City; a great place to meet your spouse in my family. Her dad whose name was Günter Metzger actually served in Africa and in Europe during World War II as a translator and also as a selector and procurer of beef for General Eisenhower in the Army. He had worked in a butcher shop before the war helping to support his mother Paula and opened his own shop after he returned from war. Interestingly Metzger means butcher in German. My mom’s mom’s name was Rachel and Rachel was one of the lucky people who bought her meat at Gunter’s shop. She was very attractive and even though he was usually covered with blood stains she found him very cute. After flirting for a few weeks he got up the nerve to ask her out and she gladly accepted. They dated for a year and then married in a synagogue on 160 St. across the street from where she lived. Gunter had his own apartment a little further uptown and they had my mom in 1951. She was their only child and did well in school and got a scholarship to attend Cornell University where she met my dad. We lived near my grandparents in Washington Heights in Manhattan as I grew up. We would eat over at their place quite often and Opi Gunter would always have the best steaks or roast beefs that I ate anywhere. He really knew his meats. Unfortunately Omi and Opi moved to Florida when I was around ten years old.

Buddy, Maybe and I would take the subway train out to the beach that first summer and usually go to Far Rockaway. It was a pretty nice beach and not too crowded during the week. One time the three of us were lying on our beach blanket and some neighborhood punks started calling Maybe a slut, maybe because she was with two guys. Buddy and I were ready to defend Maybe when she invited the 3 punks to sit down. Amazingly they obeyed her and she started to ask them questions; like if they had sisters? or girlfriends? She even asked them about their food preferences and what sports they liked. She introduced Buddy as her boyfriend and me as his kid brother. She talked to them for quite a while in her soothing voice. They seemed to be getting friendlier and friendlier. She asked them how they would feel if someone called their sister a slut. They felt really bad and they apologized to her and to us and she had them put their blanket down next to ours and actually they became our friends for the rest of that summer. They were no longer punks but now known as the Pasarelli brothers. The youngest brother was Buddy’s age and the other two were fraternal twins two years older. The three of them were all handsome Italian boys and thanks to Maybe they learned how to treat women better. The twins had the biblical names of Jacob and Esau.

Recursion warning! The story of Esau and Jacob can be found in Genesis in the Old Testament. In the bible Esau is the older of the twins but sells his birthright to Jacob for some stew that Jacob cooked up. He was real hungry I guess or the stew was that good. In the bible, Joseph is actually the 11th son of Jacob and the first son of the barren Rachel and is the guy with the dreams and the Technicolor dream coat. He is the most famous Joseph and whom most Josephs were probably named after. Jacob has his name changed to Israel after he has a fight with some kind of an angel. So you see you can change your name if you engage with an angel or are an actor or have your last name changed if you are a woman. Joseph was Israel’s or Jacob’s favorite son and the other brothers were jealous of him. Joseph also has a dream where his brothers are bowing down to him as if he is superior to them. They don’t like his dream; they don’t like him and think about killing him but then decided to have him sold into slavery to a caravan heading for Egypt. Buddy was not jealous of me and actually was the opposite of jealous; whatever that is, and gave me money and more. Bible Joseph goes onto being a hero in Egypt and his father Israel or Jacob actually has one more son with Rachel named Benjamin and his twelve sons form the twelve tribes of Israel. An unusual theory I read on the internet was that Joseph was a messiah figure or a forerunner in a number of ways to Jesus; specifically he was born to a supposedly barren mother Rachel, as Jesus was born to Mary. They both are Jewish. They both went to Egypt and had prophetic dreams. Joseph did not complain to his brothers when they sold him into slavery and Jesus did not complain when the Judges condemned him. Joseph was thrown into jail when he would not go to bed with the wife of his master who had made him the overseer of his house. The wife charged that he tried to seduce her which is the opposite of what happened and of course the master believes his wife. The Pharaoh later pardons Joseph from jail when Joseph is 30 about the same age when Jesus starts his spiritual ministry. Joseph’s interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dream saves Egypt and also Israel from severe starvation. Joseph gets to ration out the grain and food of Egypt. His brothers come begging for food which makes his original dream where they are bowing to him also prophetic. At first he does not tell them who he is but when they come back with his brother Benjamin he lets them know and also that he forgives them. The earthly father of Jesus was also of course named Joseph and that is the end of my Bible lesson and this recursion.

A big event in my life that summer was when Buddy proposed to have Maybe give me pleasure when and if she wanted to. I think it was her idea but he made the offer to me. As I said Buddy was not jealous of me or of Maybe and she was a free spirit anyhow. Maybe liked me a lot and did not follow society’s moral code like most sheep did. She had her own morals and knew what was right and what was wrong for her. Giving someone she liked pleasure was one of those right things to do. This was the first time that I had any kind of sex with a girl and it was even more fun than masturbating which I thoroughly enjoyed too. If only those Paserellis knew. Maybe was not a slut in the bad sense of the word but in the positive use of it which the Paserellis would not understand anyway. A positive slut is a girl who enjoys what she is doing and who likes herself. A negative slut is some girl who does sex to get approval, does not really enjoy it and does not like herself in the way she relates with sex. I was not quite 13 when this happened and I did not really have a philosophical viewpoint about good slut bad slut at the time, all I knew was that it was fun and it felt oh so good. My mom had no idea, I think, that this was going on. She just thought that Maybe and I were good friends.

The first time Maybe gave me sexual pleasure I did not know what to do or say. Buddy told her to have some fun with me and me with her. She pulled my pants down in our bedroom. Buddy had just gone out to the recording studio to meet some musicians who were jamming there. Maybe took off her pants too and remarked how engorged she had got me. She asked me “do you like it hard or gentle?”
I said” I am not sure, try it gentle at first and see how that goes.”
She said “Lie down on the bed now.”
I responded with “OK”. She put some Vaseline on my penis which felt so fantastic I can remember it to this day. I still fantasize about that day. After a few strokes she had me on the edge already.
She stopped and told me “I can feel you close to squirting Joseph, but I am going to tease you first for as long as I like before I squirt you. I love your circumcised penis. I think they are sexier and easier to play with than fully dressed ones.”
All I said again was “OK”. She then would touch me just a few strokes at a time and stop. Each time I would get close to squirting but she would stop right before that happened. It was feeling so good I did not want it to ever end. She kept doing that, sometimes switching hands or using both hands at once.
She would just hold my penis and say” I’ve got you, you are my prisoner. You cannot escape me and I can do this to you anytime I want.” She would have me stand up and would hold my penis in her hand lightly pulling it and me around the room. Wherever it went I would surely follow. She had me lay down on the bed again and gave me pleasure while I was lying down. Then she would have me get up again and pleasure me while I was standing. She was having fun with her feminine power and I was a willing recipient. Wow, this was the best day of my life. She kept doing it to me and I was moaning with pleasure. Good thing my parents were not home.
After driving me crazy with intense pleasure for a long time Maybe said, “This time I am going to squirt you Joseph. You will not be able to resist me”
I had no desire to resist her and the sensation got more and more sensational as I was screaming with loud noises as she kept stroking me, each stroke feeling better than the last one until I finally burst out with a whole lot of ejaculate. She kept stroking, lighter and slower until we both had enough.
This was the first time in my life that the idea of stopping and starting again a bunch of times entered my reality. Before that when I masturbated I would just do it quickly and squirt and get it over with, releasing the tension. I liked this way of changing up the experience to make it longer and also more intense and added it afterwards to whenever I did myself. I was in love with Maybe before but now I was totally smitten.

Maybe continued to be Buddy’s girlfriend and the three of us continued doing things together like nothing changed. I was of course thoroughly in love with Maybe but I loved Buddy as well. I did not want to do anything that would hurt him and besides I really liked having fun with Maybe without having any responsibility.
Maybe would get me alone from time to time and her effect on me was always the same. She would say some sexual thing like “I am thinking of playing with your penis.” I would know that she was thinking of sex before she said anything and I knew I could not resist her even if I had wanted to. She only had to say the words “stand up” or “lie down Joseph” and I would get engorged. What’s more, I loved those sexual adventures more than anything. I did not know at the time how Maybe learned to do those things that she did to me but assumed that she may have learned them from her grandma in California. I later found out that that was the case. Buddy was glad that Maybe and I had fun together when he was busy with his music. He said he would be jealous if she would fool around with other guys but he felt he loved us both and wanted us to have the best lives that he could think of.

On my 13th birthday Buddy rented a hotel suite for the 3 of us. It was a Sunday and we spent the day playing in bed. Buddy and Maybe wanted to show me how to give girls pleasure. Maybe was a willing guinea pig for this cherry of mine too. She had me slowly take her clothes off and kiss her and lightly stoke her with my hands on her naked skin that became exposed one area at a time. I was of course aroused. Buddy must have left some time while this was going on because he was no longer there. Maybe then lied down on the bed and had me take off my clothes too. I was rock hard of course. She had me lightly play with her nipples and stroke her thighs. She told me to enjoy each stroke with my hands as if my hands were a penis. She was getting aroused and was making groaning and moaning sounds. My fingers felt great as well as the rest of me. Maybe spread her legs and told me to lightly play with her soft golden pubic hair. She let me know exactly how she liked it. She then took her own hands and spread her vaginal lips and showed me her vagina. She was very wet down there. She also pulled up on the area above the vagina and showed me her clitoris. This was the first time I had seen a real vagina and a real clitoris. What a great education. She then had me pull on her labia to separate them and to pull up on the area above her clitoris to expose it for myself. This was very exciting and new to me. I really had not thought much about what a girl had down there. I knew it was some kind of a hole but the clitoris was an amazing little thing. Maybe told me that the clitoris was like her little penis and it liked to be touched very gently under the hood just like she would play with my penis. She also told me that unlike my penis her clitoris only had one function and that was to have pleasure. She took a little lube out of the Albolene jar and pulled back her hood and showed me how to touch her clitoris. Albolene is like Vaseline, just not as thick and is easier and more fun to apply. Like Vaseline you do not have to keep on reapplying it as it lasts for a long time. Her clitoris got redder and quite a lot bigger. I took over and it was very fun to touch. She had me stop and play with her vaginal lips which were very slippery and also fun to touch. She told me that I had a good touch and should continue rubbing on her. She was able to relax more now as I now knew a little of what I was supposed to do to give her pleasure. I was sitting at her side and could see what I was doing and also see her face and noticed how red her face was getting. She was making lots of moaning sounds that had the effect of turning me on more too.
She said between moans “Joseph, you are such a saint, Joseph you are such a saint.” She was getting louder and louder and her pussy and clitoris were getting redder and redder. She was really wet and I was having the time of my life. It got even better than that; after playing with her pussy for quite a long time she grabbed my hard penis with her hand and pushed me down flat on the bed. She got some Albolene and started playing with my set of playthings. Maybe used her hands and arms on my penis and was having a grand old time taking me up and occasionally down and then back up again. My cock was this wonderful toy to her and she was playing with it like it was hers. Her hands felt great and I was really turned on. Maybe would rub her whole forearm against my cock too and that also felt fantastic.
She was also extremely high from when I had rubbed on her and was saying “My pussy feels so good” and “I can feel you in my pussy” She kept playing and saying how good she felt and I was making more sounds than real words; sounds like ah, ahhh, ahhh and an occasional yah. She kept doing things to me with her hands and then got on top of me and started to hump me with her clitoral area and vagina without sticking it in. My penis was up against my belly and May was sitting on top of me looking so sexy and hot. She kind of squatted there and with her thigh and butt rubbed against my penis and her pussy straddling my thigh for her enjoyment. I was so turned on I was screaming too and we both were making a lot of noise. I knew then why Buddy got us a hotel room as we could not have made so much noise at home. Finally I could not take it any longer and I squirted a lot of ejaculate practically hitting the ceiling. Maybe said she had not known that ejaculate could fly so high. I had not known that either as that was an obvious record height for me too. We then lay down next to each other and hugged for a good long time, just holding each other without saying anything. Some of my friends had Bar Mitzvahs when they were 13 but I think I got the most fun and the best memory that any 13 year boy old ever had. I equate this episode to seeing God for the first time just like the Mormon Joseph Smith did when he was thirteen.

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