Publicity Page

Publicity Page

Yes, Yes, Yes Sex in America

Talk Magazine: September,2000

A 2 page article describing an “extended massive orgasm” with a photo of vera and steve

The One Hour Orgasm

Cosmopolitan (British Edition): November 2000

A 2000 word article about watching a video of Vera and Steve’s DEMO together with them.

Doctors in Love

Sunday London Times Magazine: December 3, 2000

The article is about the author Dorinda McCann spending a day with Vera and Steve and includes a positive review of their book; “Extended Massive Orgasm”.

Speaking of the Devil

Diablo Magazine: January,2001

Describes how Vera and Steve met and their continuing love affair after 20 years.

Secrets to a 60minute Orgasm

Marie Claire: March, 2001

A writer’s viewpoint of our DEMO

Extended Massive Orgasm

A 3 page book review on our book

A Long Time Coming

GQ Magazine April 2001

A short positive review of our book
On the news for your body and your mind page (170)
a podcast radio interview on oct. 26 2008 A radio interview with Steve on the Devi ward show on nov 21, 2013.

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